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Levels: 78Levels: 78
Updated on: August 28, 2014Updated on: August 29 , 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village Guide

The Smurfette Space Update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) added Farmer Smurfs Moon Buggy to the Swoofs Planet.
His moon buggy is available for 25 Smurfberries and requires Farmer Smurf to be placed in the mainland. It works just as his tractor on either the island or mountain and allows the harvest of multiple crops at the same time.
If Farmer Smurf on the mainland has been upgraded to include the Plant All feature it will also automatically be available for his moon buggy. Read More→

The Smurfette Space update (version 1.4.4. on iOS) did not only bring Smurfette, but also Handy Smurf and his hut customizations to the Swoof’s Planet.
Handy Smurf works in space just as in the other areas, once his house has been built his shop and thus hut customizations become available.
As of now there is one set of customizations (balcony, door, window, shed, chimney) for the space houses of the swoofs and the smurfs. Unlike in the other areas though, the blueprints for these customizations do not need to be unlocked, they are free and automatically available. Read More→

The Crystal Grinder was a popular request from players who had reached their crystal storage limit and did not know what to do with all of their crystals.

It can be bought for 9.99 USD in the build menu on the mountain and after it has been placed it is possible to exchange up to 50 crystals per day for XP.

The crystal grinder can only be used once every 24 hours even if at that day not the total of 50 crystals has been exchanged.

After clicking on the grinder a window will open up to chose how many and what kind of crystals should be used. Afterwards for each crystal that has been grinded a bonus of 2000 XP is rewarded. That means the crystal grinder offers up to 100.000 XP per day. Read More→

A new feature was added with the Smurfette Space Update (version 1.4.4 on iOS). The Swoofs can now tend to eggs to hatch a space critter or to a mystery seed to grow a special space plant.

The mystery seeds or eggs are found in crates that can be uncovered by digging in the craters on the planet’s surface. It is, just like finding Smurfberries in these crates, only on a rare occasion that either one of those can be found. Read More→

magician smurf

Magician Smurf was added in version 1.4.1 on iOs (Magician Smurf Update). He is available at level 10+ and costs 25 Smurfberries. Just like all of the recent Smurf additions Magician Smurf is stationary and does not walk around the village.
Once his hut has been placed in the mainland (it builds instantly) he will give out a daily bonus of XP and resources. Magician’s Hut will give 500 XP, 6 Stone, 6 Wood and 1 Dye every 24 hours. If his companion stage has been placed close to his mushroom hut the resource reward is doubled to 12 Stone, 12 Wood and 2 Dye per day. The companion stage is available for 15 Smurfberries. Read More→