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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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What to do if Tracker Smurf disappeared?


Tracker will show up occasionally once you place his special Cauldron in your village. With his cauldron your smurfs will get a special soup that gives bonus XP every time you earn XP in the game.

(Please note that in order for him to show up you must be connected to the INTERNET at all times. If Tracker disappears after closing & returning to your game, minimize your app and wait a minute and then re-open it. If that still does not work, exit to the Smurfs’ Village main menu and re-enter the game again. Doing both of these will force a re-sync with the Beeline server.)

Tapping on Tracker or his Cauldron will display the current task list in his scavenger hunt XP event. By completing the tasks in his scavenger hunt, you will make the soup stronger. (Please note that with each scavenger list completed, your XP multiplier will increase.)

You can keep completing the tasks on the scavenger hunt list until the soup & time runs out. Once the soup is gone, tap on the cauldron and receive your massive bonus XP!

You can find more details about Tracker smuf here.

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  1. Celine says:

    Tracker Smurf hasn’t visited my village for two weeks in a row. Last week he showed up for a moment after I went to the mountain but the next time I opened the game he disappeared again. I didn’t change any settings. What to do?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Tracker is coming with problems since he was introduced. It is worse right now for some Android devices. My advice would be to leave Tracker alone. We're hoping that Beeline is fixing this problem in the future.

      • Jokey01 says:

        Good advice, but it you really want to try another way, i found that by changing the time from 12 hour to 24 hour display or vice versa this works on kindle fire and also hudl devices.

  2. KeyTab says:

    Tracker smurf asked me to bake 2 blueberry cupcakes, does that mean play the baking game twice and both times play for blueberry cupcakes?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      You have to play the game twice. But don't spend SBs to bake blueberry cupcakes again or to skip the list. Tracker comes with lots of problems and you'll never know what task comes next.

  3. Avril Taylor says:

    tracker asked me to add 2 orchids to the village. I have and its not gone on to the next task

    • Smurfette says:

      Tracker has been a bit buggy, try adding another orchid. If it does not work you should open a ticket with Beeline support by filling out their form here:

  4. marije says:

    help, i bought something with real money, but then the app crasht and the thing i bought was dissapeard, but i've paid it. How can i get it back????????????????, now i've lost money without getting something.
    PLease help

  5. annie says:

    where to find flashing police light? please help

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If it is not in the menu, Tracker is asking you for things you can only win in the Detective mini game and you will have to ignore his request. Beeline is aware he is doing that and is working to find a solution.

  6. sammie says:

    I have yet to see tracker smurf. It says hes away and to come back between Monday and Wednesday but yet I still get nothing!! Where is he???

    • Smurfette says:

      There are still lots of problems with Tracker Smurf. Some players said they had luck getting him back by playing in offline mode, you might want to try that. If it doesn't work I suggest that you open a ticket with Beeline support:

  7. Richard says:

    Tracker asked me make 2 smurfs eat strawberry cupcakes, what should I do?

    • Smurfette says:

      Either use Smurfberries or bake them one after another after the waiting period is over, however with the waiting period between baking it is not always registered that you baked two cakes, there still seems to be a bug

  8. Machelle says:

    I've never had a problem with tracker but this morning the event started I used 2 berries, was waiting for the cauldrons to be made looked at Facebook came back to find the event over I got 200 Xp and only 20 minutes of the event. Please fix

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You may not be aware that this is a fan site run by volunteers and we are not affiliated with Beeline. You will have to let them know you had an issue with Tracker, but you should be aware also that they will tell you that you use Smurfberries at your own risk. We strongly recommend not using any Smurfberries to complete Tracker's requests because he is so unreliable even in his most recent reintroduction into the game. I ignore him and don't play his quests anymore. You can reach Beeline at

  9. TozBianca says:

    Does anyone else have trouble getting the gathered XP reward when Tracker goes away again?
    It hasn't been working properly for a while now, but somehow I always ended getting it after a while.
    Today I finally figured out how. I can only get the reward if I'm NOT connected to the internet (thinking back I realized that it always seemed to work when I was on the train or bus and the 3G was turned off) so if anyone else is having that problem, try turning off the internet connection.
    I've also had trouble with Tracker disappearing early Monday mornings. Basically the first time the app is closed completely after he appears. I would then have to start over with the first list of tasks again (but I got the XP gathered till then too). Now I open the app on Monday mornings, do the very first task, gather a tiny amount of XP and close the app completely to make Tracker go away. When I open it again Tracker is gone, I get XP, do the whole closing app completely thing again to get Tracker to come back and start from there.

