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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Mushroom Houses

There are two smurfs that handle all of the remodeling duties in the villages. At level 11 Handy Smurf will open his shop doors for users who want to add a different color or style to their smurfs humble abode. For players that have unlocked their island at level 20 Architect Smurf will appear to help carry out customization options on the isles. They both give users the same styles to use to redesign their villages. Specific resources are necessary to buy customization features in the game. Dye, wood, stone, and even brick may be required to purchase these add-ons. Players can collect these supplies from friends or buy them using Smurfberries. It can cost anywhere from 5 to 50 SBs for a supply pack. The more resources a user has the easier it is to remodel your village.

There are a variety of designs to choose from. Players can give their ordinary mushroom hut homes a retro spotted or feminine heart style roof top. Add a wooden sheds, arched doorways, and stone chimneys to current huts. Sending smurfs out on rafts, performing message-in-a-bottle quests, and occasionally as a gift from Jokey players will receive special blueprints for new designs. Tapping on an individual hut will prompt the customization tab or users can tap directly on Architect Smurf for access to the color options. Blue, red, white, pink, yellow, brown, and lavender are just a handful of the colors available. Each bottle costs a certain amount of dye to use. A quick tap on the bottle and then the hut of your choosing automatically changes the shade. Since it only changes one mushroom hut at a time players will need a significant amount of dye and resources to remodel all of their huts.

One of the best ways to gather supplies is through gifting. Three available gifts have been added to the friend gifting list when players visit their villages. One stone, wood, or dye can be given to neighbors. Being generous with friends and giving gifts daily is a surefire method to receiving the same in return. If it’s a specific resource that you’re after then posting the request as your Game Center status is another technique for receiving the dyes or stone you need.  This fun design element allows players to experiment with the look of their neighborhoods. Select one stellar stand out color or mix and match for a colorful village like no other. It’s completely up to you.


All of the available mushroom houses can accommodate up to three Smurfs. Once a house has been build a new Smurf will come back from the forest and enter the village to live there.

Taping on the house opens a window on the right-hand side of the display, at the bottom of that is an upgrade button (only available from level 9 onwards after Handy Smurf’s Mushroom house has been build).

The first upgrade costs 500 Coins and visually adds doorsteps to the house and now two Smurfs can live in it.

A third upgrade adds another Smurf to the village, this one is available for 4 Smurfberries and hence the maximum number of Smurfs being able to live in a house is three. This upgrade adds an attic and a laundry line to the mushroom house.

If more Smurfs are needed there is also an option in the Smurfberry-Shop to buy a new Smurf for 5 Smurfberries without the need to provide him with lodgings.

Smurfs live in mushroom houses, which they can build them during the game. Each mushroom house will add one Smurf to the village population, but it is possible to be upgraded once Handy Smurf’s workshop is built (read UPGRADING HOUSES section for more details).

In order to build mushroom house go to “Build Menu “Just Touch and drag right or left until you find the appropriate Mushroom house you want to build. Note that some Mushroom houses can be seen transparent due to a lack of gold coins, or the lack of available Smurfs, and others require higher levels. Once you select your mushroom house and placed it in the village,  one of the Smurfs will come straightaway and start building the mushroom house.

The first mushroom house that can be built has a red rooftop and it takes two hours to build it.
In later levels there are various mushroom houses with different coloured rooftops and facades, available. Besides their look their prices and building times differ as well. The following is a list of available houses, their costs and building times:

Mushroom houses

 HouseCoinsBuilding TimeLevel
Red Mushroom302 hours2
Turquoise Mushroom1001 hour5
Light Green Mushroom20045 minutes8
Mauve Mushroom50030 minutes11
2nd Red Mushroom100015 minutes15
Yellow Mushroom200010 minutes19
Blue Mushroom30001 minute23

WARNING! Mushroom Houses can not be deleted once they are build, this option was disabled in recent updates.


Different Smurfs’ Mushroom houses and workshops images


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