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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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What to do if Tracker Smurf disappeared?


Tracker will show up occasionally once you place his special Cauldron in your village. With his cauldron your smurfs will get a special soup that gives bonus XP every time you earn XP in the game.

(Please note that in order for him to show up you must be connected to the INTERNET at all times. If Tracker disappears after closing & returning to your game, minimize your app and wait a minute and then re-open it. If that still does not work, exit to the Smurfs’ Village main menu and re-enter the game again. Doing both of these will force a re-sync with the Beeline server.)

Tapping on Tracker or his Cauldron will display the current task list in his scavenger hunt XP event. By completing the tasks in his scavenger hunt, you will make the soup stronger. (Please note that with each scavenger list completed, your XP multiplier will increase.)

You can keep completing the tasks on the scavenger hunt list until the soup & time runs out. Once the soup is gone, tap on the cauldron and receive your massive bonus XP!

You can find more details about Tracker smuf here.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I also have not seen tracker smurf same reasons as above. I have also lost all my friends since the latest update :(

  2. Slinkybambi says:

    My tracker smurf is useless. I just had heaps of xp…… Then had to restart my iPad and all was lost! Spent a few smurfberries to get the massive xp but when I came back to the game it was gone!!! I'm gutted. Beeline you have to fix this as it is so unfair. My tracker was not working at all until today and when it did it crashed! My name is slinkybambi can you fix please for me?

  3. Onontio says:

    I am about to quit this game because I have these bugs and also a bug where I can give gifts and water people’s plants, but I never receive gifts and people cannot water my plants. I have contacted Beeline and they give me the same response every time (it has been 2 months). It doesn’t work and they say it *might* be corrected in the next update. There have been at least 4 updates since I first noticed this. What upsets me, is that we pay for smurfberries to play this game and we get terrible service from Beeline. I refuse to play any of their other games and like I say, I am about to give up on this one because it gets more buggy every time they update – obviously not a good company to deal with.

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Onontio, can you tell me what device you are using? usually friends problem is due to Beeline servers which goes up and down. But at the moment they seem to work fine. it may the problem rises from your internet connection or some thing else. But what I suggest is to try the tips in this page you may get some success:…

    • Astrid says:

      You dont have to buy smurfberries, you earn them. You are pretty stupid to waste money on a game

    • Trigger Smurf says:

      I’ve had this problem for over 6 months and I’m level 48 now

      And have simply given up after contacting them twice myself and a friend having same prob several times it seems they are just ignoring this and reducing gameplay enjoyment massively. No bolts have made getting clockwork smurf an absolute nightmare…..thanks for that and ever since I knew beeline were not fixing it ice not bought 1 smurfberry whereas I was spending £10-£15 pm until then so your loss too beeline.

  4. T. Verboven says:

    I haven't steen tracker smurf since the first time. It always says check for à internet connection. Which i always have. Doe he ever come back. All this website says is you have to wait. i have been waiting. All my friends have à tracker smurf Every week. I really pissed. Help????

    • Sassete says:

      How long have you had the cauldron?

      • Brenda says:

        I have the same problem and so does my daughter. We have had the cauldron since July. I had him once and he has not returned , she has never had him. We have Internet access at all times

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          Tracker is still bugged, we have to wait for Beeline to fix it.

          • Catherine says:

            I’ve never had tracker smurf either even though I’ve had his cauldron for about 4 months now! Keep hoping he will come every time new update comes out but still nothing! My mum has the same problem. Also can anyone tell me if he counts as a mini game as for my latest challenge I need to do 7 games but I only have 6 plus him if he ever returns?!

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            You have to play 7 minigames but you may play them twice 😉

  5. Krisna90 says:

    tracker, on my checklist it says, 'make grouchy cross his arms 4 times ?? what does that mean?

  6. darren says:

    this collect 2 stone shit is doing my nut in help please

    • Sassete says:

      Did you collect thh stones from miner because you get 9 stones from him every day when you collect the money

  7. Morac says:

    Tracker is really buggy. The first time tracker appeared, it said he'd be there 30 hours, but he disappeared after 13 hours and never came back. Eventually I got my bonus XP for that. The second time he came, the event only lasted 7 hours, which wasn't long enough to do any of his quests.

    Tracker showed up again last night and the event was timed for 40 hours which I thought was great, until I went to play this morning and tracker was gone and the cauldron said he'd be back in 5 hours. Of course I had tons of stuff to harvest which I could have gotten bonus XP on. Anyway 2 hours later he's back. The timing makes absolutely no sense. I fully expect he'll be gone again before my crops are ready in 2 hours.

    I can't figure out why Beeline never tests anything. There's tons of bugs currently and all have to do with timing..

  8. Lils says:

    Tracker asked me to take a picture of village. How do you take a picture of the village? Do I just need to take a normal picture as I usually do on the IPad because it doesn't work?

  9. Animalsmurf says:

    Brainy tells me tracker is away and he will come soon to check later I have wifi 24/7 and marco too doesn't come to my village please help thanks

  10. Smurfyl0l says:

    I’m on level 21 and have tracker smurf however for the past week it says he is away and to check back later and that I need Internet connection which I have all the time! I’ve tried all suggestions about closing the app, returning to main menu etc. anyone have any other suggestions??

