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Archive for F.A.Q

Beeline has officially released few screenshots of the upcoming Grandpa smurf update (version 1.2.9 for iOs) which is expected to be released anytime this week.  The update which features Grandpa smurf as the main character of the storyline this time.  Few components related to Grandpa smuf  like his hot air balloon and windmill will be added. It seems like the Smurfs will use the hot air balloon to fly and travel to a new world.  The released images show this new place is different than the island and it looks like a rocky mountain populated with smurfs . Apparently the mountain is considered as a free space expansion and Grandpa smurf lives there waiting for your help.  You can get to the  mountain  whenever you reach level 25.  Once you get to the mountain you will find  plenty of a new and different decoration items which can be clearly  spotted in the screenshots,   like  the white and  pink crystals,  new flowers and pots…. And more importantly the windmill, which ultimately you can build it once you reach level 25. According to Beeline, if you help smurfs to rebuild long lost wonders you will receive amazing rewards. In this update also it  looks like Grandpa  will also give quests during the game as it has an exclamation mark over his head in one of the screenshots, apparantly he will ask you to help him. Read More→

In many quests in smurfs village game Papa smurf asks you to take a photo of the village, likewise Tracker smurf for those who already got  him, he will ask you  to take   photos of the village. This seems to be a simple task but actually is confusing to many players, and that’s why  many players are doing it in a  wrong way and  will never  be able to complete their quests. Usually on iPhone/ iPod touch, if you need to take a screenshot of photo of whatever is displayed on your screen you just need to push and   hold down the Home button followed by tapping the lock button at the top of your iPhone? This will allow you to take a photo of your screen.  Similar steps are also applied for the iPad. For android devices usually a third party applications are need to be installed in order to be able to take photos. But doing so you will never complete papa smurf quest of Tracker Smurf‘s checklist. Read More→

Tracker will show up occasionally once you place his special Cauldron in your village. With his cauldron your smurfs will get a special soup that gives bonus XP every time you earn XP in the game.

(Please note that in order for him to show up you must be connected to the INTERNET at all times. If Tracker disappears after closing & returning to your game, minimize your app and wait a minute and then re-open it. If that still does not work, exit to the Smurfs’ Village main menu and re-enter the game again. Doing both of these will force a re-sync with the Beeline server.) Read More→

With the latest version of the game (, Smurfette Summer 2012 update), Smurfette comes to the island.  For 25 Smurfberries a “Summer Home” is available to buy for her and after a travel back to the mainland so the other Smurfs can inform her about her new summer house, Smurfette will, together with Brainy, Papa and Dreamy Smurf travel on the SS Dreamy II to the island.

On the island Smurfette has her own little mini game, a “Sunbathing Game”. While Smurfette is sunbathing in her hammock, the other Smurfs, lovesick, will stop working to gaze at her.

Tapping on them within the given time limit will make them resume work and give 20 XP per Smurf that has been tapped. This game gains the most XP rewards if it is played when many Smurfs are close together so they can easily be tapped, for example when they all walk back from having finished their crops.

Sporty Smurf along with a customizable soccer field has been added to level 22 or higher players’ islands in the recent 1.2.1. Update of the game. To commemorate the edition of this new smurf, Beeline has a new contest in the works. Players are encouraged to customize their soccer field and decorate around it to represent their favorite soccer team. Give your entire island soccer fever and possibly snag some major Smurfberries in the process.

You don’t have to be a die-hard soccer fan to compete in this decorating contest. Just in time for the Olympics, players can create a tribute to their country’s Olympic soccer team that is gold worthy or any particular team that they happen to admire. Support a local school by implementing their colors and name into your village. It’s completely up to you. Regardless of the team chosen Beeline judges are specifically looking for islands with unique colorful designs that stand out. They also suggest using Architect Smurfs’ color functionality to make mushroom huts coordinate with the selected soccer inspired theme.

Add tropical flowers, mushrooms, bamboo fences, umbrellas, and even smurfy sand sculptures to draw attention to your soccer paradise. Create an additional seating area using various benches, beach chairs, and picnic tables to give smurfs a front row seat to all of the action. It’s also possible to incorporate certain crops and arrange them to represent your team’s flag colors. Blueberries, strawberries, peas, and pineapples can really catch visitors’ eyes. Small inexpensive shop items such as flags, surfboards, seashells, and lifesavers can be used as well.

Tapping on the field customization tab for Sporty Smurf’s soccer field is also a great way to spruce up your soccer presence on the island. Bigger bleachers, stadium lights, scoreboards, fences, benches, nets, bushes, and field lines helps to distinguish a default field to a well-decorated one. Purchasing items from the customization options also provide users with bonus XP when playing the Soccer Mix-Up game. Creativity and a cohesive theme are the only requirements for making a winning island.

Beeline’s Soccer Team Contest is still accepting entries up to July 15th at 3:28 PM (BST). Identical to previously held contest users have to take an accurate screenshot of their island and post it on their forum. Participants can also browse to see other entries. On July 19th the winners will be announced. The top 10 entries will be rewarded 800 Smurfberries and another 10 will receive 350 SBs. If you love decorating then this competition might be worth checking out.