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Levels: 75Levels: 75
Updated on: Jun 23, 2014Updated on: Jun 20, 2014

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Archive for Seasonal Updates

iOS Valentine's Day UpdateiOS Valentine’s Day Update

All of us at My Smurfs’ Village wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!. The iOS Valentine’s Day Update 2014 update has just been released.

The iOS Valentine’s Day Update for 2014, which is available for download on iTunes now, fixes the issue with the crop timers and also restores the Christmas Arch to the build menus so that players who lost it may repurchase it and place it in their villages. Read More→

Valentine's Day UpdateFor the first time in Smurfs’ Village history, the Android update, version 1.3.7a, has been released prior to the iOS update. We’re not sure exactly why this has happened, but as soon as the iOS update is live, we will be sure to let everyone know.

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Valentine's Day 2014 IconAfter giving us a first look of the coming Valentine’s Day 2014 Update by releasing the first teaser images and exclusive screenshots Beeline has released four additional screenshots, one for each of the four areas, to show off the new items that will be added. Read More→

Beeline has released the first teaser images and information regarding the upcoming Valentine’s Day 2014 update. This update will be iOS version 1.5.0, with the Android update (version 1.3.7a) hopefully following soon.

The teaser images seen below show that there will be a new, Valentine’s Day-themed, space wonder, the cake tower, which, after completion, will give out one Smurfberry per week.

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Smurfs Village Christmas updateNot long after the King Smurfs update was released for Apple iOS users (version 1.4.8), Beeline has also released the same Smurfs Village update, version 1.3.5 for Android users. This time it features King smurf, who brings a lot of activities to do in the mountains. The update was made available for Android on December 19, 2013 and is available to download from Google play now.
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