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Updated on: April 6, 2015Updated on: Apri 8, 2015

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smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpg

It has been reported by Beeline on the official Smurfs’ Village Facebook page and by players of the game that the latest iOS update contains significant bugs. The ones that we are aware of are as follows:

1.There are crash issues with Homnibus’ Tome where tapping the claim button for the statue of Timber Smurf immediately closes the game.

2. Lucky Smurf’s star constellation is unable to retain collected stars. When the game is closed, the stars disappear and have to be collected again. There is a work around for this particular bug where players can wait until all the stars are collected and fill in the constellation at that point. Lucky Smurf’s statue is also unlocked and can be built too.

3. Placing huts in Swoof Condos allows players to buy two more Swoof huts without finishing a constellation.

Beeline are aware of all of these issues but if you find any more bugs with this update on your OS or android device, please share your experiences with us.

smurfvillageBeeline yesterday released the news on their official Facebook page that they would no longer be offering support for iPad (iOS 5) beyond the 1.14 update. This will mean that players on older devices will not be able to update the game and access newer items. The following quote is Beeline’s official notice : “Hi Smurfs’ Village players, in order to continue adding great new content to our game, we’ve had to discontinue support for iPad 1 (iOS 5) beyond the 1.14 update. We hope players will continue to enjoy Smurfs’ Village on their newer devices. We apologize for any inconvenience.Read More→

smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgShortly after the release of the new  Smurf’s Village  Spring update  (version Version: 1.15.0) for Apple iOs  users earlier this week, Android update version has been just released today By Beeline on  Google play.  Whiles some bugs were found in the Apple iOS released version, we hope Andoid players won’t encounter serious issues with this update. As  you might know this spring 2015 update is plenty of cool content and according to Beeline official description:

Read More→

smurfs village hank Lucky Stars.jpgAfter an intensive campaign run by Beeline lately and the amount of images were shared on both  their Facebook page and forum, finally the spring update (version  1.15.0)  is out for Apple iOs users, and shortly will be live for Android users.
While the previous update didn’t please The Smurfs Village community, this new update seems promising as it is reach in content. Swoofs are hosting Lucky smurfs in thier planet  with his mini-game. More expansion will be also offered in this update and lots of decoration items are provided too: Read More→

1512315_750344405081496_2523271383646543622_nOver the weekend, Beeline released some new teaser images on the official Smurfs’ Village Facebook page showing new smurfy springtime items that will be available with the next update. Pets will be joining the village in all four areas with dogs, cats, rabbits and aquarium fish available to collect. Read More→