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Archive for Growing Crops

The Smurfette Space Update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) added Farmer Smurfs Moon Buggy to the Swoofs Planet.
His moon buggy is available for 25 Smurfberries and requires Farmer Smurf to be placed in the mainland. It works just as his tractor on either the island or mountain and allows the harvest of multiple crops at the same time.
If Farmer Smurf on the mainland has been upgraded to include the Plant All feature it will also automatically be available for his moon buggy. Read More→

For those who updated their Smurfs Village App to the latest version (1.1.2) which was released on the July 28 2011, you may get surprised to get a quest from Papa Smurf asking you to to plant crops that are only available in the Fruity Fun crop pack such as Grapes, Cantaloupes, or Pineapples. The pack just happens to cost 20 smurfberries. Usually in the Smurfs Village game Papa Smurf never forces you to use your Smurfberries. However this quest you won’t be able to complete without buying the whole pack.

[pullquote]…Papa Smurf should not be giving quests that require items from packs that require Smurfberries…Beeline [/pullquote]

So, we just want  to let you know that it was reported that this quest is  happen to be a mistake made by the developper/ producer  Beeline, this sort of mistakes is also know  as bugs, and  hopefully will be fixed in the next update. Below is an email send by  Beeline Smurfs Village Support explaining this problem:

It appears you have experienced a known bug in this game. Papa Smurf should not be giving quests that require items from packs that require Smurfberries unless you have already bought them, and our developers are investigating. Unfortunately, you will not be able to get any new quests until we get this fixed. We hope to have this issue resolved in the next update, and you’ll be able to get back to your game soon.

While there is currently no release date, the AppStore will automatically show updates in the “Updates” tab. We also make announcements regarding updates through the game’s Facebook page, as well as general gaming news outlets.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please look out for the next update!

Please do share your thoughts and experience below  and let us know what do you think.

 There are two crop packs available that will unlock three different kinds of crops each. Before these crops can be planted, the crop pack has to be purchased with either Smurfberries or Coins.

The Summer Salad Crop Pack includes crops for radishes, lettuce and green pepper and can be bought for 4,000 Coins. To buy this crop pack the village has to be at least on level 11. The first crop (radishes) unlocks immediately, the other two are unlocked at a higher level.

The Fruity Fun Crop Pack includes crops for grapes, pineapples and cantaloupes and is available from level 17 onwards. It can only be purchased with Smurfberries and costs 20 Berries. The first crop (grapes) unlocks immediately after the purchase, the other two crops are unlocked at a later level.

Experience Points are primarily earned by planting, growing and then harvesting crops. Every crop that has been planted gives a specific amount of XP as soon as it has been harvested.
Crops can take up to 24 hours before they are ready to harvest and they can also wilt. After a crop is done it must be harvested within the same time frame that was needed to grow it, otherwise it will wilt (i.e. if a crop takes six hours to grow, it will wilt after another six hours). The only exception to that rule are the blueberries, they wilt after five minutes, even so they only need 30 seconds to grow.
This is very important to know, because that way the user can plant his crops according to his schedule, for instances, while sleeping at night it is better to plant crops that take longer before they are done, so that they can be harvested in the morning, instead of having to remove the wilted crops without receiving any XP or Coins. If a harvest has nonetheless wilted, the crops can be restored to health by spending one Smurfberry (see below for more information on Smurfberries).
The following is a list of all available crops, their growing time, costs, earnings and most importantly their affectivity (XP gain per hour, not included is planting and harvesting time).
To harvest one of those crops, just tap on the garden and choose the crop by taping on it.

Costs (Coins)
Coin Earnings*
Blueberries030 sec.Free1202240240
Raspberries35 min.29689672
Strawberries41 hour645242418
Potatoes524 hours156.3602.51.875
Watermelon512 hours1210486.53
Golden CornRequires harvest wagon10 hours114.416516.515.4
Carrots85 hours918367.25.4
Tomatoes78 hours1113.1425.233.875
Peas83 hours10254013.310
Blackberries930 min.460163224
Pumpkin1018 hours1210482.72
Sarsaparilla1124 hours(1 SB)20.81004.24.2
Brussels Sprout122 hours825381910
Artichokes139 hours81.3320.40.3
Blackcurrants1440 min.12901522.54.5
Onions1512 hours2414.6332.750.75
Cucumbers1615 min.8100114412
Corn189 hours2317.24552.4
Golden Potatoes2024 hours501.32008.36.3
Magical Raspberries245 hours100508517-3
Magical Blueberries261 hours601105555-5
Radishes11 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)6 hours715.8274.53.3
Lettuce19 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)16 hours1810603.82.6
Green Peppers37 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)5 min.5120910848
Grapes17 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)4 hours822.5307.55.5
Pineapples27 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)18 hours4011.1854.72.5
Cantaloupes32 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)8 hours2217.5465.83
Eggplant19 (Island only)16 hours219.6533.32
Honeydew19 (Island only)24 hours327.9763.21.9
Magic Honeydew38 (Island only)24 hours8002524010-23.3
Mulberries25 (Mountain only)5 hours20010017021.3-6
Goji Berries27 (Mountain only)1 hour120220116116-4
Rice30 (Mountain only)18 hours8022.71709.45
Tea35 (Mountain only)8 hours44359211.56
Coffee40 (Mountain only)15 minutes20801664-16
Bubbles22 (Swoof Planet only)3 hours6033.37023.33.3
Star Fruit22 (Swoof Planet only)15 minutes156018312
Candy Corn24 (Swoof Planet only)1 hour30453555
Swoofberries26 (Swoof Planet only)5 hours1507012024-6
Moon Cheese28 (Swoof Planet only)9 hours458.990105
Jelly Beans30 (Swoof Planet only)16 hours7011.3603.8-0.7
Marshmallows32 (Swoof Planet only)24 hours90041.2850-50-2.08
Cotton Candy34 (Swoof Planet only)10 hours9050150606

* Earnings/h – Costs/h