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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Land Expansions

expansion_paidAfter some time the village gets rather crowded with all the Smurfs living and working there, that is why the game offers a few ways to expand the village. Three of this expansion can be bought with Coins; one has to be bought with Smurfberries.

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Unlock land in SpaceA new teaser screen shot released today on the official Smurfs’ Village Facebook page indicates that there is to be a new FREE land expansion on Swoof Planet. By the look of the image, there maybe some new Constellations to complete as well.
With screen shots being released almost daily, this update will be coming soon.

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space expensionThe Swoofs Planet is a new area/expansion to the village. It can be reached by building a rocket. The rocket is available from the build menu for 2000 coins and requires the village to be at least on level 22.

As it is already known from reaching the preexisting areas (island and mountain), the spaceship cannot just be build, but there is a series of quests from Papa Smurf that have to be completed first.

Just like the other areas, there are also expansions available on the Swoofs Planet but they work a bit differently then in all of the other areas. They require the completion of a star constellation, a set amount of Swoofs and stardust. To read more about how this kind of land expansions work please see the article “Expanding the available land in space“. Read More→

The Smurfs village  Space Update (version 1.4.2) has finally landed on iOS and will be available on Android platform soon as well. This new update introduces a new area, the Swoofs Planet, which can be reached by building a rocket. The rocket is available from the build menu for 2000 coins and requires at least level 22. As it is already known from reaching the pre-existing areas (island and mountain), the spaceship cannot just be build, but there is a series of quests that have to be completed first: Read More→

From level 28 onwards, it is possible to build stone steps on the island’s left side to make it so that the smurfs can access the land on top of the cliff. To build the stone steps, the dam expansion needs to be completed first. After that, and if the required level has been reached, the stone steps come available from the first shop in the build menu.

There are two kinds of stone steps, the big ones, which can only be placed at one certain spot at the top of the cliff, and the small ones, for which there are up to three places (if all south expansions have been bought) where they can be placed. Both versions of the steps cost 10.000 Coins and take 120 hours to build (60 hours if Hefty Smurf is on the mainland).

Although Beeline’s recent update 1.1.8 features fresh new content and items, its additional bugs can be a hassle. Players that are level 24 or higher with an island will receive a new quest from Papa Smurf to build a dam. This quest is associated with an annoying bug that will remove your dam after it’s built if not placed correctly. Many players have lost their dam along with their coins or invested Smurfberries due to this minor glitch. Currently, Beeline is working on finding the solution to the ‘disappearing dam’ dilemma but until it’s resolved players have to be careful when tackling this quest.

The dam quest is part of the update’s free land expansion for the island. Once completed players will have double the space. Unfortunately like in life, nothing is really free. Constructing your dam can be costly and equally time consuming if not done correctly. If you swipe your screen to the left a river flowing right through your island is visible.  Handy Smurf will randomly stumble across plans for an old dam and Papa Smurf will delegate a special quest to build the new dam on the river.

Building a dam seems like an easy task but due to the glitch if any decoration items, rocks, mushroom houses, or crops are near the river once built the dam will automatically disappear. So, before you tap into the building menu to purchase and place the dam clear out the area near your river. It will save you a lot of grief later on down the line. Go into the build menu, tap the move icon, and begin clearing the land around the river. You’ll want at least half an inch of space going down the banks. It’s essential that nothing is placed at the opening of the river where the dam will be placed. If it is, you’ll lose your dam.

Once cleared, players can go into the build menu and select the dam. It costs 8,000 coins. Move the item over the river until an outline of where the object is supposed to go appears. Simply tap to place it. The dam takes about 168 hours for the Smurfs to build. Players with extra berries to blow can speed up the construction process for 29 Smurfberries. For those who have Hefty Smurf back in their main village, the time for construction is reduced to about 84 hours and can be speed up by using 15 smurfberries.  Since the dam is somewhat unreliable, I don’t recommend using your SBs. Many of the users that had problems keeping their dam that used that technique ended up losing all of their Smurfberries. It’s not really worth it unless you absolutely have no patience, but be warned. It’s a risky investment.

Some users started experiencing problems after they successfully built their dam and began placing items on their new isle.  It’s still unknown why the dam disappears and until the bug is resolved it’s best to avoid placing items that you may need to access in that area. Try to keep your crops, functional decorative items, and any other item that you wouldn’t want to lose on the right side of your island. Check our bug solutions page for updates on what errors have been fixed.