  10. Francisca says:

    Tracker smurf asked me to "have 3 smurfs say hi", but I've touched at least 7 in a row and nothing happens. I can't go on to the next item of the list. What do I do?

  11. Merima says:

    Tracker ask me: "Bild 5 campfire in the village", I've completed this task quite a f7 times but for some reason it doesn't take. I`ve restarted my androind, and the same task is there. What to do now?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you certain you chose the one with Tracker's little icon on it? Usually, he shows you which one he wants. Also, some of those items take a little time to "build" and won't register complete until they are built. Please let us know if you still have trouble.

  12. GCH says:

    On level 39, have scavenger hunt task…add 2 smurf condos to village, did that, not acknowledging task complete. What did I do wrong, if anything??

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You didn't do anything wrong. Did you put huts into them? Try that.

      • GCH says:

        Yes…did that, so I added 2 more condos (w/the little smurf face next to it, again) and it acknowledged them, task completed. Now I'm just running down the clock gaining extra EXP…Thx for your comment though;)

  13. Linda says:

    How to make a 2 strawberry cake? I cant pass because that instructions..

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You play the baking minigame once and make a strawberry cake. Then you either immediately play it again (spend a SB to do that), or leave the game open in the background and wait for the timer to expire before baking the second one. You cannot do any other action in the game while you wait or Tracker will not keep track of the first cake you made.

  14. Raz says:

    I have a tracker smurf task to "add 3 present to the village" I went to the shop and added 3 birthday presents as that is all I could find and it did not work. Any suggestions?

  15. Mimi says:

    Traker asked me to add 4 polar bear to the village. I don't see any polar bear in the main menu. Where can I found it??? Please help me.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      They were available as seasonal items in the previous update, and they are no longer available in the current update. Beeline has notified us that Tracker's request for outdated items should reset next week when he reappears, and that the problem most likely occurred because the update occurred during his visit this week.

      • Mimi says:

        Ok. Thanks Stroumpfette

      • Well that's hardly right…how are we supposed to do requests for tracker then? Does this mean we can't complete the tasks

        • Stroumpfette says:

          You can't complete the quest if Tracker asks you to place something that no longer exists. The only thing you can do is to complain to Beeline at as this is a fan site and we are not affiliated with the game developer.

        • Maci__Micglire says:

          Sometimes when Tracker Smurf gives me a hard task I wait until he gives me a new task and when I return to my Village tracker has a different task. Try doing that it usually helps me get through hard tasks. Sometimes tracker also says Quest completed even if I have not done that task!

  16. Jeanne says:

    Tracker wants me to 'Bake 1 Cookie'…how do I do that?

  17. Smurfette says:

    Sorry, there is nothing we can do, if you have rebooted and are using the latest version of the game you have done everything I can think of that could fix this issue. You should contact Beeline support

  18. Jeanne says:

    Tracker asked for two Smurf to eat Blueberry cupcakes….I've completed this task quite a few times but for some reason it doesn't take…my friend had the same problem last week and never completed the task. Whats the solution?

    • Smurfette says:

      Are you sure you are baking the correct cakes? They should have a little head of Tracker Smurf in the baking game menu. If you are sure, then I do not see a solution for this, you might have to contact Beeline and let them now about the bug so they can fix it with the next update.

      • Piroska says:

        I've been having the same problem. Last week i baked 6 or 7 of them, no result. This week exactly the same problem. When i had to bake just 1 cupcake, it's never an issue. But every time he wants me to bake multiple cupcakes to complete 1 task, he seems to forget that i already baked 1, or 2, or 6 cupcakes before. Really ennoying. I logged a ticket to beeline, but they don't really answer.
        It's just the first day of the tracker event this week and i'm already stuck…

        • Stroumpfette says:

          The issue is that you either have to bake them right in a row or leave your game open in the background until the reset timer expires. You can do no other tasks in between baking the first one and the second one, or Tracker will not count them. I agree it is insane, and I believe Beeline is working on trying to fix it so that players are not asked within the same task list to do a task like that that requires a timer to expire.

  19. kim says:

    Tracker smurf is not back on my village now n I have internet connection on my andriod…n it keeps giving me notifications saying tracker smurf is back….pls what do i do?

    • Smurfette says:

      Tracker does not need Internet connection anymore. Are you using the latest version of the game? If so, try rebooting your device, if that does not help, please contact Beeline support:

  20. kim says:

    I deleted trackers couldron…how can I get it back please.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The only way to get it back is to recover to the hidden backup at a time prior to you deleting it. From the blue Play menu, tap Options. Then tap Papa Smurf 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. Preview the files in the list from most to least recent and see if you can find onexwith Tracker's cauldron. Overwrite your village with that file.

