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Updated on: Jan 6, 2015Updated on: Jan 9, 2015

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Valntines day updateBeeline team has kindly shared with us some great teasers of your favourite game “The Smurfs’ Village”. The screen-shots feature mostly the decoration items for the upcoming Valentine’s Day update, which will be released, any time soon form now on.
No doubt that there are lots of cute items, animal and decorations that you will love them, including the pink fluffy sheep and the Storage sack and so forth. Read More→

Valentine’s Day updatesFew hours ago Beeline have released the first screenshot of the valentine’s 2015 update on their Facebook page. Usually when such images are shared, the update will get released shortly, but it may be subjected to Appstore approval. Similarly to previous years, after the snow melts in the village, the red and pink seasonal decoration items will dominate the village. The shared screenshot shows few cool seasonally themed items like the cute teddy bear, themed sheep, chocolate box and so forth. To remind you, in the past Beeline used to give free smurfberries in Valentine’s Day as symbol of love to their fans. Read More→

super smurfPlease note, we recieved high number of applications, so now we have closed this advert.   We DO Not  accept any application at the moment, we are sorry for any incvinience, but we will let you konw if we need more admins in the future. 

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your cooperation.
Dear fellow Smurfs,

My Smurfs’ Village ( website was created few years ago by fans to serve the Smurfs’ Village community. It was run by a group of volunteers who loved Smurfs and the Smurfs’ Village game. Our admins serve the community to the best of their knowledge and capabilities. Although we don’t represent Beeline, we do have a good relationship with Beeline representatives. Read More→

The Smurfs’ village game is based on generating money (coins)  or premium currency (Smurfberries),  and buying items in order to build and decorate  your village, previously we highlighted previously different ways to get Free Smurfberries, however, today we want to highlight a tip on how to use your  sand box to make large amounts of coins since few players asked how… our admin Hippy Smurf has writtern this tip for you below:  Read More→

Smurfs village contest 2

Contributed by LightofFire

Today on the official facebook  page of The Smurf’s village game,   few screenshots from  different  villages were published. The published images were   part of Beeline’s contest , in which Beeline called for it last week. To share the art of the players and in order to encourage others to submit thier screenshots, Beeline published this statement on thier facebook page:

Read More→