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Updated on: Jan 6, 2015Updated on: Jan 9, 2015

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village Guide

emperor_smurf_iconEmperor Swoof was introduced to the game with the Archaeologist Update.

Emperor Swoof is the reward given out by the Archaeologist’s puzzle game. He walks around the village and is not stationary, which can make it difficult to find him at first. He does not come with his own hut.

Emperor Swoof gives out some quests to finish but does not do anything special besides that.

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CleopatraCleopatra Smurfette was added to the game with iOS version 1.5.5. and Android version 1.4.2 (Archaeologist Smurf Update).

She works similar to the medieval Smurfette princess on the mountain area. To get Cleopatra Smurfette her throne has to be bought from the build menu for 10 Smurfberries.

After the Cleopatra Smurfette’s Throne has been placed on the Swoof planet it can be used to turn the regular Smurfette into Cleopatra by clicking on the throne and then tapping on the “Change Smurfette’s Costume” button. Read More→

The SphinxThe Sphinx was introduced with the Archaeologist Update on iOS and Android and is the fourth Smurfy Wonder on the Swoof planet as well as the first to not come with a new land expansion.

Similar to the Weather Machine the Sphinx has to be bought from the build menu for 1500 Coins and can be placed anywhere on the space area. Read More→

SarcophagusThe Sarcophagus works a little bit like a mini-wonder. It has to be built using resources but it only has one stage.

After it has been completed there will be no Smurfberry rewards but instead a mummy will join the Swoof planet. Although it is possible to build more than one Sarcophagus each village can only have one Mummy.

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BackhoeThe Backhoe was introduced with the Archaeologist Smurf update and will help make digging on the mountain area easier.

It works a little bit like a “Harvest All” Option for the dig sites. The Backhoe is available for 25 Smurfberries and once it has been placed it can be used to automatically collect from all currently finished dig sites. It does not work as a “Plant All”, which means all of the dig sites have to still be manually placed on the ground. Read More→