    • Maci__Micglire says:

      How did you delete it? Is this a Bug or something? Because you can't Delete his Cauldron. It is not even supposed to let you Delete it so is this a Bug?

  21. guest says:


    With Tracker Checklist I was asked to earn 49xp from greedy's game. The maximum possible is 45xp. How do you fix this?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      One of the solutions on the Beeline forum was to 1) spend SB and play the game twice back to back without doing any other activity in the game, or 2) play the game once and leave it open in the background. Do nothing else within the game until the time elapses so you can play Greedy's minigame again. It is imperative that you do not do any other activity in the game in either solution or Tracker will not count the points you earned the first time you played the minigame.

  22. Nada Ramzi Saab says:

    Tracker asked to make 2 strawberry cupcake, so I made it more then 2 times and it did not recognize..

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The solution seems to be to bake one and not do any other function in the game and to leave the app open in the background until time elapses and you can bake the second one. Repeat the process for the third one. OR if you do not mind spending SB, you can bake three in a row without waiting for the game to reset. Either way, the key is to be sure not to do any other function in between the first, second, and third ones

      Please consider weighing in on the official Beeline forum topic:…

  23. Vincent says:

    Is tracker smurf workinhg yet I'm always connected to internet on my android tablet annd he has visited my village a few times but he still gives me brainy's message.

  24. maria says:

    How do I send smurf to treasure hunt on the planet swoof?
    It says that the smurfs want to go on treasure hunt to find crate.
    But I cant find where to select to send them.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to dig the craters to find a crate. It's like digging on the mountain. You have to continue digging the craters you have until you find a crate to satisfy the quest.

  25. Ccsmurfy says:

    Rip Tracker Smurf ….can't believe Gargamel got you.

  26. Smurfie says:

    Has Beeline fixed Tracker Smurf? I'm new to this game (started playing 1 month ago). I haven't met Tracker Smurf yet and I'm always online..

  27. Abby says:

    Tracker NEVER appeared in mine, even with Internet. I refuse to delete my app, since it erases everything and is already very expanded. I'd like to have it working. When will it be fixed????

    • Smurfette says:

      Tracker Smurf is an event that only happens if and when Beeline schedules it. This has not happened for a few month now (the last time was sometime in December) because there have been ongoing issues with him. We do not know if and when this will be fixed.

  28. Tired of waiting says:

    Is tracker smurf fixed soon? He has never worked at my smurf village ..

  29. Bean Smurf says:

    Havent seen Tracker Smurf ever.. Im level 40. Is he ever going to come back?

    • Poet says:

      No one knows that for sure. All we know is Beeline is still fixing him.

      • Ocake says:

        level 26. Have Tracker's cauldron, never seen Tracker smurf but always receive push notifications that he is back. When I tap cauldron it says: "Tracker is away right now. Check back between Monday and Wednesday and help him complete his soup". Checked and still no Tracker.

        • Smurfette says:

          There have been lots of issues with Tracker Smurf, some players reported they had luck getting him by playing the game with Internet connection off. You could try this. Otherwise I would recommend that you contact Beeline support:

    • Maci__Micglire says:

      Hopefully he'll come back to the game. He hasn't been to my Village in a few days or like a 1 week.

  30. Lisa says:

    I"m waiting for over a month and i have no tracker. I also can not make new friends because myinternet is not availeble… but all the other apps and stuff who need internet are still working. Any tips or an explanation? It can notbe possible that the problen with beeline still is not solved, right?

  31. kat says:

    Always got internet connection so why can't i ever get tracker smurf to come back from the woods. I haven't seen him for months now got t play his games maybe 3times sights his update.:- ( is there any way to go about this?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Tracker has ongoing problems. Some of us haven't seen him since early summer. We just have to wait until Beeline issues a fix for whatever is wrong with his part of the game.

  32. Tony smurf says:

    My tracker smurf Said That he Was going To the Forest To buy some cigarretes and never came back… J/K Im onde level 18, but never had a tracker smurf. ; (

  33. chan says:

    My tracker no give me any game.i always have internet connection please settle it

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You may not be aware that this a fan site not affiliated with Beeline. Feel free to let Beeline know your thoughts on this:

    • anna grace says:

      It's true what do they mean by intrnet conncetion.

      • Poet says:

        It simply means you must be connected to a network like 3G or Wifi, in order to have Tracker Smurf working. Currently, he is not available as Beeline is fixing him.

