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Updated on: Apr, 09, 2014Updated on: Apr 15, 2014

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Archive for Moving, Sorting and deleting items


How to MOVE an item ?

Once an item has been placed, it can be moved or deleted to redecorate by first clicking on the shop button (bottom right corner from village view) and there on the “Move” button on the bottom left corner.
Now the “Move Mode” is entered and every item that is touched can be placed somewhere else by first moving it to the desired destination, seeing if it can be placed there (the frame around the item has to be light blue, if it is red, the item can not be placed because another items Is already there or there is not enough space for it), and then placing it by clicking on the check symbol.

How to delete an item?

To delete an item, tap on it as well, but then click on the delete symbol, not the check symbol and press “Yes” after the confirmation appears. Nearly every item can be deleted, but some, like the mushroom houses or the animals, will stay in the village forever and cannot be removed. This should be considered before buying them.

There is a second move mode specifically designed to place and move paths. Once in the normal move mode, by clicking on the button in the bottom left corner, all items disappear and can only be seen as grey shadows, the only things clearly visible are the paths. That way they can be placed in the village and for instances behind other items without the interference of existing items.

Storing items


If the storage hut has been bought, it is also possible to store certain items for later use. To store an item, just go to the move mode and tap on the item that you want to store. If on the right side next to the delete button there is another orange button with an arrow, you can store that item. Just tap on the orange button and confirm that you want to store it. Certain items, like Smurfs, the roaming animals, mushroom houses, … cannot be stored. The storage limit is 500 items. If crop fields or flower gardens are stored, the crops on them will be deleted and you do not receive the XP or gold they would give you otherwise, so only store them if the crops have been harvested beforehand.

To use an item, that was stored before, just tap on the storage hut in the village and choose the item you want to use on the window that pops up on the right side. A number on the left side next to a picture of the stored item indicates the amount of items of the same kind that have been stored and can be used.