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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Currency

vip_badgeThe Nanny Smurf Update (version 1.4.6 on iOS) added a new VIP store section to the game.

The VIP section is, according to Beeline “… designed to reward our most valuable players with exclusive content and features you can only get by being a VIP“.

VIP Store & other advantages

The VIP store itself contains special premium (i.e. Smurfberry) items that are not available otherwise. These include, at the moment, items from past limited time sale offers such as the pheasant or the baby deer, and exclusive items like the sheep. Not all items are available in each of the four areas. Read More→

The Smurfberry Bush was introduced in version 1.2.5 (iOS, Clumsy Smurf Update) and enables the player to grow Smurfberries.

The Smurfberry Bush works as an In-App Purchase and costs 4,99 USD (or the equivalent in other currencies, for example 3,99 EUR). The Smurfberry Bush will then grow 5 Smurfberries every 24 hours for a total of 15 days. That means the bush will give a total of 75 Smurfberries. After that it will remain in the village but only as a decorative item. It will not give more Smurfberries. Read More→

There are two forms of currency within the game, Smurfberries and Coins. Coins can basically be earned by planting crops and playing the mini-games that come with the special Smurfs. Every crop has to be bought with Coins (except Sarsaparilla, which costs 1 Smurfberry), but in return does not only give XP, but also Coins once it has been harvested. The Coins can then be used to buy new crops or other items.
The second form is a premium currency called Smurfberries, they can be used to instantly build items or harvest crops without having to wait the normal time until they are finished as well as buy items that are otherwise not available for Coins (like Smurfette). There is only a limited amount of Smurfberries that one can get for free, to get more Smurfberries they have to be bought as in-app purchase, the price ranges from 4,99 $ for 50 up to 99$ for 2000 Smurfberries (3,99 up to 79,99 in EUR). At the beginning of the game the user gets three Smurfberries as a present from Jokey for free and even though Jokey gives one present per day from that moment on, it is very rarely that he gives away a Smurfberry. Another way to get Smurfberries without having to pay for them is to level up, for the first ten levels every time a new level is reached one Smurfberry is added to the user’s current amount of Smurfberries, for the next ten levels two Smurfberries are added and from level 20 onward every new level comes with three free Smurfberries.