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Archive for Special Smurfs that cost Coins

Lucky Smurf’s booth is available on the mainland for 1200 Coins from level 14 onwards. Lucky Smurf is stationary and does not walk around the village. He comes with his own mini game or shop.
Lucky Smurf’s Mystery Box Shop Game can be played once a day. At the beginning of the game there are three square brown boxes that the player can choose from. Opening one of the boxes reveals a prize. This can either be kept and placed in the village or dismissed for another box.
Choosing between a second set of three boxes (round red ones) costs 5 Smurfberries and they will once again give a prize.
It is also possible to dismiss this prize once again for a third choice of three boxes (square green ones). Opening one of these boxes costs 10 Smurfberries.

In the first box the prizes are usually low cost items that can be obtain for a few coins from the build menu (such as flowers, mushrooms etc.). But they do, on rare occasions also contain prizes that would otherwise only be available via Smurfberriees (such as the Harvest Wagon (originally 15 Smurfberries) or the 60 Smurfberry version of the butterfly).
The second and third box often contain items that are either otherwise available for Smurfberries, where temporary available (such as the Rose Archway, the Halloween Bat etc.) as well as unique items that have not yet been otherwise available (such as a game table, a Gargamel doll etc.) or even Smurfberries. But it is also possible to simply end up with a couple of coins after spending 5/15 Smurfberries on the boxes, a good prize is not guaranteed.
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Even though the first box often only contains low price items, it is definitely worth playing the first box once a day, as it can contain a high price Smurfberry item, even if only on rare occasion.

In version 1.1.9 (iOS) and 1.0.7a (Android, expected soon) an  another  new special Smurfling was added  whose hut can be bought with coins. Snappy Smurfling’s  yellow mushroom house costs 2500  gold Coins and is only available on the island. In order to be able to place his hut in the village you have  to reach  at least   level 22 upwards. Snappy Smurfling is not stationary, that means he walks around the island and gives quests on his own.


His hut is yellow and he has a brown bear sitting next to it.

With the latest update the upcoming Smurfs Movie is promoted and the smurfs can now build a movie theatre in their village. The theatre is available for a limited time and costs 300 coins and builds in 4 hours (2 hours if Hefty Smurf has been placed in the village before).
Tapping on the theatre opens a link with a trailer to the upcoming movie. It says that the item is only temporary, so we can assume that it will be removed again with one of the upcoming updates, just like the seasonal items.

Unlike most of the other building the movie theatre does not come with a special smurf associated with it, so building it does not add another character to your village.

The movie theatre and the advertisement for the Smurfs Movie have now been removed with the September 2011 update (app version 1.1.3).

An other Smurf who is available for Coins is Miner Smurfs. Miner Smurfs Mine is available at level 12 for 1000 Coins and takes 24 hours to build as well. Miner is stationary and comes with his own mini-game.
Every twenty-four hours Miner gives 200 XP and 100 Coins and like Timber a sign above his mine shows when he is ready. Read More→

Handy Smurf’s mushroom house is available for building in level 9 and costs 500 Coins and needs 24 hours. Handy Smurf is stationary as well. As soon as Handy’s house has been build, the option to upgrade the regular mushroom houses, so that they can occupy more Smurfs, is enabled.
Handy’s mini-game is a hammering game, depending on what difficulty has been chosen the task is to hammer one, two or three pegs into the ground. A bar on the left side indicates Handy’s current strength, the higher it is the deeper the peg gets hammered into the ground. All pegs have to be put into the ground before the countdown time on the top right corner runs out. Sometimes Handy puts his thumb between the hammer and the top of the peg, if this happens putting the hammer down will hurt him and he cannot continue to hammer for some time. That is why it is important to always watch out for his thumb.

Handy’s mini-game gives on the highest difficulty up to 200 XP if the hammering has been rated “smurfy”.

Handy Smutf’s Hut Shop

Architect Smurf who left the village will come back to again if the smurfs build for him  nice house.  They can only  do it if Handy Smurf helps them.  In the past Architect Smurf taught Handy on how to customize Smurf’s huts, so now Handy is qualified  to  customize the  huts.  But he needs to upgrade his hut  and get a shop first  in order to do so.

Upgrading Handy’s  hut enables you the access to  another menu “Handy Shop” on top of existing menu “Play Handy’s Game” (This feature  is only available to Apple  iOS Users now).  To get this new “Handy Shop” menu, the player must complete 5 papa long quests (send3 Smurfs into the forest to find things for handy… something like that)  on main land.

The new Handy Shop menu allows the user to customize huts using wood, stone and dye resources on the main village, as well as will unlock Architect Smurf’s hut.

Note:  In order to place Architect smurf on the island, the player must “upgrade” Handy hut on main land FIRST.

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