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Archive for Free Special Smurfs

King Smurf  King Smurf was added to the mountain area with the Christmas 2013 Update (King Smurf Update, version 1.4.8 on iOS and 1.3.5a on Android). King Smurf, who is actually a “regular” worker Smurf who has been appointed King by Grampa Smurf, is free, that is it does not cost Smurfberries but only Coins to obtain him. He is available on the mountain after the 5th mountain stairs expansion has been completed.
The quest to get King Smurf is started by Grampa Smurf and starts with building the aforementioned stairs expansion. Afterwards King Smurf will join the mountain area and a quest line to build his castle starts (for more information on the castle please see the article “King Smurf’s Castle”). Read More→

Sporty Smurf was first introduced in version 1.2.1 on iOS. He does not come with his own mushroom house but instead has a soccer field. He is available from level 22 onwards and his soccer field costs 5000 Coins, build in 24 hours and is only available on the island.

Sporty Smurf comes with his own mini game, the “Soccer Mix Up Mini Game”. His mini game gives up to 500 XP if the game has been finished with a rating of “smurfy” on the most difficult level.

It is also possible to customize his soccer field with special items (like Bleachers or Lights). This will increase the amount of XP that can be earned from his mini game, but all of the customization items are only available for Smurfberries.

The following items are available

There are four different kind of soccer games available for him, each is played a little bit differently.


In the “Header” game an arrow goes up on an indicator bar on the left side of the screen to indicate the position of the ball. Once the indicator has reached the “green” area (i.e. the ball is in the correct position), taping on the screen will make Sporty shot the ball with his head onto the goal. If the indicator was on the correct position he will score, if it was in the “red” area when taping the screen he will miss.


The second variation of the game is called “Corner”.

This time the player has to tap on the screen once to start the indicator and then a second time when the arrow has reached the “green” area. Taping the first time will make Sporty start the corner ball, the other player will score if the indicator was in the green area, if it was still in the “red” area when taping on the screen for the second time the Smurf will miss the ball.


The variation “Pass” works similar to the “Corner” game, but this time the indicator is not just going up, but up and down. To make Sporty make a successful pass tap the screen when the arrow is in the “green” area, otherwise he will miss.


The last variation of the game is the “Penalty Kick”. This time there is a short time given in which the indicator has to be raised to the top to the “green” area so that Sporty will make a goal.

To raise the arrow the screen has to be tapped multiple times, each tap will get it a little bit higher. A good trick for this is to do it with two fingers, for example both thumbs on each side alternately tapping on the screen until the arrow has reached the “green area”.


To make it a bit more difficult, the most advanced level is the mix-up variation. It combines all four of the variations of the game, so it takes a bit of practise to always use the correct method to score a goal, but the mix-up game gives the most XP so it is worth to practise this variation.

Clockwork Smurf is a special Smurf only available on the island. Clockwork is completely made out of wood and runs on a clockwork system (hence his name). He is build by Handy Smurf from a special blueprint.

The Clockwork Smurf blueprint will wash ashore on the island in a message in a bottle. Once the blueprint has been found, a new sign will come available under the status bar. Clicking that will give information on the progress of his creation.


To complete Clockwork Smurf Handy needs 10 pieces. It is possible to buy the pieces with Smurfberries, but as each piece costs 25 Smurfberries, it costs 250 Smurfberries to complete him using only Smurfberries.


This is most likely done to prevent people from finishing him early and hence making them enjoy the quest of completing clockwork longer.

There are two ways to get a piece for Clockwork Smurf. There are special message in a bottle quests that will give a piece as a reward.



The other way is to get bolts as a gift from your neighbours (If you want to add  neighbours  go to Add Me  page). For the first ten bolts one receives, one piece for Clockwork Smurf will be completed. After that the number of bolts needed will increase by ten for each piece, i.e. it takes twenty bolts for the third piece, thirty bolts for the fourth piece etc. That means it takes up to 460 bolts to complete Clockworks Smurf. Please note, if your neighbours don’t have a Clockwork Smurf blue print you cant give them bolts.


To give your neighbour a bolt, you have to visit their island, and then open the gift menu and the last gift on the list will be the bolt. If your neighbour has not yet found the Clockwork Smurf Blueprint, it will not be possible to give them a bolt.

Once Handy Smurf has finished building Clockwork Smurf, he will walk around the island and give quests on his own. Clockwork Smurf does not have his own mushroom house.

Slouchy Smurfling is only available on the island and he cannot visit the mainland village. To get him the village has to be at least on level 21, after that his mushroom house can be build on the island for 2000 Coins. It will be build within 24 hours. Slouchy Smurf walks around the village, he is not stationary, and gives out quests of his own.

Lone Smurf is the local superhero of the Smurf’s Village. She was introduced in in the Halloween 2011 update, i.e. version 1.1.4 (iOS version numbers, iOS only) of the app.

Lone Smurf is in reality Smurfette. After she gives a task to mix a purple potion for her in Papa Smurf’s Potion Mini Game she turns into Lone Smurf.

From that moment on she gives tasks and saves the village from Gargamel as Lone Smurf. After a couple of tasks (about three) from her have been completed, she once again asks for a purple potion that will then turn her back into Smurfette.

Lone Smurf can only be obtained if Smurfette is living in the village (i.e. her hut has been bought). Lone Smurf has Smurfettes “heart symbol” above her head and gives 15 XP to every Smurf close to her every couple of hours, just like Smurfette does. So that means you will not miss out on Smurfette’s extra XP while she is Lone Smurf.