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Updated on: Feb 24, 2015Updated on: Feb 24, 2015

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Archive for Seasonal Updates

Wooly Smruf in the smurfs village While many of you are still enjoying Snow in many parts of the world, however the snow has already melted in the Smurf’s village. Beeline has just released this week the new spring update of the Smurfs village game for both platforms Apple iOS and Android. The new version features two new special smurfs Woolly Smurf and Game Smurf.
According to Beeline official description:
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The new Smurf’s Village update for Valentines Day 2015 (Android Version 1.5.3a and iOS Version 1.12.0) is live and available for download in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

In addition to lots of Valentine’s Day decorations, this update introduces Timber Smurf to the island and lots of other smurfy additions.

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val_15_iconBeeline has just released a video teaser for the upcoming Valentine’s Day 2015 Update. The Update is expected to be live very soon, probably in the next couple of days.

Until then click on the video below to get a first feeling of the new update. The video shows, on top of the Valentine’s Day themed items, that the past exclusive offers available via the Rarity Shop will cost 1.99 USD and how the newly added Wonder Storage works. Read More→

winterupdate_iconA couple of hours ago the Android version of the Winter 2014 update – that is Android Version 1.6.0a – of the Smurfs’ Village game went live and is now available for download from the Google Play Store

This is just less than a day after the iOS version went live.

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winterupdate_iconA couple of hours ago the iOS version of the Winter 2014 update – that is iOS version 1.10.0 – of the Smurf’s Village game has gone live and is now available for download from the Apple App Store .

We expect the Android Update to be available soon as well. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Android Update as it comes available.

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