  11. BynAngelus says:

    I keep getting the message "XP event over" when I still haven't had one start because it always says that Tracker's away when I click on the coldrun or even when I click on him when he's walking round the village with an exclamation above his head.

  12. Toniemax says:

    Is Tracker Smurf a limited feature, only available after so many hours? And will XP gathered on the island be inlcuded in the event soon?

    • Sassete says:

      Yes he only appears in your village ones a week for 24 h and no the xp on the island doesnt count its only what you collect in the main village

  13. Chakala says:

    I placed the cauldron and now it says tracker smurf will be back soon but he needs an internet connection. Is there some kind if special button for turning it on or does the game mean my phone settings? Cuz I’m always connected with the internet…thanks for help!

    • Marco Smurf says:

      connect to Internet is just a tip, but Tracker Smurf will show up sometimes at the end of every week, so don't worry for now as it the problem with tracker most probably was fixed

  14. jenelle says:

    tracker smurf tells me to connect to the internet i have tried wifi and 3g but still says it must be connected to the internet anyone know how to do it or is it a fault still?

  15. Ciaran says:

    I did the first xp task to play Pappa Smurf's game, which worked fine. Second task was to build 2 brown benches, which I did – nothing happened. Then did the tablecloth covered brown benches, in case that was what they meant, still nothing happened and the checklist shows this task as incomplete?

    • Sassete says:

      It should be that you need to build those for 100 coins but there are unfortunatelly a lots of bugs with tracker smurf, you can try to reboot you devie and try again and se if that works

  16. moose2525 says:

    Don't waste your time and smurfberries on the Tracker. I spent lots of smurfberries but the extra coins and xp were not added to the original coin and xp. They are in a separate calculator to the top right of the screen. It will disappear when the clock runs down to zero.

    • Marco says:

      Yes, they will be added to your xp only at the end of the event. When the clock runs to zero, tap on the cauldron and you will get the massive bonus in a single shot.

  17. Patricio says:

    Replaint 2 smurf hut. how is this?

  18. Cams says:

    Where do we report bugs? Cuz my game is refusing to sync with the server to recognize my internet connection; has been ongoing all day no matter how many times I close out & even power- cycle. I've even tried with Wifi rather than the 3G.

  19. SarraLaFashionista says:

    Im connected to the internet but it tells me to chek my connection i cant even go on my friend village or even get marco smurf ….. Anyone… Help… ?

  20. Newton's Cradle says:

    I can see I'm not the only one having a problem. Info: I use Game Center on my iphone (add me if you want- I'm "Newton's Cradle"). Here's how my problem is panning out to date. I was collecting XP for Tracker Smurf and was up to a 2.0 multiplier and over 200,000 XP to be added. I still had time left to collect more XP. Then my multiplier disappeared. I've tried exiting and re-entering the game and also resetting my internet connection numerous times. This does not help but I keep trying anyway since those are the only suggestions here.

    I can find Tracker Smurf on my mainland and he has an exclamation point over his head. When I click on him he says Tracker Smurf is collecting ingredients and to make sure my internet connection is good.

    When I try to visit friends' villages, they don't even show up. None of my friends show up. When I click "visit a random village" sometimes it lets me visit a random village but not always. I have also already tried updating my Smurfs' Village app (says it doesn't need it) and I have tried "re-synching" my game via going to the main menu as some have suggested. Help?

    • Malini108 says:

      Had the same problem-I closed and re-opened the game and game centre many,many times and once I opened the game without going through GC it worked and tracker was back with all collected XP. I was also able to visit friends villages again.

  21. Juius. says:

    I'm tired of building benches. I didn't think that it was called Smurf Public Park. Realized I had 7 Smurfs free hence request for 7 benches. There is not enough room for more brown benches. I will be ignoring the tasks. I'm going to place more crops instead 😛

  22. Coz says:

    After collecting about 85,000xp from Tracker, the time ran down to 0 and then stated back up at 24:00:00 rather than letting me collect my xp and now Tracker has vanished. Have tried going in and out of app multiple times as Tracker has been disappearing and then reappearing all day despite me always having internet on and being on Wi-Fi. Has anyone else had this and is there any way I can get my xp?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      This is a common problem that happed to many people, but unfortunately at the moment there is a bug with tracker smurf, you cant do much with it, but the good news, a new update will be released in order to fix those bugs, it may be released today or any time this week

    • Kimberli says:

      Yes it just happened to me I had heaps of do to collect then it crashed and when I came back tracker was gone and all my xp! I had even spent smurfberries to get that far! So unfair!

  23. Summer says:

    I thought my tracker smurf had disappeared forever but he finally came back after 5 days of waiting! What I think may be happening is that you have 48 hours to collect (in my case both times I had two sets of 24hr periods) and then you can collect your XP Bonus. Then tracker smurf is gone for the next 5 days. A bonus every week, sorta like how a new island bottle shows up once a week. There are still glitches on the trackers list items changing, but maybe someone else has experienced the smurf coming back a week later? Because it didn't matter what I did, he didn't come back for exactly 7 days after I started the XP soup. Hope that helps!

