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icon Ver.: 1.17.0 iconVer.: 1.5.8a
Size: 419MBSize: 152MB
Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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party smurfParty Smurf which took part in The Smurfs 2 movie is to join the Smurfs village team on your island to host a costume party. Party Smurf   is a premium smurf and was introduce in version 1.17.0 for iOS and 1.5.8a for Android, which was released in May 2015, and he was featured in the game icon. At the moment he is only available on the island, he is a stationary smurf and he comes with his hut but you cant place his Hut unless you unlock the island. If you didn’t unlock the island yet you may get the following message “This item belongs to an area you have not yet unlocked. Keep playing completing quests to unlock more smufy areas”. Read More→

party smurfSooner after the update was released for Android users, Apple store approve the Smurfs village update for Beeline. Apart from introducing two special smurfs in this update  (Party and Dancer Smurfs) the game runs smoothly on most Apple updated iOs devices, yet few glitches and bugs were reported. Gifting friends is still a problem for many players and Beeline is still investigating this matter and trying to collect  data about the problem. Also it looks like there is a glitch with Smurfette’s mini-player in the island. Read More→

party smurfInvite Party Smurf to your Island Village to host a smurftastic celebration every day!  That was the introduction about Party Smurf,  which  published by Beeline couple of days ago on their Facebook page. It is summer time now and is time for having fun in the smurfs village and enjoying time in the island. To add up, Dance Smurf also is introduced in this update where you can get his hut to start a Smurf dance party. Besides introducing Party Smurf and Dance Smurf to the village, The new   Smurf’s village update  comes with a smurftacular Water Park  Wonder where Smurfs can enjoy their summer time all day long making splashes. In addition to this you will have the chance to collect Smurf party Costumes.

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Finance Smurf’s BankOne of the most attractive Exclusive offers in The Smurfs village game lately is the Finance Smurf’s Bank. This exclusive offer which was launched previously is back again today. The offer package costs $9.99 and in addition to the Finance Smurf’s Bank you get 125 Smurfberries. According to Beeline finance Smurfs makes good on his debts. You can take that to the bank! He has come to join the main village with his smurfy bank! He has his own quests and unlocks special finance related items in the village store. The offer will remain for just half hour (30 minutes) and we don’t know when we will come back again. If you purchase this package you will earn 2 stars towards your VIP store. Read More→

Smurfs Village Magical Meadow 3The count down for the release of the new Beelines Smurfs game known as “The Smurfs Village and The Magical Meadow” has started last week. The game which was released previously in Canada and other countries will be released this week (on May 14th) globally. Beeline has started its marketing campaign through their official Facebook page by posting count down images of the mains characters in the game like Papa Smurf , Gargamel, and Brainy. Read More→

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