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Updated on: May 20, 2015
Updated on: May 19, 2015

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Archive for Seasonal Updates

party smurfSooner after the update was released for Android users, Apple store approve the Smurfs village update for Beeline. Apart from introducing two special smurfs in this update  (Party and Dancer Smurfs) the game runs smoothly on most Apple updated iOs devices, yet few glitches and bugs were reported. Gifting friends is still a problem for many players and Beeline is still investigating this matter and trying to collect  data about the problem. Also it looks like there is a glitch with Smurfette’s mini-player in the island. Read More→

party smurfInvite Party Smurf to your Island Village to host a smurftastic celebration every day!  That was the introduction about Party Smurf,  which  published by Beeline couple of days ago on their Facebook page. It is summer time now and is time for having fun in the smurfs village and enjoying time in the island. To add up, Dance Smurf also is introduced in this update where you can get his hut to start a Smurf dance party. Besides introducing Party Smurf and Dance Smurf to the village, The new   Smurf’s village update  comes with a smurftacular Water Park  Wonder where Smurfs can enjoy their summer time all day long making splashes. In addition to this you will have the chance to collect Smurf party Costumes.

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 Don Smurfo update Beeline dev team has released recently a new version of the Smurfs village Game for both platforms, Apple iOs and Android. The update is shown on iTunes as Performance improvements and bug fixes update, Howe ever it is not the Case, as this is a full new update.
The new version features Grandpa Smurf in the island, where a new mini game “Spot the Difference” was also introduced in the island and you can get great rewards. Yet few players found Grandpa smurf game a bit difficult at the beginning!
Since the new update focuses on the island where you can build a Sand Sculpture Wonder filled with cute beach critters. In addition to that los of decoration items were are added. Without forgetting Don Smurfo and his flying Golden Eagle which are present in this update. Read More→

smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgShortly after the release of the new  Smurf’s Village  Spring update  (version Version: 1.15.0) for Apple iOs  users earlier this week, Android update version has been just released today By Beeline on  Google play.  Whiles some bugs were found in the Apple iOS released version, we hope Andoid players won’t encounter serious issues with this update. As  you might know this spring 2015 update is plenty of cool content and according to Beeline official description:

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smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgAfter an intensive campaign run by Beeline lately and the amount of images were shared on both  their Facebook page and forum, finally the spring update (version  1.15.0)  is out for Apple iOs users, and shortly will be live for Android users.
While the previous update didn’t please The Smurfs Village community, this new update seems promising as it is reach in content. Swoofs are hosting Lucky smurfs in thier planet  with his mini-game. More expansion will be also offered in this update and lots of decoration items are provided too: Read More→