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Ver.: 1.5.9iconVer.: 1.4.7a
Size: 382MBSize: 127MB
Levels: 78Levels: 79
Updated on: August 28, 2014Updated on: September 19 , 2014

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We have received a number of reports that when players using the Android OS start the game, their screen dims right after the Orange Beeline screen appears, and though they can see the Blue Play menu under the dimmed screen, they cannot access any of the options.

We have determined that this is being caused by the ads for Smurfette’s Magic Match game trying to load. We are concerned that players might misinterpret the dimmed screen as data corruption, which it is not. Rest assured, your data is just fine. Read More→

smurfs villageBeeline has just  realeased a new version of Smurfs village for both platforms (Apple iOs),
The main additions in this  new version (1.5.9 for Apple iOs and 1.4.6a for Android) introduced Handler smurf to the village (he is available on the mountain) and Weather Machines for the missing areas. Lots of decorations and items were also added
Acoording  to Beelines official description:
• Add Handler Smurf to the village and unlock magical creatures in the mountain.
• Add two new Swoofy Structures to space (the Vet and Greenhouse)!
• New Smurfy Wonder – Sands of Time. Complete the wonder to speed up crops and dig times on the mountain.
• Add mini Weather Machines to the Island, Mountain and Swoof planet to control the elements
• Two new Homnibus Collections
• New decorations
• One new level
Read More→

Detective smurfAs it was expected The Smurfs village Detective update (version 1.4.5a)   is out for Android players. Similarly to Apple iOS update, in this update :
• Crime doesn’t pay with Detective Smurf on the case. Keep Smurfs’ Village safe with the Detective Smurf mini game
• New “Cops and Robbers” themed decorations
• Two New Airplanes and Boats
• Get back to nature with the Mystical Great Oak Tree Smurfy wonder
• Add the hydrant booster to Fireman Smurf and unlock Fireman’s Dalmatian friend.
• New VIP items Read More→

Android Caveman Smurf Update IconThe Caveman Smurf for Android Update has just been released. The new version 1.4.4.a can be downloaded from the Google Play Store now.

We expect the iOS version of the Caveman Smurf Update to follow soon and will inform you as soon as there is new information available.

The official description names the following new additions and changes for the Caveman Smurf for Android version

What’s New in Version 1.4.4a•Get back to basics on the island with Caveman Smurf Read More→

Cowboy Smurf Android Update IconYesterday the Cowboy Smurf Android Update (which is Android version 1.4.3.a) was made available and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

This is a bit unusual as in the past there were very few updates that came out on Android before iOS, so it looks like the iOS update has been delayed for a bit. We expected it to follow sometime next week, though.

According to the official update description the changes made are in the Cowboy Smurf Android Update are as follows:

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