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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Archive for Troubleshooting

It is really easy to update your iOS software, but to prevent data loss in case something goes wrong it is important to first create a backup of your data. Please read the article “Backing up the device via iTunes or iCloud” if you do not know how to do that.

With iOS 5.0 there are now two different ways to update a device, the usual way via iTunes and an “Over the Air” update that does not require you to connect your device to iTunes. If you have not yet at least iOS 5.0 the update can only be done via iTunes.

1. Update via iTunes

Before you do the update, back up your device, make sure to transfer your purchases and sync your device one last time.

And then click on your device in the sidebar and choose “Check for Update” (or “Update”) if iTunes already knows that there is a new update available”.

From there on you only have to follow the instructions from iTunes.

After the update has completed everything should be as it was before. If that is, due to some reason, not the case, just restore your device from the backup and everything will be fine. You can find out how to do that in the article: “Backing up the device via iTunes or iCloud”.

2. Over the Air update

With iOS 5.0 it is possible to update without having to plug in your device. Make sure you have a recent backup and that your device has at least 50% battery power left.

Then on your device, go to Settings andthere choose “General”, then “Software Update”.

Your device will check if there is a new update available. If that is the case, just follow the instructions.To do an over the air update the device has to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Sometimes it can happen that the game either crashes while playing or during the opening process. In general this does not matter and is due to lack of memory. Just completely close the app via the multitask bar (double tap on the home button) and restart the game. Everything should work fine now.

If it does not work and the game still won’t open there are a couple of things that might help. If the game does open but you are back to level 1 (or any other level below your current status) stop playing and see our “Recover Village” section.

1. Turn the device off and on again

The first thing that might help to get the game working again is doing a hardware power cycle of your device. Just click on the sleep button on your device (the little black button at the top right corner) until “slide to power off” appears on the screen. After turning it off, wait a minute or so and turn the device on again by pressing the home button. If everything has started again (that might take a moment) try opening the app again.

2. Log out of Facebook and/or Game Center

Sometimes Game Center or Facebook can cause crashes of the app (for example if you have added too many neighbours for the game to handle) and it might help to log out of those services. If you are using both, log out of both of them, if the game works after that you can log back into one of them to see which one caused the problem. It might also work with both Game Center and Facebook if you are always only signed in to one of those services at the same time.

To sign out of Facebook, open the Smurf’s Village App and on the main menu screen click “Options” then “Manage Friends”. Just click on “Change Account” and you will be logged out. When the Facebook Pop-Up appears, do not give your information again, just tap on the “x” in the top right corner. If it says “Log In Now” instead of “Change Account” you are already signed out.

To sign out of Game Center you have to open the Game Center App on your device first (for more information on the Game Center App and where to find it see our “Adding Neighbours” section), then at the bottom tap on “Me” and then on the banner with your account (it should say something like “Account:”). After that a Pop-Up appears, click on the “Sign Out” button and then try opening the Smurf’s Village App again.

3. Play the Game without Internet Connection

If all of the methods stated above do not help, you can always try to play the game without any connection to the Internet. This is not a long-term solution but might help you to get your game to start so you can, for example, save your crops before they wither.

On an iPhone or iPad simply go into Settings and turn the Airplane Mode on. If the Airplane mode is not available (for example on some versions of the iPod Touch), just go to Settings -> Network -> Wi-Fi and turn that off.

4. Sync your device to iTunes

Another thing that can sometimes help is to sync your device to iTunes (iOS only). Just plug it into your computer and connect it to iTunes, then open iTunes and choose your device. At the bottom right corner is a “Sync” Button. After your device has finished synchronizing, disconnect it and try opening the game.

As stated in the Clumsy Smurf section, Clumsy can only be found if the village is at least on level 20. If the village has reached level 20 and Papa Smurfs quest have been done regularly, he will ask to send two Smurfs away for 24 hours. Once they return to the village, the two Smurfs will bring Clumsy Smurf back to the village with them. If there is still an outstanding quest from Papa Smurf after reaching level 20, this task has to be completed first before he will give the task that brings Clumsy Smurf to the village. To get Clumsy Smurf right after the village has reached level 20, Papa’s task from the previous levels (i.e. the two to five new ones that come with a little story after a new level has been reached) have to be completed first, so if they have been neglected for a while it might take some time to complete all the outstanding tasks before Clumsy can enter the village.

If the game has the latest update, i.e. the version of the installed App is at least version 1.1.1, the beach appears automatically at the far left side of the village. To access that area, however, there must be a bridge across the river of the left side. Because this bridge can only be build from level 16 onwards, the beach can also only be accessed when the village has reached at least that level. The bridge has to be completed to see the beach, it is not enough to begin building it, but once the bridge is done the village will have a lovely beach where the Smurfs can relax.

If you opened the Game and your village reverted back to a lower level or restarted to level one, the most important thing to do is close the app immediately and do not continue playing. Then power cycle and restart your device (hold the sleep button on the top until a “slide to power of” message appears. After the device has restarted, go back to the App: your old village should be back.

If that has not helped, see the section “Backing up the village – preventing data loss and restoring a lost village” on how to restore it from a backup point.