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Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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Archive for Mushroom Houses

item_exchange_hutBeeline has added the item exchange to the game, it allows the player to resell the items no longer needed for coins. This is a feature players have been asking for for a long time.

Once the item exchange has been placed in an area the feature will be available in all four areas. Clicking on an item in “Move Mode” then shows another button, a yellow circle with a dollar sign. After clicking the button a confirmation window will pop open showing for how much coins the item will be sold. Read More→

condo_blueThe condos can be bought for 2000 Coins from the build menu and work as storage for mushroom houses. They are available in three colours and their rooftops can be painted with the colours from Painter Smurf.

As soon as at least one has been placed the other mushroom houses can be put in storage via the move mode (by pressing the arrow pointing down) without loosing any of the existing smurfs. Read More→

smurf_handy_mountainWith the Barber Shop Update (version 1.3.8 on iOS) Handy Smurf’s mushroom house, along with his customization shop, is now available on the mountain.
>His mountain hut costs 30 Smurfberries and builds instantly. Just like on the mainland and the island Handy is stationary and does not walk around on the mountains.
Once Handy Smurf’s Shop has been build, houses on the mountain can be customized using the available resources (Wood, Dye, Stone). For that Blueprints need to be unlocked. Upon building his mountain hut five blueprints are already unlocked, an addition five can be bought for Smurfberries. It does not look like the blueprints on the mountain can be obtained as rewards (from Rafts, MIABs, Marco, …) like the ones on the mainland or island. These are only available for Smurfberries.

For a list of the available blueprints on the mountain please see our article about huts customization .

Version 1.2.0 (iOS) and 1.0.8 a (Android) added Handy Smurf’s Shop and Architect Smurf which comes with the ability to customize mushroom houses. For more information on how to upgrade Handy Smurf’s House with his Shop and how to get Architect Smurf on the island please read the articles on Handy and Architect.

The first thing needed for the customizations are blueprints for them. They will each unlock once special customization and can either be bought with Smurfberries or gotten as a gift from Marco/Jokey Smurf, via a blueprint raft expedition or as rewards from message in a bottle quests. However, it is very rare to get one of the blueprints, so if you are, for example trying to get one via a blueprint raft expedition, be prepared to do a lot of them before a Smurf will bring back one of the blueprints.

Once a blueprint has been unlocked, depending on the customization, it is also needed to have a certain amount of either dye, stone or wood (or a variation of all three).

All three items can be given as a gift to neighbours on the island and the mainland,  they can be bought for Smurfberries from Architect or Handy Smurf’s Shop or found on a raft expedition for the item (each expedition is 24 hours long and brings the item back twice, i.e. a 24 hour dye expedition brings back 2x dye for use on the customizations). Wood and Stone are also given every time Miner Smurf (Stone) and Timber Smurf (Wood) give their special XP. Miner Smurf gives 9x stone and Timber Smurf gives 12x wood.

At the moment the following blueprints are available:

BlueprintHow to get itSmurfberry PriceCost for Use

Wooden Shed
--30x Wood

Arched Doorway
--20x Wood

Wooden Balcony
Jokey's Gift Box20 SB50x Wood

Spotted Roof
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels25 SB80x Wood, 50x Stone, 20x Dye

Heart Roof
Needs Architect Smurf-120x Wood, 75x Stone, 30x Dye

Mushroom Shed
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB50x Wood, 10x Stone, 20x Dye

Mushroom Doorway
Jokey's Gift Box10 SB40x Wood, 8x Dye

Mushroom Chimney
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels15 SB130x Stone, 16x Dye

Mushroom Balcony
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest20 SB80x Wood, 20x Stone, 30x Dye

Straw Shed
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB45x Wood, 8x Dye

Straw Doorway
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition10 SB30x Wood, 4x Dye

Straw Balcony
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest20 SB75x Wood, 12x Dye

Brick Chimney
--120x Stone, 12x Dye

Stone Chimney
--80x Stone
Seashell Doorway (Island only)--30 Wood, 25 Stone, 14 Dye
Seashell Balcony
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest25 SB70 Wood, 40 Stone, 35 Dye
Seashell Chimney
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest20 SB20 Wood, 160 Stone, 26 Dye
Seashell Shed
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition20 SB60 Wood, 20 Stone, 15 Dye
Rustic Wagon
--60 Wood
Rustic Door
--35 Wood, 10 Stone
Rustic Chimney
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB20 Wood, 75 Stone
Rustic Balcony
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB65 Wood, 30 Dye
Royal Purple Chimney
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB20 Wood, 135 Stone, 25 Dye
Royal Purple Shed
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB45 Wood, 30 Dye
Royal Purple Door
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest10 SB45 Wood, 20 Stone
Royal Purple Balcony
Blueprint Raft Expedition20 SB80 Wood, 35 Dye
Stone Cottage Doorway
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels10 SB40 Stone
Stone Cottage Balcony
Jokey's Gift Box15 SB60 Wood, 20 Stone, 5 Dye
Stone Cottage Chimney
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels15 SB20 Wood, 130 Stone
Stone Cottage Shed
Jokey's Gift Box15 SB10 Wood, 50 Stone
Jungle Doorway
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB30 Wood, 10 Stone, 5 Dye
Jungle Balcony
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB65 Wood, 5 Dye

