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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village_special_hutsA new transition in Smurf’s Huts in the smurfs village game now is taking place. From the simple huts that are offered for free in the game, where you can unlock each hut in a given level to  the premium huts, which cost smurfberries (usually are about 25 Smurfs berries),  to Special huts which cost real money and are offered now to the players for $9.99.   Miller Smurf’s Hut iss a great example of the Smurfs village new Special hut, .   The cool features about Miller Smurf’s Hut, it     unlocks exclusive items like the Grain Silo and Millstone, as  well as  it  doubles rewards from Greedy’s baking mini-game. Specilal huts are sold as exclusive offer in the Smyurfs village game, so make sure you are connected to the internert in order to get the offer in case  you missed it, don’t worry, it will be back soon according to Beeline. Read More→

icon_Tailor_Smurf_update_2015After  the last few days promotion that was  conducted by Beeline and  their  shared teasers on Beeline’s official Facebook page about the upcoming smurfs village update, today the new update was released for Apple iOS users ( 1.20.0), and we are expecting the Android update is coming up any time soon. In this update it can   clearly  seen that Beeline has put more effort to the Swoofs planet where many items and Smurfs can own huts in the planet now. Basically the new update features Tailor Smurf, which was used in the  game icon.  Tailor Smurf  was initially introduced to the smurfs village game in Smurf village version 1.1.0  as a premium smurf, however this time was   introduced   to the Swoof  planet and to offers cute hats collection  for the Swoofs to  wear.  To complete the Swoof’s fashionable look in the planet, Cobbler Smurf’s Space Hut  can be also placed in the planet,  to  give the swoofs a chance to  dress in fancy new footwear.   Read More→

Tailor Smurf in The Space update

Beeline just released a new teaser image for the next smurfs village updat. More activities this time will take part in the Swoof Planet, where Tailor Smurf will be introduced to the Swoofs in the next update.  Beeline’s official description on their Facebook page was as following  “Get Tailor Smurf’s new space hut to sew snappy ‘n’ stylish hats for your Swoofs to wear! Coming soon to The Smurfs’ Village. Read More→

  Archaeologist Smurf updateThe last update of The Smurfs Village game was released last week for both platforms Apple iOs and Android.  This time Beeline had to focus on the mountain side of the village. The update headline was “Unearth Mammoth Amounts of Smurfy Fun!”  where Archaeologist Smurf  was introduced.  Archaeologist Smurf  was added into  the mountain and was featured in the main icon of the game. He was introduced along with a new mini-game. also a new Wonder was added to the game to increase your Smurfberry’s weekly resources. Read More→

SMURFS_village-Neigbors_Map Beeline Studio  is  collecting data about players who are still experiencing issues loading the Friends and Neighbors Map  on Beelines official  Forum
Apparently, Beeline made some sort of change on May 14 that helped with some of the problems, but there are still players on the Android platform, who have not been able to load the map since the Android bug fix update Version went live on May 5. Here is the link to the thread. Read More→

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