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Updated on: April 6, 2015Updated on: Apri 8, 2015

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10945932_10152981849593211_598438550_nBeeline recently posted a hint in their forum, which shows a little brown sack with a little yellow star in the middle, followed by this comment “This Smurfy sack may seem small, but it does something absolutely Smurftastic!!! What might it be??? Take your best guesses and share them below!!!” Previously Smurfs village players asked for this option and Beeline worked hard to in order to bring this idea to life.  According to Beeline this little bag / sack will be available in all areas  (i.e The main village, Island, Mountains, and in the Space) and will be used for storage, it will  let you clear some space by storing the magic wonders you don’t wish to have in your village. Read More→

xBqBOI6Yesterday, Beeline released two exclusive screenshots showing the new Mini Game that placing Grandpa Smurf’s Island hut unlocks.

11188427_10153193837983211_4575491171357763033_nGrandpa Smurf’s Island hut will unlock a “Spot the Difference” mini game that will allow players to win exclusive prizes. Players will be shown two images, and they will have a limited time to recognise the differences between the two.




11156249_10153193838083211_3932050634554999589_nThere will be both free and premium tier levels of the game.

The next update will be coming soon, so are you ready for the challenge?

Share your thoughts and experiences on these latest images.

7bWEXs7This week, Beeline released some new teaser images on the official Facebook page that show that the next update will feature new items for the Island.

Players will be able to complete a new Smurfy Sand Sculpture Wonder that will include animated island critters living inside. As well as, be introduced to Scuba Smurf and go deep sea diving for treasures and rewards.

vFVpyYJThe next update will be coming soon so share your experiences and thoughts on these latest images.

smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpg

It has been reported by Beeline on the official Smurfs’ Village Facebook page and by players of the game that the latest iOS update contains significant bugs. The ones that we are aware of are as follows:

1.There are crash issues with Homnibus’ Tome where tapping the claim button for the statue of Timber Smurf immediately closes the game.

2. Lucky Smurf’s star constellation is unable to retain collected stars. When the game is closed, the stars disappear and have to be collected again. There is a work around for this particular bug where players can wait until all the stars are collected and fill in the constellation at that point. Lucky Smurf’s statue is also unlocked and can be built too.

3. Placing huts in Swoof Condos allows players to buy two more Swoof huts without finishing a constellation.

Beeline are aware of all of these issues but if you find any more bugs with this update on your OS or android device, please share your experiences with us.

smurfvillageBeeline yesterday released the news on their official Facebook page that they would no longer be offering support for iPad (iOS 5) beyond the 1.14 update. This will mean that players on older devices will not be able to update the game and access newer items. The following quote is Beeline’s official notice : “Hi Smurfs’ Village players, in order to continue adding great new content to our game, we’ve had to discontinue support for iPad 1 (iOS 5) beyond the 1.14 update. We hope players will continue to enjoy Smurfs’ Village on their newer devices. We apologize for any inconvenience.Read More→

smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgShortly after the release of the new  Smurf’s Village  Spring update  (version Version: 1.15.0) for Apple iOs  users earlier this week, Android update version has been just released today By Beeline on  Google play.  Whiles some bugs were found in the Apple iOS released version, we hope Andoid players won’t encounter serious issues with this update. As  you might know this spring 2015 update is plenty of cool content and according to Beeline official description:

Read More→