Jungle Chimney
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB20 Wood, 145 Stone, 8 Dye
Jungle Shed
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB50 Wood, 15 Dye

Wooden Balcony (Mountain only)
--80 Wood, 60 Stone, 15 Dye

Wooden Doorway (Mountain only)
--40 Wood, 40 Stone, 5 Dye

Wooden Shed (Mountain only)
--140 Wood, 140 Stone, 30 Dye

Wooden Window (Mountain only)
--20 Stone, 5 Dye

Wooden Chimney (Mountain only)
--140 Wood, 80 Stone, 20 Dye

Tree Bark Balcony (Mountain only)
-20 SB96 Wood, 72 Stone, 18 Dye

Tree Bark Doorway (Mountain only)
-15 SB48 Wood, 48 Stone, 6 Dye

Tree Bark Shed (Mountain only)
-25 SB168 Wood, 168 Stone, 36 Dye

Tree Bark Window (Mountain only)
-10 SB24 Stone, 6 Dye

Tree Bark Chimney (Mountain only)
-20 SB168 Wood, 96 Stone, 24 Dye

Birthday Chimney
-5 SB

140 Wood, 80 Stone, 20 Dye

Birthday Door
-5 SB5000 Coins

Birthday Window
-1000 Coins2500 Coins

Birthday Roof
-10 SB140 Wood, 140 Stone, 30 Dye

Clicking on Architect Smurf’s Mushroom House and then choosing “Architect Shop” on the island and the same for Handy Smurf’s Mushroom house on the mainland will open the customization shop.

After that, just choose and tap on a blueprint and choose an existing mushroom house to customize it. If there are not enough supplies to build one of the customizations they blueprints will not be accessible.

Only “normal” mushroom houses can be changed, the special houses that belong to the special smurfs cannot be customized with one of the above blueprints.

If Painter Smurf has been bought, the colour of the rooftops of the customized houses can still be changed.

It is, at the moment, not possible to delete customizations, though choosing the same kind of blueprint will reset the previous one (i.e. if a brick chimney is applied on a mushroom house that has already a stone chimney customization, the stone chimney will be removed with the brick one, but it is not possible to completely delete the customized chimneys).

There are two smurfs that handle all of the remodeling duties in the villages. At level 11 Handy Smurf will open his shop doors for users who want to add a different color or style to their smurfs humble abode. For players that have unlocked their island at level 20 Architect Smurf will appear to help carry out customization options on the isles. They both give users the same styles to use to redesign their villages. Specific resources are necessary to buy customization features in the game. Dye, wood, stone, and even brick may be required to purchase these add-ons. Players can collect these supplies from friends or buy them using Smurfberries. It can cost anywhere from 5 to 50 SBs for a supply pack. The more resources a user has the easier it is to remodel your village.

There are a variety of designs to choose from. Players can give their ordinary mushroom hut homes a retro spotted or feminine heart style roof top. Add a wooden sheds, arched doorways, and stone chimneys to current huts. Sending smurfs out on rafts, performing message-in-a-bottle quests, and occasionally as a gift from Jokey players will receive special blueprints for new designs. Tapping on an individual hut will prompt the customization tab or users can tap directly on Architect Smurf for access to the color options. Blue, red, white, pink, yellow, brown, and lavender are just a handful of the colors available. Each bottle costs a certain amount of dye to use. A quick tap on the bottle and then the hut of your choosing automatically changes the shade. Since it only changes one mushroom hut at a time players will need a significant amount of dye and resources to remodel all of their huts.

One of the best ways to gather supplies is through gifting. Three available gifts have been added to the friend gifting list when players visit their villages. One stone, wood, or dye can be given to neighbors. Being generous with friends and giving gifts daily is a surefire method to receiving the same in return. If it’s a specific resource that you’re after then posting the request as your Game Center status is another technique for receiving the dyes or stone you need.  This fun design element allows players to experiment with the look of their neighborhoods. Select one stellar stand out color or mix and match for a colorful village like no other. It’s completely up to you.