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icon Ver.: 1.19.0 iconVer.: 1.5.8a
Size: 419MBSize: 183MB
Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Smurfs that cost Coins

editor_smurf_hutEditor Smurf was added to the game with the “Nat Smurfling on the mountain” update – i.e. iOS version 1.8.0 and Android version 1.4.9.a.

He is the first Smurf to be available for Coins and not Smurfberries or real money since the introduction of Weather Smurf.

Editor Smurf’s Hut is available for 8000 Coins on the mainland area and he is stationary, that means Editor Smurf does not walk around the village area.

Read More→

Weather_SmurfWeather Smurf was added with the Blacksmith Smurf Update (iOS version 1.5.4 and Android version 1.4.1.a).

He is the first Smurf for a long time to be available for coins only as well as to be a completely non-stationary Smurf. Read More→

The Smurfette Space update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) did not only bring Smurfette, but also Handy Smurf and his hut customizations to the Swoof’s Planet.
Handy Smurf works in space just as in the other areas, once his house has been built his shop and thus hut customizations become available.
As of now there is one set of customizations (balcony, door, window, shed, chimney) for the space houses of the swoofs and the smurfs. Unlike in the other areas though, the blueprints for these customizations do not need to be unlocked, they are free and automatically available. Read More→

swoofs-smurfsUnlike the Smurfs the amount of swoof houses that can be build is not connected to ones current level but to the completion of the constellation. Each completed constellation will allow the building of new homes for the Swoofs.

Just like the houses of the Smurfs, the Swoof houses can be upgraded twice, once for 500 coins and once for four Smurfberries, allowing a total of three Swoofs per house. It is also possible to buy Swoofs from the build menu; unlike the Smurfs that cost 5 Smurfberries each, the Swoofs cost 10 Smurfberries each. Read More→

The Naughties are characters from the coming Smurfs 2 Movie (to be released in the summer 2013). They were added to the smurfs village game as a promotional item for the movie in version 1.4.0 (iOS) and come with their own hut and mini-game. Even though they are promotional they will stay in the game indefinitely and are not a temporary addition to it.

The Naughties are available from level 5 onwards on the mainland and their hut costs 1000 Coins and builds instantly. The Naughties themselves are stationary; they do not walk around the village. Read More→