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Updated on: March 18, 2015Updated on: Mar 18, 2015

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1Riding on the popularity of the original Smurfs’ Village and followed by  Smurf Life, Beeline Inc. former Capcom Mobile has released a new simulation game called ‘The Smurfs’ Village and the Magical Meadow’ which will appear on your mobiles as ‘Smurfs Village 2’. As far as I know the game is only   available in Canada Belgium, and will be released worldwide soon. Also, just like the earlier versions of Smurf games, Smurfs’ Village and the Magical Meadow is a freemium game for Apple’s iOS devices. The game is currently not available on Android. To play it, you must own iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. Please note that the game doesn’t run on early generations of iPhone and iPod. The game requires iOS 6 or later, so before downloading we advise you on checking whether your device supports it by going through Settings -> General -> About -> Version (on your device). Read More→

Easter update smurfs village 2015As it was expected by many of you, Beeline development team has  released  this week the  new Smurf’s Village spring update for this year 2015. In this Easter  update, bunny Smurfette is featured in the main game icon and lots of Easter eggs were offered to decorate your village . The update was released for both platforms, Apple iOS and Android and is ready for download.
So what’s new in this update according to Beeline’s official description: Read More→

Game SmurfAgain Beeline just released an other screenshot for the next update. The screenshot shows Smurf game and his hut which will be place anywhere in the Smrf’s Village. According to Beeline Game Smurf will be available for smurfberries ,  we expect his price to be in the range of 25 to 30 smurfberries. This is the second special smurf after Woolly that will be added to the next update.
According the official description of Beeline on their official Facebook page “Meet Game Smurf and place his hut to start collecting items from his checklists. Fulfilling Game Smurf’s requests unlocks special rewards! Game Smurf is coming soon to The Smurfs’ Village!” Read More→

Smurfy new update out now!

Smurfy new update out now!

Following the android Bugfix update, which was released last week, Beeline has just released similar update for Apple users today after the update was reviewed and approved by apple. Below is the message posted by Beeline on their official Facebook page to announce the update:

Hi Smurfs’ Village Players! Our bug fix update has been approved by Apple, which should now address problems with the Smurfy Wonder Storage. Players can now place the Smurfy Wonder Storage in any area to clear open space in their Main Village, Mountain, Island, or Space villages.

As usual please let us konw what do you think about this Bugfix update.
Read More→

wonder_storageBeeline dev team has just released out a quick bugfix update for  The Smurf’s Village game. The update this time was addressed to Android players  (and hopefully will be also released shortly to iOs,  users according to what we have been told). Basically the main point of releasing this bugfix update, is because to fix the wonder storage sack problem which was found on both the mountain as well as in the planet. Read More→

smurf_puzzle_iconPuzzle Smurf is the next Smurf in a line of Smurfs only available for real money. His exclusive offer has just started appearing for many players for a price of 25 USD together with a 350 Smurfberries bundle.

As with previous offers like that, such as Fortune Teller or Thief Smurf, it is likely that the offer will reappear at a later date for a lower price with less Smurfberries (usually 10 USD), so for players willing to wait it might be possible to get Puzzle Smurf for a cheaper price. Read More→