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Archive for Social Functions – Neighbours and giving Gifts

Sometimes it can happen that either your Facebook or your GameCenter or both friends do not appear in the neighbour map.

The first thing to do then is to check if your Internet connection is working correctly, if it is, close and open the Smurfs App or log out and then in again into the affected service (i.e. GameCenter or Facebook). This should help most of the time and the friends should reappear.

Some users have also reported that if you try to connect to Facebook via your phone number instead of your email address the friends do not show up, but when they log into Facebook with the email address everything is fine, so please make sure you are logging in with your email.

If it does not help it can also be a server issue, for example if the developers of the game are doing maintenance. In that case just wait a couple of hours or a day and then the neighbours automatically reappear.

For Android Users: It has been reported that only the first 20 Facebook Friends (sorted by Facebook ID) are checked by that game as neighbours. If they do not play Smurf’s Village, than they do not show up. Beeline has been informed about this issue and should be able to fix it with one of the coming updates.

Important: Your friends are never lost, as long as they have not been unfriended in GameCenter or Facebook. As long as they are your friends in those services, they will eventually reappear and are not deleted.

All of your friends on Facebook and GameCenter who are playing Smurfs village Game appear as your neighbours if you are logged into those services and have connected their village to it.

Adding friends using Facebook

To add friends on Facebook, just go to their profile and click on the button “Add as friend” next to their name. If you do not know the person personally, it is a good idea to send them a message with your friend request stating that you want them to be your neighbour in the Smurfsvillage Game so they know why you are requesting their friendship. Once the request has been accepted the person will automatically appear as your neighbour in the game (as long as your are logged into Facebook).

Adding friends using GameCenter

Another way to add neighbours is doing it through GameCenter. Many people prefer that method, because with GameCenter they do not have to give random people access to their Facebook profile just to have them as neighbours in the game.

GameCenter is not available on all iDevices (Apple’s mobile devices). To run GameCenter, your device must have at least the software version 4.0 (iOS 4.0) and be either an iPod touch 2nd generation or higher, an iPhone 3Gs or higher or an iPad. For more information on GameCenter, see Apples page here:

If you cannot find the GameCenter icon, just search for Game Center on your device by swiping from the first page to the Home Screen to the right and type GameCenter into the search window as it can be seen in the image below. If you cannot find it, plug your device into iTunes and see which iOS version you have and if a new version is available, do the update. When your device is up to date and supports Game Center it will automatically be installed.

Now open GameCenter and either log into it with your iTunes Account or create a new account. The username is your email address. After you have entered your credentials, press Sign In

If you do not yet have a Game Center ID, click on “Create a New Account” and follow the instructions. You have to choose a nickname. The nickname will be the name of your village and how others can see you (for example on highscore lists). If you want others to add you as their friends, you have to give them the nickname you have chosen before. The name you enter will only be visible by your friends.

Once you are logged in, tap on the “Friends” button at the bottom, and then on the “+” Symbol in the top right corner. There you can add the nicknames of the friends you want to send a request to, a message for them (standard message is … would like to be your friend). Click “send” and your request will be send instantly, if there is a problem with the nickname (for example a typing mistake) you will be informed immediately as well. As soon as the request is accepted, you get a confirmation message and they will show up in your friend list.

If you click on the “Request” button on the bottom you can see all requests that have been send to you and either accept or ignore them.

NOTE:  You can only add players playing on the same platform because Android and Apple neighbors are not compatible.  You can post add neighbor here with your GC id.  If you have a face account or if you are playing on Android, you  can post add neighbor message to our facebook page .

The game can connect to either Apples Game Center or Facebook or both. When connected to one of these services all friends who play the Smurf’s Village game as well can be seen as neighbours and their villages can be visited. Every neighbour can be given one gift every 24 hours.

To enable this function either log into Facebook by going from the main menu to options – manage friends and enter the Facebook credentials, to enable Game Center log into the Game Center app on the device before opening the game. It is also possible to be logged into both services at the same time.

In the village, click on the button in the bottom left corner of the village, after that a map with other villages and the features “random village” and “featured village” is opened.
By clicking on “featured village” nine villages can be seen that have been added by Capcom (the developer) as specially featured villages that everyone can see.

The button random village offers the option to randomly visit a village from other players. The villages can be seen, but no presents can be left for the creator of the village, moreover their names do not appear, just the banner “random village”.

On the right side from the map the friends that are connected to the village are shown, to visit that village just click on the banner. Once in the village, a button on the bottom right side appears, clicking that gives the option to choose a gift. This can be placed anywhere within the village and the creator will see it as soon as he opens the game again.
To add new neighbours the person has to be added as a friend either in Game Center or on Facebook, as soon as the friend request is accepted, the new neighbour will show up on the map.

Under the banner of the neighbours map with their names and current levels, the exact number of Smurfs, animals and other characters that are living inside the village are shown.