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potter_icon Ver.: 1.5.3potter_iconVer.: 1.4.0a
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Levels: 72Levels: 72
Updated on: Apr, 09, 2014Updated on: Apr 15, 2014

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Archive for Building and decoration

engineer_smurf_trainThe Flying Smurf Update (iOS version 1.5.3 and Android version 1.4.0.a) introduced the new train and rail system to the mountain area.

The rail system works similar to the path tiles and the Space Rivers. In the build menu category “Train items” there are several rail tiles available for purchase. Read More→

space_riversThe Space River was introduced with the Explorer Smurf Update (iOS version 1.4.9 and Android version 1.3.5.a).

The river tiles are available on the Swoof Planet. They work similar to paths, in that there are different tiles, like corners, intersections or straight river lines, available for placement.

Each part of the space river has to be bought individually. All of the space river parts cost Smurfberries, but after Explorer Smurf has been placed on the Swoof Planet the basic space river parts become available for coins (i.e. straight lines, corners or river end parts). The non-basic parts, like the intersections or the tunnel, will still cost Smurfberries (for more information about this and an overview of the coin prices of the space river tiles please read the Explorer Smurf article). Explorer Smurf costs “only” 30 Smurfberries, which means it is worth it to by him when more than a few river parts are to be placed. Read More→

quest_log_buttonThe Sculptor Smurf update changed the known “achievement and goals” menu to add a new quest log.
Clicking on the old goals button in the top left corner next to the status bar will now open the quest log. This is divided into a quests and a goals section. The goals section shows the list of goals and their completion status as it is known from the previous versions.
The quests section shows a list of current quests given out by the various special smurfs and their completion status. Moreover, it is now a lot easier to find a Smurf in the village and to start a new quest, because clicking on the head icon of the smurf in question from the quest log menu will automatically navigate to that smurf without the need to search for him.
If a Smurf does not give out quests anymore, for example when their next quest will only come up with the next level, the smurf will not be visible from the quest log, only smurfs that have quests will be shown. Read More→

Even though they are technically not “animals or critters” the smurf statues work just like them, meaning they give a specific amount of XP every couple of hours. The statue of the “normal” smurf gives 60 XP every couple of hours and the other ones (Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Brainy) give 80. The normal Smurf one is available for 16.000 Coins or 12 Smurfberries, the other ones are only available for 18 Smurfberries each.



Once the first goal, to get the Smurfs living in their new village, is achieved and the first Smurfs have come back, the player can start to decorate the village so that the Smurfs like living in it.
The only restrictions are ones own imagination and the available space; the decorative items can be bought in one of the three shops with either Coins or Smurfberries. Most items give a specific amount of XP once placed in the village, but some items, like the animals, give XP and/or Coins on a regular basis.
There are three different shops within the game. The higher the level, the more items are unlocked in these shops and can be used to decorate the village. After pressing the button on the bottom right corner of the village the first shop opens. This shop contains mostly non-living items like fences, bridges, …

The second shop can be reached by pressing on the tap in the middle at the top of the display. This shop has mainly living items like animals, flowers, …

The third shop is the Smurfberry-Shop; all items bought here cost Smurfberries.
The Smurfberry-Shop offers the following items. All these items can be bought from level one onwards and they do not need to be unlocked at a specific level.
Vanity Smurf1500 Coins (limited time only)
Smurfette30 Smurfberries
Frog50 Smurfberries
Village Expansion25 Smurfberries
Baby Smurf30 Smurfberries
Farmer Smurf25 Smurfberries
Hefty Smurf25 Smurfberries
Painter Smurf30 Smurfberries
Lazy Smurf30 Smurfberries
Extra Smurf for the village5 Smurfberries
Squirrel60 Smurfberries
Butterfly60 Smurfberries
Snail50 Smurfberries
Caterpillar75 Smurfberries
Well20 Smurfberries
Harvest Wagon15 Smurfberries
500 Coins5 Smurfberries
1000 Coins10 Smurfberries
5500 Coins50 Smurfberries
12000 Coins100 Smurfberries
40000 Coins
250 Smurfberries