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Updated on: July 19, 2014Updated on: Jul 17, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village Guide

The Magician Smurf updated (version 1.4.1 for iOS) added a new Smurfwalk Café to both the mainland  and the island. The café will give a daily reward of 500 XP once it has been placed in the smurfs village or in the island.
The café is available for 20 Smurfberries and also has several companion items available for coins. Each of those items, if placed close to the café, will increase the daily XP reward by 250 XP but only for a total of 2500 XP per day. Read More→


Who is Magician Smurf?

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Beeline is bringing Magician Smurf to the Smurfs’ Village game in their soon to be released update. This character is loosely based off the later years of the comic book version of Alchemist Smurf, who originally started out working with potions but progressed with time to performing magic tricks. His passion for entertaining and hobby of conducting magical experiments lead him to combine his two loves. Magician Smurf wears a star spangled hat and blue cape.
The original character made its first appearance in the comic book titled, “The Smurfs Apprentice.” In the story he tries to steal Papa Smurf’s magic book but fails. Determined to get his blue mittens on a spell to try out, he boldly snags a page out of Gargamel’s magic book. When he gets back and casts the spell it ends up turning him into an ugly green lizard. As usual he has to get Papa and the other smurfs to help him to return back to normal. Read More→

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Similarly to Smurfs 1 movie, and in order to promote the upcoming Smurfs 2 movie a new movie theatre can be build in the Smurfs village. The theatre is available for a limited time, costs 1000 coins and builds instantly. It gives out 500 XP when placed and is available to all Smurfs village player on all levels (from level 1 onwards). This time the movies theater design looks slightly different than the theatre used in previous  for Smurf 1 movie. According to Beeline this is a Parisian style movie theater, where your Smurfs can stop by for a show.
Tapping on the theatre opens a link with a trailer to the upcoming Smurfs 2 movie. Just like the first movie theatre was only a temporary, we can assume that this one will also be removed with one of the upcoming updates. Read More→

The Mining MachineThe next wonder on the mountain was introduced in version 1.4.0 (on iOS, Naughties Update) and is Miner Smurf’s Mining Machine. Just like the previous wonders it comes with an additional land expansion.

To reach the wonder the wooden stairs have to be build once again on the edge of the right side of the screen. After they have finished building the wonder will be available for repair. Read More→

The Naughties are characters from the coming Smurfs 2 Movie (to be released in the summer 2013). They were added to the smurfs village game as a promotional item for the movie in version 1.4.0 (iOS) and come with their own hut and mini-game. Even though they are promotional they will stay in the game indefinitely and are not a temporary addition to it.

The Naughties are available from level 5 onwards on the mainland and their hut costs 1000 Coins and builds instantly. The Naughties themselves are stationary; they do not walk around the village. Read More→