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Updated on: July 20, 2015
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Archive for F.A.Q

In many quests in smurfs village game Papa smurf asks you to take a photo of the village, likewise Tracker smurf for those who already got  him, he will ask you  to take   photos of the village. This seems to be a simple task but actually is confusing to many players, and that’s why  many players are doing it in a  wrong way and  will never  be able to complete their quests. Usually on iPhone/ iPod touch, if you need to take a screenshot of photo of whatever is displayed on your screen you just need to push and   hold down the Home button followed by tapping the lock button at the top of your iPhone? This will allow you to take a photo of your screen.  Similar steps are also applied for the iPad. For android devices usually a third party applications are need to be installed in order to be able to take photos. But doing so you will never complete papa smurf quest of Tracker Smurf‘s checklist. Read More→

Tracker will show up occasionally once you place his special Cauldron in your village. With his cauldron your smurfs will get a special soup that gives bonus XP every time you earn XP in the game.

(Please note that in order for him to show up you must be connected to the INTERNET at all times. If Tracker disappears after closing & returning to your game, minimize your app and wait a minute and then re-open it. If that still does not work, exit to the Smurfs’ Village main menu and re-enter the game again. Doing both of these will force a re-sync with the Beeline server.) Read More→

How to upgrade the Christmas Tree?

You can only upgrade the Christmas Tree that is available for 750 Coins.

To upgrade it, just tap on it at the bottom (it only works at the bottom, where there is the wooden cross) and an update window will pop open.

Upgrade or Customize hut

Clockwork smurf asks you  in the island a quest which gives 1200XP:
Upgrade of Customize a hut –  Click…buzz…Sure! Customize!
hint:  Use architect to  to customize a smurf.

Clockworker smurf quest in the island


In order to complete this quest you need just to tap on anyhouse in the island and then hit customize, choose one of the customizations and click ok


How do you take a picture of the village that Papa asks for?


Go to the shop menu and then tap the camera on top of the navigation menu.

How to get seeds on smurfs village?

You can seeds to grow flowers  either from your friends (neighbors) or you get them from Nat smurf,  more details can be found here:

1- Growing Flowers
2- Nat Smurf

How to delete or remove smurfs in smurfs village game?

No, you cant  delete smurfs ones are bought.

How do I get harvest wagon in smurfs village game?

Harvest wagon it can be purchased from the shop for  smurfberries.

If I delete a house on smurfs ville will I still have the same amount of smurfs?

Basically you cant not delete mushroom houses anymore?

How to increase number of smurfs in your village?

You can increase the number of smurfs in your village, either by:

  1. Upgrading mushroom houses or
  2. By buying them from the shop

How to upgrade Smurfs mushroom houses?

Smurfs house can be upgraded twice, the first upgrade cost 500 gold coins, the second upgrade costs 4 smurfberries.    In each upgrade  a smurf will be added to the village.  In order to check whether the house is up for an upgrade or not, just tap on the roof  you will be able to see the information in on the pop up window  on the left. for more details check out  “Upgrading Houses” section.

How to delete Mushroom Houses in smurfs village?

Mushroom Houses can not be deleted in the current version, this option was removed was removed.

Can I change the sesons on my smurfs village?

No you cant change the seasons in smurfs’ village  game by yourself.   But you can change the season only if a seasonal  version is available. There was a  winter upgrade which was released in Christmas 2010.

How to water flowers in smurf village game ?

You cant water flowers by yourself in your village , so you have to get friends to water them for you. in order to get friends and neighbors go to “Add Friends” section.

How much space can iget in smurf village?

you can only expand you village in levels 5, 16 and 22  also you  can buy 30% extra space for 25 Smurfberries.  read this for more details “Expand my village“.

How to get smurfette on smurf village?

Smurfette is one of special smurfs characters that costs 30 smurfberries and  you can buy only from the shop.