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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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How to take a photo of the village


In many quests in smurfs village game Papa smurf asks you to take a photo of the village, likewise Tracker smurf for those who already got  him, he will ask you  to take   photos of the village. This seems to be a simple task but actually is confusing to many players, and that’s why  many players are doing it in a  wrong way and  will never  be able to complete their quests. Usually on iPhone/ iPod touch, if you need to take a screenshot of photo of whatever is displayed on your screen you just need to push and   hold down the Home button followed by tapping the lock button at the top of your iPhone? This will allow you to take a photo of your screen.  Similar steps are also applied for the iPad. For android devices usually a third party applications are need to be installed in order to be able to take photos. But doing so you will never complete papa smurf quest of Tracker Smurf‘s checklist.

So how do you take a photo of the village properly?

If you want  to take a screenshot or a photo of your village in order to complete a quest or to share it on facebook you need follow these 3 easy quick steps:

Step 1: on your right hand bottom corner hit the construction menu which has a hammer icon:

Step 2: on the shop menu tap the top middle tab where a camera is depicted:

Step 3:  Tap the camera on the bottom left hand side

and voila you are done

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  1. lover smurf says:

    nice post…

  2. April mellow says:

    I keep taking pictures of village but trackers list still says take picture. I can't complete the list

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Make sure you are using the camera function within tge game and not the screen capture function of your mobile device.

  3. Adam says:

    have tried to plant smurfettes ?flowers but even though I have planted loads she is still walking around with that annoying thing over her head. Also since purchasing brainy's house when he is on the island he keeps telling me that my crops have withered when they have not. Other than these annoying things I am really enjoying it.

  4. Frustrated says:

    You show android version 1.2.5a is up and running. amazon says it has not been made available to them, but it looks like it is on google play. If i do a full install instead of an update, will it wipe out my progress?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes, most likely it will, unless you can find and copy the data file somewhere safe while you do it. Yes, the Google Play Android version has been out for awhile. You may want to open a ticket with Beeline to ask them about the amazon version, since Amazon told you it has not been made available to them. Type into the URL box on your browser to access Beeline's support portal.

  5. Deidra says:

    What is Papa Smurf saying?
    seirrebpsaR cigaM gnitnapl yb sdrawcab gniklat pots em plehH?

  6. urlifehk says:

    Hi there, I purchased the promotional offer for smurfberries plus the resource machine. When I got into the village, I don't get the option to place the machine and couldn't find it anywhere.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Beeline is still having issues with their purchase servers. You will need to contact them and open a ticket stating you didn’t get what you purchased and specify which offer you paid for. This is done via the pull down menu interface. Here is our article on the situation:… and here is the addres for Beelind:

  7. Doug says:

    Now getting 'jerky' movement of the Smurfs they keep stopping and starting. Tried to go back to previous recovery but makes no difference. Currently on Level 51 at 21% On iPad2 with 58.1GB available. Tried power on/off etc but does not remedy problem. No other Apps running.

  8. Bernard says:

    I cannot access smurfs village. When loading, beeline sceen is shown but could not be completed and will be out. Pls advise. Thanks!

    • Alain says:

      I had similar problem, but what I did, is made sure that the App is close (not running in the background), and then I rebooted my device two times, and viola my village was back to normal.

  9. Bubble says:

    I have lost all my smurfs on my island and on the mainland how do I get them back and my snails and worms

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try recovering your village. From the blue Play menu, tap Options, tap Papa's head 16 times, tap Recover Village and preview the files that appear starting with most recent. Select the most recent one which shows your smurfs and critters.

  10. always says:

    My pictures come out black? Would this be fix in a future update too?

  11. J C J H says:

    When I try to take a photograph it comes out blank,any ideas please

  12. Jaz 82 says:

    After getting my new iphone 5, it seems that I'm unable to take any pictures of my avatar, be it from smurf's village or animal bakery. It just turn out to be blank black pictures. I want to know if its a fault with the apps or my phone but I could take non avatar pictures and screen shots without any problem. Thanks

  13. Susan bracken says:

    I have tried to plant smurfettes ?flowers but even though I have planted loads she is still walking around with that annoying thing over her head. Also since purchasing brainy's house when he is on the island he keeps telling me that my crops have withered when they have not. Other than these annoying things I am really enjoying it.

  14. fryky says:

    sorry but i cant connect traker smurf to the internet even i have internet conection.tnx

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Even when you're connected with Internet it says that you need an Internet connection.
      For now I can only advise you to look in your village for Tracker. When he's there and he won't give you a checklist because 'you don't have an Internet connection', log out first, wait a minute, log in. If it doesn't work immediatly try again till it works.

  15. Smurfette says:

    How do you try to do the photo? Do you use the camera icon from the build menu? If so, then you are doing everything correctly and it might be a bug. Are you using Android or iOS? Also, try rebooting your device, then try again, this should help if it is a memory issue.

  16. grumpy says:

    How do I view the photos I have taken of the village. Where is the photos album.

  17. Stroumpfette says:

    They are stored on your device somewhere. Look at your Gallery if you have one, and see if your camera function tells you where the files are stored. You should have an icon called Files or something like that.

  18. grouchy says:

    Found them stored in photos on my kindle. Thanks.

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