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Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Smurfs available for free

clockwork_smurfette_iconClockwork Smurfette is the lastest wonder to be added to the island and the first wonder that is also a roaming character.

Her hut is available for 2500 Coins on the island and to build it, just like all other wonders, various stages with resource requirements need to be completed.

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traveler_smurfTraveler Smurf was added to the Smurf’s Village Game with the Camper Smurf Update (iOS version 1.11.0 and Android version 1.5.2.a).

He is a stationary Smurf and is available for free. Once the “Meadical Meadows” quest-line from Papa Smurf has been completed Traveler Smurf will join the village.

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gift_box_christmas_2014Beeline has included a big Christmas present with the current Winter Update. The Christmas Gift Box could be found under the featured tab and now that its the 25th of December for everyone it should be available to open for every player now.

The Christmas Box contains a free special Smurf  – Poet Smurf – and his hut.

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King Smurf  King Smurf was added to the mountain area with the Christmas 2013 Update (King Smurf Update, version 1.4.8 on iOS and 1.3.5a on Android). King Smurf, who is actually a “regular” worker Smurf who has been appointed King by Grampa Smurf, is free, that is it does not cost Smurfberries but only Coins to obtain him. He is available on the mountain after the 5th mountain stairs expansion has been completed.
The quest to get King Smurf is started by Grampa Smurf and starts with building the aforementioned stairs expansion. Afterwards King Smurf will join the mountain area and a quest line to build his castle starts (for more information on the castle please see the article “King Smurf’s Castle”). Read More→

Grandpa Smurf was introduced to the smurfs village in Thanksgiving 2012 update where he was featured as the main character.  He  is only available in the mountains and can be found at level 25.  After a series of quests from Papa Smurf to make a hot air balloon and  fly to the mountains. He is not stationary and works similar to Papa Smurf on the mainland, that is he gives out quests and walks around the mountain village. Whenever he has  quest for you, a yellow exclamation mark will pop up over his head, if you tap him, he will tell you what to do in the mountains. His quests are similar to papa Smurfs ones so whenever you complete them you earn XP.  Read More→