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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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purple smurf update As Halloween event gets close, Beeline just released this week few teasers of  the coming update, illustrating Purple Smurf and Scaredy Smurf.  Scaredy Smurf will come with his own mini-game in this update. We note that Scaredy Smuf was already featured in previous Halloween updates, but it appears he will be a permanent addition to the Smurfs’ Village game..  There will be other additions in this update, including seasonal Halloween decorations and hut customizations.

We don’t kown when the Halloween update will be released, but we anticipate it possibly sometime this week or the week after. Please stay tuned for more news. Read More→

purple fly It seems like there is some confusion between Purple Smurfs and Black Smurfs as many fans of the Smurfs franchise were unclear about them. In reality Purple smurfs and Black smurfs are the same characters.  They were originally introduced in   the French version  in 1963 as “Les Schtroumpfs noirs” (which means Black Smurfs) and were changed  in the American version to the Purple Smurf, however the storyline for both characters is the same, and the trouble behind the transformation of Smurfs is the Purple or Black fly.

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BirdAfter Beeline published  their last video demo about  Explorer Smurf in the island update, in which lots of content was presented.  However, one attracting sequense in the video showing a smurf riding a flying bird between second 25 to 27, but surprisingly the bird was not made available on the shop after the update was released. The bird raises many Smurfs village players questions like what is this bird and where we can find it.
In fact the bird is a Grey crown crane and is a majestic example of the variety of fauna that visit the smurfs as was described by Beeline.

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Purple SmurfToday Beeline posted one intersting  image on their official Facebook page with no description. The image shows autumn’s red yellow and brown falling leaves in the Smurf Forest with few huts appear in the village. But what can be more noticed in the image is a purple fly, flies  towards  the village, which we think that’s the hint for next update.
If you don’t know about the purple fly, it is a carrier of a disease that infects Smurfs by biting them in the tail, and results in changing their colors into a purple and become Purple Smurfs. . Purple flies are usually rendered harmless when they inhale the pollen of a tuberose blossom, which makes them sneeze before turning blue. Read More→

palm_palmyra_fruitIt appears that many Smurfs village  players  who have updated to the latest Explorer Smurf (version 1.6.0  and 1.4.7a) updates have encountered a bug with palm trees in the island, Where curved Palm trees become invisible unlike the straight ones, which are still visible and able to grow.
The bug happens when using Wild Smurf’s Plant All Feature with the new crop (Palmyra Fruit) after Chitter has been placed all of the Palm Trees will turn invisible. This bug does not affect Palm Trees that are stored at the moment Plant All is used. Read More→