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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village

chilly_iconChilly Smurf is the latest specialty Smurf to be added to the game. He has been the main character of the Winter 2014 Update which was  released a couple of days ago.

He is available for 20 Smurfberries on the mainland area and comes with his own mini-game. His hut builds instantly and Chilly Smurf is stationary, that is he does not walk around the mainland area.

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wonder_festive_treeJust like the last wonders that were added to the game, i.e. the Spooky Mansion and the Cornucopia, the latest wonder is also holiday themed.

The Christmas or Festive Tree Wonder was added to the mainland area with the Winter 2014 Update (iOS version 1.10.0 and Android version 1.6.0.a).

It is available for the mainland area and costs 2500 Coins to place and takes a fixed amount of resources to build. The tree will be decorated differently after Christmas so that there doesn’t have to be a Christmas Tree all year around in player’s villages.

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winterupdate_iconA couple of hours ago the Android version of the Winter 2014 update – that is Android Version 1.6.0a – of the Smurfs’ Village game went live and is now available for download from the Google Play Store

This is just less than a day after the iOS version went live.

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chilly-sicklyGet ready for the Smurfs’ Village Winter update coming soon! Beeline released the first teaser image for this coming update and it looks like Chilly Smurf, also known in the cartoon as Sickly Smurf will be joining the Main Village area and will come with his own mushroom hut and matching mini-game.
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painter_iconJust like Baby Smurf, who was added to the planet with this update, Painter Smurf is also one of the Smurfs that has been available since the initial release of the game.

Finally Painter Smurf has made its way to the Swoof Planet with the latest game (iOS version 1.9.0 and Android version 1.5.0.a), so that it is now possible to paint items in every area (on the mainland via Painter, on the island via Architect and on the mountain area with the rainbow pool).

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