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Ver.: 1.5.7iconVer.: 1.4.4a
Size: 352MBSize: 119MB
Levels: 76Levels: 76
Updated on: July 19, 2014Updated on: Jul 17, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village

smurfs-moneyAs most of you know, Smurfs’ Village, which is advertised as a game free to play (freemium) in Google Play Store and on iTunes, which is shown in its description: “Smurfs’ Village is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content.” But lately this freemium game has become more of a “premium” game with Beeline charging more and more money from players.

Normally a freemium game should have a balanced amount of free and paid content.

Little by little, however, the free content has diminished, and with every update there is more and more content dependent upon player spending. Sure, no one has to purchase the content, but let’s be realistic. Who wants to play Smurfs’ Village without having the key players? And even more frustrating and alarming are the high prices that are now being charged for certain items.

And although we know that Beeline has to cover their development costs as well and make revenue, lately, there changes that make us more and more worried as to where this all will lead. Read More→

caveman smurf Shortley after the release of the Smufs village  Caveman Smurf  update for Android platform, today a new update was released for Apple iOs players.  The new update Version 1.5.7  is available on Appstore for download. Similarly to Android release and according to Beeline ‘s official description , which names the following new additions and changes :
•Get back to basics on the island with Caveman Smurf
•Excavate and revive prehistoric beasts
•Raise a baby mammoth on the island!
•Show of Smurfettes wild side with the new prehistoric costume
•New Smurfy Wonder – the Volcano!
•Keep crops fresh forever with the anti-wither machine – VIP Exclusive
•One new level (76) Read More→

Caveman Smurf Update IconBeeline has not only released the latest teaser but also the first screenshots of the upcoming Caveman Update.

The new update, which will be iOS version 1.5.7 and Android version 1.4.4.a is expected to be available soon.

The new teaser shows that in addition to Caveman Smurf there will be a mammoth – probably on the island as well – that can be raised from baby to full-grown mammoth. It is not yet known by what means it will be raised. Read More→

Beeline have released new screenshots with regards to the next upcoming update, which reveals that Handy, Smurfette and Farmer Smurfs will join the clan and will make it also to the space. In this coming up Smurfs village update Handy smurf will unlock hut  customizations for the Smurfs’ huts as well as for the Swoofs’ ones.  In addition it will be possible to build a new hut for Smurfette in the Swoof Planet, where you will be able to tap on Smurfette once a day to gain XP from nearby smurfs. Moreover you will be able to use Farmer Smurfs and his Moon Buggy Tractor to plant and harvest all the crops in the space at one go.  According to Beeline more additions are coming up  in this new Smurfs village update, which we are expecting it any time soon. Read More→

reource_machine_super_duperThe Sculptor Smurf Update (version 1.4.3 on iOS and 1.2.9.a on Android) replaced the Super Resource Machine with the Super Duper Resource Machine.
Once again, just as with the switch from the regular to the super resource machine, the design of the machine has been changed. This new resource machine does not only produce the same amount of Stone, Wood and Dye resources but on top of that it also produces the new space resource Stardust, which was introduced in the Space Update.

Unlike the previous versions of the resource machine, the super duper resource machine is available in all areas, i.e. the mainland, island, mountain and space area.

Read More→