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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village

painter_iconJust like Baby Smurf, who was added to the planet with this update, Painter Smurf is also one of the Smurfs that has been available since the initial release of the game.

Finally Painter Smurf has made its way to the Swoof Planet with the latest game (iOS version 1.9.0 and Android version 1.5.0.a), so that it is now possible to paint items in every area (on the mainland via Painter, on the island via Architect and on the mountain area with the rainbow pool).

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baby_iconBaby Smurf was added to the game a long time ago, he was available as one of the first characters. Since then the game has expanded into many more areas and with the latest update (iOS version 1.9.0 and Android version 1.5.0.a) Baby Smurf has come to the Swoof Planet.

Baby Smurf’s hut is available for 20 Smurfberries and once placed it will build instantly. Unlike the mainland version, Baby Smurf in space does not walk around and is stationary. He does come, however, together with Puppy.

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baby-smurf-thumbnailWhat could be coming to The Smurfs’ Village next? It appears that Baby Smurf and Puppy will be traveling to the Swoof Planet. We’re guessing that the update will arrive sometime between now and November 27, which is Thanksgiving in the USA. We’re also hoping that Beeline will release the final expansion on the planet, but we have no information on that at this time.

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Smurf’s Village Android Version 1.4.9a is live and available for download now. The new Smurf in this update is Editor Smurf.

The Halloween items, such as for example the Haunted House, are still available in this update and we have confirmation that they will stay permanently as companion items to the Spooky Mansion Wonder

According to Beeline, new in this release are the following:

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SV-halloween IconAfter a long wait, and we mean a long wait, for the Smurfs’ Village  players on the iOS platform, the Smurfs’ Village Halloween Update iOS Version 1.7.0 is finally out and ready to download on App Store. It depends where you are and where your iTunes account is affiliated, but in case the update doesn’t show on your iTunes account please be patient, it will show up any time soon as it takes time for Apple servers to broadcast the update from one location to another. Read More→