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Updated on: April 6, 2015Updated on: Apri 8, 2015

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smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgShortly after the release of the new  Smurf’s Village  Spring update  (version Version: 1.15.0) for Apple iOs  users earlier this week, Android update version has been just released today By Beeline on  Google play.  Whiles some bugs were found in the Apple iOS released version, we hope Andoid players won’t encounter serious issues with this update. As  you might know this spring 2015 update is plenty of cool content and according to Beeline official description:

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smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgAfter an intensive campaign run by Beeline lately and the amount of images were shared on both  their Facebook page and forum, finally the spring update (version  1.15.0)  is out for Apple iOs users, and shortly will be live for Android users.
While the previous update didn’t please The Smurfs Village community, this new update seems promising as it is reach in content. Swoofs are hosting Lucky smurfs in thier planet  with his mini-game. More expansion will be also offered in this update and lots of decoration items are provided too: Read More→

Easter update smurfs village 2015As it was expected by many of you, Beeline development team has  released  this week the  new Smurf’s Village spring update for this year 2015. In this Easter  update, bunny Smurfette is featured in the main game icon and lots of Easter eggs were offered to decorate your village . The update was released for both platforms, Apple iOS and Android and is ready for download.
So what’s new in this update according to Beeline’s official description: Read More→

super smurf
Dear fellow Smurfs,


My Smurfs’ Village ( website was created few years ago by fans to serve the Smurfs’ Village community. It was run by a group of volunteers who loved Smurfs and the Smurfs’ Village game. Our admins serve the community to the best of their knowledge and capabilities. Although we don’t represent Beeline, we do have a good relationship with Beeline representatives. Read More→

1Riding on the popularity of the original Smurfs’ Village and followed by  Smurf Life, Beeline Inc. former Capcom Mobile has released a new simulation game called ‘The Smurfs’ Village and the Magical Meadow’ which will appear on your mobiles as ‘Smurfs Village 2’. As far as I know the game is only   available in Canada Belgium, and will be released worldwide soon. Also, just like the earlier versions of Smurf games, Smurfs’ Village and the Magical Meadow is a freemium game for Apple’s iOS devices. The game is currently not available on Android. To play it, you must own iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. Please note that the game doesn’t run on early generations of iPhone and iPod. The game requires iOS 6 or later, so before downloading we advise you on checking whether your device supports it by going through Settings -> General -> About -> Version (on your device). Read More→