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Ver.: 1.5.7iconVer.: 1.4.4a
Size: 352MBSize: 119MB
Levels: 75Levels: 76
Updated on: July 19, 2014Updated on: Jul 17, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs only available for Smurfberries

archaeologist_iconArchaeologist Smurf was added to the game with iOS version 1.5.5 and Android version 1.4.2.a. He is available as a premium Smurf on the Swoof planet and walks around the space area (i.e. he is not stationary).

His hut is available for 30 Smurfberries from the build menu and it builds instantly. Once Archaeologist Smurf has joined the Swoof planet he will give out some quests to complete. Read More→

emperor_smurf_iconEmperor Swoof was introduced to the game with the Archaeologist Update.

Emperor Swoof is the reward given out by the Archaeologist’s puzzle game. He walks around the village and is not stationary, which can make it difficult to find him at first. He does not come with his own hut.

Emperor Swoof gives out some quests to finish but does not do anything special besides that.

Read More→

Blacksmith SmurfBlacksmith Smurf was added to the game with iOS version 1.5.4 and Android version 1.4.1.a (i.e. the Blacksmith Smurf Update).

He is available in the mountain area as a premium Smurf for 30 Smurfberries. As many of the recently added Smurfs he comes with lots of companion items, in this case metal and blacksmith related items, that can be crafted using Blacksmith Smurf. The companion items require resources to be completed. Read More→

flying_smurfFlying Smurf was added with iOS version 1.5.3 and Android version 1.4.0.a. He is available in the mainland area and comes with his own hut that works as an airport.

Once his hut has been placed it will give out a daily XP Bonus of 500. Just like Nanny, Barber and other Smurfs companion items, like the planes, will increase the bonus from Flying Smurf’s Hut. Each additional plane that has been placed in the mainland area will increase the bonus by 500 XP. Read More→

engineer_smurfEngineer Smurf was added with the Flying Smurf Update (iOS version 1.5.3 and Android version 1.4.0.a).

Engineer Smurf is part of the train and rail system in the mountains. His hut is available for 30 Smurfberries from the build menu and works as a train station.

His hut gives out 500 XP daily and if at least one of the other Train Stations has been bought it also gives resources daily (see the table below for more information).

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