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Size: 382MBSize: 125MB
Levels: 78Levels: 78
Updated on: August 28, 2014Updated on: August 29 , 2014

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Archive for Animals, Pets and Critters

Swoofy VetThe Swoofy Vet was added as a new structure to the Swoof Planet with the Handler Smurf Update.

It is available on the Swoof Planet for 20 Smurfberries and can be found in the bulid menu. Once placed the Swoofy Vet will increase the XP reward given out by the creatures and animals in space by 25%. Read More→

baby_mammothThe Baby Mammoth was introduced with the Caveman Smurf Update (iOS version 1.5.7 and Android version 1.4.4.a).

It is available on the island for 25 Smurfberries and needs to be grown.

Read More→

SmoogleWith the release of the Potter Smurf update for iOS and Android, Smoogle, who is Nanny Smurf’s pet, was reunited with Nanny Smurf on the mountain.

Smoogle is available for 35 Smurfberries from the build menu and it is non-stationary, it walks around the mountain village like the Smurfs. When taped it will pirouette around in a cute little animation. Read More→

space_critter_storage_domeThe Valentine’s Day 2014 Update (iOS version 1.5.0 and Android version 1.3.7.a) included a feature that many players who had reached the character limit in space due to having too many space creatures hatched from the mystery eggs have asked for – the critter storage for space.

This was added to the game in form of the “Space Critter Dome”. Read More→

instant-travel-feathersWith the Clown Smurf Update (IOS version 1.4.7 and Android version 1.3.4.(1.)a) a feature that was requested by many players has finally come to the game – the instant travel between all areas.
This feature is only available for VIP Players (and will no longer be usable if the VIP Status has expired).
In the VIP Store “Feathers” is available for placement in the village (he is free) and by tapping on his nest a screen gives the option to have him fly to all of the other areas.
Feathers can be bought in all four areas, which means that it will also be possible to fly, for example, from space directly to the island etc. Read More→