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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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winterupdate_iconA couple of hours ago the Android version of the Winter 2014 update – that is Android Version 1.6.0a – of the Smurfs’ Village game went live and is now available for download from the Google Play Store

This is just less than a day after the iOS version went live.

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winterupdate_iconA couple of hours ago the iOS version of the Winter 2014 update – that is iOS version 1.10.0 – of the Smurf’s Village game has gone live and is now available for download from the Apple App Store .

We expect the Android Update to be available soon as well. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Android Update as it comes available.

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engineer_smurf_hut In the update that brought Engineer Smurf to the Mountain village, players were also able to build their own train tracks layout, complete with up to three train stations. The article on Engineer explains how his reward system works , but we’ve received several questions from players who are having difficulty placing their tunnels or the train stations themselves and connecting up all the parts to make a Smurfy transit system.

Below are a few pictures and explanations to hopefully help those who are having trouble.

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winter_14_iconThe winter 2014 update is expected to be live sometime this week for both Android and iOS. Although we cannot yet say for sure when it will finally arrive there is at least some new information about ti available.

Beeline has released the first screenshots of the upcoming update. It mainly shows all of the new Christmas items and the new Smurfy Christmas Tree Wonder.

More interestingly though, is the giant Christmas present seen in the first image. We do not yet know what it means so it could just be a decorative item but its also possible that this contains a Christmas present from Beeline to players.

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chilly-sicklyGet ready for the Smurfs’ Village Winter update coming soon! Beeline released the first teaser image for this coming update and it looks like Chilly Smurf, also known in the cartoon as Sickly Smurf will be joining the Main Village area and will come with his own mushroom hut and matching mini-game.
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