  34. Callie says:

    Tracker ask me to make two junction on my village, how to make that junction?

  35. guest says:

    Can someone tell me if my xp bonus from tracker smurf will disappear if i disconnect from the internet? Like i have quite a sum of bonus xp save up and i'm worried if i disconnect my ipod when the timer is still running I'll lose the xp before im able to collect.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Others have reported that it will disappear if you leave the application. I'm guessing you're on iOS vs. Android. Can you confirm that? I am attempting to find out if any Android players have seen Tracker return. Thanks so much. :)

  36. Tracker help says:

    Is there any way to change the task that tracker tells you to do?
    It's annoying when I have to wait to play mini games again when tracker tells me to do the same thing consecutively.

  37. Jen says:

    Omg.. Tracker is back! He has been missing since the summer, and message in bottle too. Wow thought they were gone forever……'s a smufy day!

  38. Mbe says:

    I've never seen tracker smurf. Im not always online, but often enough when im at home on Wifi.

  39. The Smurf says:


    So now i got the updated version of smurfs village. Is tracker smurf fixed now?

  40. The Smurf says:


    i play smurf village and whenever i tapped the cauldron, brainy just says: Tracker is in the forest looking for more ingredients.

    it says that i need internet connetion.. I am connected to the internet but it never works! I checked my village everyday and whenenver i tap the cauldron, brainy just says: Tracker is in the forest looking for more ingredients. brainy kept on saying this when i got the cauldron. Can any one help me? Thx

    • Poet says:

      Tracker Smurf is currently not available as Beeline is still fixing him. So, not to worry. What you are experiencing is normal.

      • The Smurf says:

        thank you :)

      • smurf village player says:

        Is that what is going on. I am asking due to I get the same error as The Smurf even when I click on Tracker Smurf himself. I get Brainy saying that Tracker is away but the game is showing him in the village. Is this going to get fixed soon?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          When Beeline gets ready to reintroduce Tracker, they will let us know. Until then, we may see Tracker wandering around in our friends' villages. He wanders, but won't visit our own villages until Beeline fixes him.

  41. ayla says:

    My game won’t connect to the internet. I’ve turned my phone on and off. exited and re-entered the game. turned off the internet and put on wifi. turned wifi off and internet on. turned them both on and nothing. Can’t play the tracker game due to this and I’m getting annoyed now

  42. Danino23 says:

    Tracker Smurf does not want to come to my village, he simply disappeared. When I touch the cauldron, Brainy said: Tracker Smurf is left searching for ingredients …. I do not know when it will come…back later.
    I waited for over a month now!
    What can I do???

    thank you

  43. Icey jo says:

    Not just tracker smurf playing up the reporter smurf is too …. Fed up of being told I am not connected to the Internet or device time is wrong, I too have paid for berries and am thinking of quitting the game because it just seems to be one problem after another now , finally managed to get the game to update after weeks upon End of no joy just to now have these issues.

  44. Eric says:

    Well it has been since September 4th since tracker smurf has been to my village.. I still haven’t received the 41,800xp points that I earned last time after spending 10 smurfberries to complete all tasks.. his fire has been lit since the last time he left.. is there a way to reset his mission or delete his soup pot so he will come again?? I don’t know what to do.. Thanks

    • Poet says:

      Tracker Smurf is currently not available until the team behind the game fixes it. Until we have more news, don't count on Tracker at the moment.

  45. Michelle says:

    How do I get my tracker working if I am using Internet and its still telling me to connect to the Internet it been a week already! Please help! It’s bugging me

  46. smurfette <3 says:

    tracker hasnt returned to my village for over a month know….. what should i do? And i got a teddy bear from lucky smurf and i guessed to put it by BY BABY SMURF AND WHEN I CLICK ON HIS HUT IT LIGHTS up but i have no idea what it does plz help , i did not mean to do all caps ^

  47. Eric says:

    I spent 10 smurf berries an trackers tasks so I could get the most xp that I could.. I ended up earning 4,800 xp… when trackers xp event ended. the fire under his kettle stayed lit. And it will not give me my xp that I earned and payed cash for the berries! Any body tell me what I can do to get my xp???

  48. Disgruntled User says:

    Tracker XP event starts and then shows as complete within 5 minutes. Please fix.

  49. Tina says:

    The last time Tracker was here I did all the quests and had it up to 2x experience. I had over 120000 exp when I went to bed. The next day it said he had left the island and to tap on the cauldron to collect my experience. The cauldron gave me ZERO experience!!! Where did all my experience go? How can I submit a ticket to get my hard earned experience? I wasted hours collecting all that… I'm very upset!!

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