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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village Guide

Blacksmith SmurfBlacksmith Smurf was added to the game with iOS version 1.5.4 and Android version 1.4.1.a (i.e. the Blacksmith Smurf Update).

He is available in the mountain area as a premium Smurf for 30 Smurfberries. As many of the recently added Smurfs he comes with lots of companion items, in this case metal and blacksmith related items, that can be crafted using Blacksmith Smurf. The companion items require resources to be completed. Read More→

Peacock Resource bundleToday Beeline has launched an other cool exclusive offer in the smurfs village game. The offer consists of    of 100 smurfberries and you will get in addition a Peacock Resource bundle as a bonus. The bundle consists of a Peacock  which yo uwill add it to your zoo and some resouces i.e 75 Dye , 250 stone , 250 wood, 25 star dust. In addition and you will earn two tokens for your VIP status (tha will help you to unlock VIP store later on). Peacock Resource bundle, costs $10 (£ 6.99) and will remain for 30 minutes. Read More→

google-iconAfter not offering an official way to backup the Smurf’s Village game for Android devices for a very long time, Beeline has finally added a cloud save feature to the Android version of the game using Google.

The game now uses a Google account to make daily automatic backups to the Google servers, moreover, the feature can be used to manually create a backup and even restore the game onto a different Android device. Read More→

game-center-logoOn top of the hidden recovery feature (for more information please see the article “Restore a lost village“) the iOS version of the game also uses Game Center to create a non-local (i.e. online) backup to the Apple servers which helps to transfer the game data to a new device or restore a village when the local data got corrupted or removed.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to set up the cloud save to a GameCenter account. On top of this we advise to also set up either iCloud or iTunes backup for the device. Read More→

flying_smurfFlying Smurf was added with iOS version 1.5.3 and Android version 1.4.0.a. He is available in the mainland area and comes with his own hut that works as an airport.

Once his hut has been placed it will give out a daily XP Bonus of 500. Just like Nanny, Barber and other Smurfs companion items, like the planes, will increase the bonus from Flying Smurf’s Hut. Each additional plane that has been placed in the mainland area will increase the bonus by 500 XP. Read More→