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Updated on: Apr, 09, 2014Updated on: Apr 15, 2014

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smurf_explorerExplorer Smurf was added in the latest update, iOS version 1.4.9 and Android version 1.3.5.a. He is available for 30 Smurfberries and can be purchased together with his hut on the Swoof Planet. His hut will build instantly.
Explorer Smurf ties into the newly added space rivers (for more information please read the “Space Rivers” article) and placing his hut will unlock some special companion items for the space rivers such as tunnels or some boats.
The most important feature is, however, that he will reduce the cost for the basic river tiles from a Smurfberry to a coin price. Read More→

smurfette princess towerAfter the introduction of King Smurf and his castle to the mountain with the 2013 Christmas Update it was just a matter of time before the Smurf’s would make Smurfette a princess.
The Explorer Smurf update includes a princess tower for Smurfette that can be build on the mountain. It is available for 10 Smurfberries but requires Smurfette’s houses to be built on at least the mainland and mountain area.
The tower builds instantly and will increase the XP reward given out by Smurfette’s “Swooning Game”. With the tower she will now give 500 XP to every Smurf close to her.
Moreover, by clicking on the tower and choosing “Change Smurfette’s Clothing” the outfit that she is wearing can be changed to a medieval princess outfit (and back to the standard one). Smurfette’s princess outfit is only available on the mountain; she will wear her “standard” clothing in all the other areas. Read More→

king_smurf_castle_level_2Level 2 of King Smurf’s Castle was added with the Explorer Smurf Update (iOS version 1.4.9, Android version 1.3.6a).
The second level contains six stages and once it has been completely build the throne will give out a total of two Smurfberries per week.
Like the first level, the second level requires, on top of the “usual” resources for the mountain wonders, stardust to be build. Read More→

space_riversThe Space River was introduced with the Explorer Smurf Update (iOS version 1.4.9 and Android version 1.3.5.a).

The river tiles are available on the Swoof Planet. They work similar to paths, in that there are different tiles, like corners, intersections or straight river lines, available for placement.

Each part of the space river has to be bought individually. All of the space river parts cost Smurfberries, but after Explorer Smurf has been placed on the Swoof Planet the basic space river parts become available for coins (i.e. straight lines, corners or river end parts). The non-basic parts, like the intersections or the tunnel, will still cost Smurfberries (for more information about this and an overview of the coin prices of the space river tiles please read the Explorer Smurf article). Explorer Smurf costs “only” 30 Smurfberries, which means it is worth it to by him when more than a few river parts are to be placed. Read More→

smurfs village notifications The game gives out push notifications to inform about important events like when crops are ready to harvest.
With the King Smurf update, which is version 1.4.8 on iOS and 1.3.5.a on Android, it is now possible to decide for which events there should be notifications.
The notifications can be enabled or disabled completely or for a specific event in the Options -> Notifications menu of the game.