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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Crops

miracle_seedsFor everyone running out of space on the mainland –¬† the new Miracle Seeds might help with that.

They were added with the “Explorer on the Island Update” (iOS version 1.6.0 and Android version 1.4.7.a) and are available for 30 Smurfberries on the mainland area.

Read More→

In the Smurfs village  Gutsy Smurf Update (version 1.4.50 for Apple / 1.3.2A for Android) added a shrub fertilizer to the game. Once it has been purchased for 4.49 EUR (or the equivalent in other currencies) from the build menu and placed in the village it will not only double the amount of XP (and Coins) given out by the Magic Shrubs but also reduce their harvest time to half.
The Shrub fertilizer works in every area that has magic shrubs, that is in the mainland and the mountain. It also works on the newly added magic shrubs in space.
This bonus is given on top of all other bonuses, that is it works in cooperation with the XP Accelerator, so if that is placed in the village 10% (5% of the not upgraded Accelerator) of the complete amount the shrubs give out (including the bonus from the fertilizer) will be given when collecting it. Read More→

The Smurfette Space Update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) added Farmer Smurfs Moon Buggy to the Swoofs Planet.
His moon buggy is available for 25 Smurfberries and requires Farmer Smurf to be placed in the mainland. It works just as his tractor on either the island or mountain and allows the harvest of multiple crops at the same time.
If Farmer Smurf on the mainland has been upgraded to include the Plant All feature it will also automatically be available for his moon buggy. Read More→

A feature that has been asked for by many players has finally come to the island. With the addition of Farmer Smurf’s Tractor it is now possible to use Harvest All and Plant All on the island.

The Tractor is available for 25 Smurfberries and, just like Farmer Smurf’s hut on the mainland, it increases the XP and Coin revenue of crops that are placed close to it.

Once the Tractor has been placed, the Harvest All feature is immediately available. To also get the Plant All feature, the tractor has to be upgraded for another 10 Smurfberries. To do that, simply tap on the tractor and choose “Upgrade”.

Using the features of the tractor works just as on the mainland, tapping the tractor opens a window, which lets the player choose between “Harvest All” and “Plant All”. The numbers for the plant all feature are totals for the total amount of crops that will be planted.

Although a smurf will come and sit on the tractor when it is tapped, it is not necessary to have a free smurf available to use it.

With the latest version (version 1.2.1 on iOS) it is now possible to grow fruits on the island, similar to growing fruits on the mainland.

The fruits are grown on the palm trees. From version 1.2.4 (iOS) and 1.1.2a (Android) onwards it is now possible to move, delete and buy palm tress. Read More→