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Levels: 80Levels: 80
Updated on: October 14, 2014Updated on: October 9, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village Guide

Baker SmurfBaker Smurf was added with the Valentine’s Day 2014 Update of the Smurf’s Village game (iOS version 1.5.0 and Android version 1.3.7.a).

His Hut is available on the Swoof Planet for 30 Smurfberries. Once his hut has been placed the Baker Smurf items will become available. Read More→

anteater_hutAfter a long wait a XP collector was finally added to the Swoof Planet with the Valentine’s Day 2014 Update (iOS version 1.5.0 and Android version 1.3.7.a).

This was done in the form of the anteater, which makes it a lot easier to collect the XP reward from the cute space critters and all of the other space items that give out regular XP bonuses. Read More→

space_critter_storage_domeThe Valentine’s Day 2014 Update (iOS version 1.5.0 and Android version 1.3.7.a) included a feature that many players who had reached the character limit in space due to having too many space creatures hatched from the mystery eggs have asked for – the critter storage for space.

This was added to the game in form of the “Space Critter Dome”. Read More→

space_wonder_aquariumThe third wonder for the swoof planet was introduced with the Pirate Smurf Update (version 1.5.1 on iOS and version 1.3.8.a on Android).

As with all of the other smurfy wonders, the aquarium will give out Smurfberries weekly as a reward, but unlike most other wonders it gives two Smurfberries instead of one per week when it is completed. Read More→

smurf_clownWith the latest update (iOS version 1.4.7 and Android version 1.3.4.(1.)a, Clown Smurf Update) Clown Smurf and his circus items have joined the village.

Clown Smurf is available for 45 Smurfberries and is stationary, that is he does not walk around the village.

Clown Smurf is kind of special; he does not have his own mini-game but will give rewards for playing other mini games. Read More→