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The Animal Sanctuary  was a great addition to  the smurfs village game, which was introduced in  in the last update (version 1.2.6). It helps you to attract animals  like mice, rabbits,  Squirrels  as well as increase the XP earned. The Animal Sanctuary is very cheap it costs only 100 gold coins and you can easily get it from the shop. By placing Animal Sanctuary, you can keep different kinds of animals in it.

- Each animal gives you XPs every 8 hrs. As you have more animals, you will get more XPs. Read More→

Beeline just resealed a new update of Smurfs village game for iOS users. in this  new update, Doctor smurf and reporter  the new characters have been added to the smurfs village.  A new world in the smurfs village has been created where you can attract many animals.  So What’s new in this version 1.2.6 according to beeline ?
-Invite all kinds of animals to stay with Doctor Smurf inside a huge new Animal Sanctuary! Squirrels and Rabbits and Mice, oh my!
-Visit Reporter Smurf in the village every day for the Daily Smurf headline and get great bonuses!
-It’s back to school on the island with new items including Brainy’s Blackboard, desks, and more! Build an outdoor school for the Smurfs! Read More→

Flower gardens which unlock at level 14 allow players to earn additional XP while making their village look smurftastic in the process. Each box garden costs 200 coins. Unlike crops flowers only generate XP. Although expensive to plant these botanicals can really assist a player in need of leveling. Once level 20 is reached an estimated 900 experience points is necessary in order to increase your village by 1%. This rate rapidly grows higher as players’ progress making every point count. Roses, daisies, lilies, tulips, and chrysanthemums can reward up to 510 XP per harvest, depending on the plant.

Forming a nice sized flower garden can speed up the growth of your town if utilized in the right way.  Friends are essential in building an effective flower garden. Helpful neighbors can tend to your flowers by watering them. If a friend waters a flower box right after it’s been harvested the bed automatically is reseeded. This saves players’ valuable coins as well as time. Choosing a clear spot is one of the best methods to ensure that your friends notice that your flower garden is in need of TLC. Cluttered areas with tons of decorations can make it easy to miss a tiny floating watering can. When neighbors visit they are transported directly to the center of your village. It’s up to them to scroll and search. Always try to put your flower boxes somewhere within eyesight in the middle of the screen, that way visitors won’t be able to miss it. Create a specific zone for your flower garden or place boxes neatly by buildings as long as it’s noticeable.

If you’re planning on eventually buying a Nat Smurfling for an extra XP boost than build a separate garden area away from crops or mushroom homes. Players that have already designed the bulk of their village and have chosen to place their garden on either far side, it’s important to establish a focal point. When visitors scroll across they should be able to easily spot your garden oasis. Place dirt or pebble pathways leading to your garden for friends to follow.

Buddies can also gift seeds when they visit. Gifting seeds to a user that hasn’t unlocked it yet instantly grants them access to that particular flower. It’s a great way to plant higher XP flowers without shelling out Smurfberries for a Nat Smurfling early on in the game. Gardens and helpful friends are very effective when trying to level up in Smurfs’ Village. The following is a list of available seeds, the required level, cost, XP reward, and growth duration:

Flower Level Cost XP Growth Duration
Red Roses Level 14 60 coins 510 24 hours
Blue Roses Level 16 60 coins 410 18 hours
Pink Roses Level 18 60 coins 310 12 hours
White Daisies Level 14 40 coins 490 24 hours
Pink Daisies Level 16 40 coins 390 18 hours
Blue Daisies Level 18 40 coins 290 12 hours
Red Chrysanthemums Level 14 50 coins 500 24 hours
Purple Chrysanthemums Level 16 50 coins 400 18 hours
Orange Chrysanthemums Level 18 50 coins 300 12 hours
Orange Lilies Needs Nat Smurf 75 coins 600 24 hours
Blue Lilies Needs Nat Smurf 75 coins 350 12 hours
Blue Tulips Level 20 100 coins 450 18 hours
Red Tulips Level 24 100 coins 325 12 hours
Pink Tulips Level 28 100 coins 250 8 hours

After a long long wait  of the new update 1.2.1 (Sporty Smurf update), just came live.  I this update new smurfs will join the village, however many players are complaining that they lost their Clockworker smurfs and bolts. In addition to that new Sports themed decoration items were added as well as new gifts. Moreover a new level 47  was added.

So what is new in this version according to Beeline official description:

– Sporty Smurf joins the island with his Soccer Mix-Up mini-game. Header, pass, and kick your way to victory!
– Modify the soccer field with stunning upgrades to earn extra xp when completing Sporty Smurf’s Soccer Mix-Up!
– Palm trees on the island can now grow a unique crop on your island. Trade with friends to unlock them all. Which crop did you get?

– Visit friends to boost the rewards they receive from a palm tree crop once per day
– Wild Smurf joins the island, unlocking all palm tree crops including a special crop. Wild Smurf also boosts the reward from all palm tree crops
– Upgrade Wild Smurf to unlock Plant All and Harvest All functionalities for the palm crops
– New sport themed decorations have been added to the island
– Level 47 has been added to the game
– Lots of new quests in the village and on the island
– Various bug fixes.

After getting few animals for sale in the last couple of weeks finally a different decoration item was just popped up in the Japanese smurfs village.  This time some attention was given to Baby Smurf, where a “Building Block” toy  was made on offer. According ot Beeline description, this is a  Limited time offer for just  72 hours (May 1st to 3rd) :  the Building block for Baby Smurf on sale for 15 smurfberries. Place this item near Baby Smurf’s hut and it doubles the time you get XP from him.”

Again we don’t know when and whether will be available or not for English Edition Smurfs village, this is purely relies on Beeline decisions, but  we will update if we will get more information.

Credit to: Cassis