  24. NSK says:

    My tracker disappeared. I finished 2 tasks. Now It says "XP EVENT STARTING SOON, If you ask me , Tracker Smurf should be done collecting ingredients soon ! Tracker returns in (06:29:xx) . Time's running out. How to solve this problem?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      at the moment there is a bug with tracker smurf, you cant do much with it, but the good news, a new update will be released in order to fix those bugs, it may be released today or any time this week

  25. Thephantom smurf says:

    My tracker smurf disappeared after I completed all his tasks within the time frame he gave. Will he ever appear again and why does brainy keep saying i need an internet connection?

    • Poet says:

      Tracker Smurf is scheduled to only appear once a week. Brainy will keep saying that until it's time for Tracker to issue the xp event again.

  26. Maddie says:

    Will Tracker Smurf return to the village ever again? The cauldron always says he’s away.

  27. nev says:

    i would like to know if the time cheat affect the tracker? and when will i recover from the time cheat punishment?

  28. Lisa says:

    Tracker Smurf disappeared, no matter what I do he just won't come back = =

  29. Frustrated player says:

    It has not been working for me 2 days now. Logged out of my user into my child's and then back into my and still tells me on mine and theirs that there is no connection. Well I am connected otherwise I would be able to surf the net and post this comment. Please fix your game Beeline!

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Even when you're connected with Internet it says that you need an Internet connection.
      For now I can only advise you to look in your village for Tracker. When he's there and he won't give you a checklist because 'you don't have an Internet connection', log out first, wait a minute, log in. If it doesn't work immediatly try again till it works.
      PS: We aren't Beeline 😉

  30. NattaCo says:

    After the latest update I am no longer getting gifts nor do I seem able to give them. My friends show up with the gift icon but even after I put a gift in their village and the icon disappears they don't get the gift. Same with watering. I only got the Tracker Smurf event once. Anyone knows how often hr comes to the village. Also game keeps crashing on the way to the island. Love the game but now not so happy with it!!

    • Sassete says:

      There have been a lots of problems withthe froend server but it should be fixed bye now. Tracker visit your village ones a week and most of the time in the end of the weekend

  31. Angry Smurf says:

    After the first event with tracker smurf, resetting FB/Game Center it still gives error i'm not on the internet. He is more trouble than anything else!!!

  32. Smurfvillagefan says:

    After you get xp from Tracker smurf, what do you do next?

  33. Fl2ok says:

    Since tracker smurf appeared began having trouble getting to friends. Now it says I have no Internet connection, but I'm connected to Internet. Anyone else having this problem? Can't get to tracker smurf or give gifts, ugh…..

  34. Smurfette says:

    I tried everything but the tracker smurf wont appear.. and i have my internet all time.

  35. Smurfvillagefan says:

    The time ran out, and got my xp of about 20,000. I tried to do it again, but the app tells me he is away. I have Internet at all times, and it still tells me he is away and I need Internet. I tried closing and reopening the app, but it did not change a thing. Any ideas?

  36. Albert says:

    Like most updates, it is buggy. The tracker smurf comes, dissapears, the checklist changes, task are completed without doing what was asked, the multiplier is at a max (2.0) and a new checklist comes for 2.1 i am happy i didn't test it, i would be ashamed

  37. Miko says:

    tracker, on my checklist it says, 'earn 13 XP in papa smurfs game'? what does that mean?

  38. Wheezy says:

    It says collect 3 stone? I tried to buy every piece of rock but it didn't complete?

    Anyone else had same problem?

  39. Smurf says:

    What is the "make 2 smurfs wave at you" and how can I do this?

  40. yana88 says:

    how to repaint smurf huts?

  41. Agata says:

    Hi I am having difficulty. Every time I try and go to my island it kicks me out of the game. When I return the tracker checklist has magically completed itself. The multiplier is continually going higher without me doing anything. And I can't get to my island. It's quite frustrating. I have tried restarting but no avail.

  42. Barry says:

    Last night, I played Tracker's scavenger hunt. On the second list I completed the first task and then the second task was to make 2 cherry cakes. Made the first one but since I don't want to waste smurfberries on this I decided to waite out the six hours till I can play Greedy's game again. When I went back in this morning, the task had changed to prepare 2 red potions. The same first task was still checked.
    Tried exiting and reentering game but list is still the same.
    Anybody experiencing this same issue?

    • Daiv says:

      Yes, this happened to me too. But to my favor. I was supposed to play painter's game which I absolutely hate and it changed to the potion mixing game. I was happy about that.

  43. jnp9 says:

    Beeline needs to QA QC their updates more. I spent all day gathering a "massive" bonus XP i was up to 35000 XP with still 12 hours left in tracker event and suddenly after going in and out of the game it says the tracking event is complete and the cauldron was flashing , i cliked on it and it says congratulations on your bonus XP of ZERO! Lost all my bonus XP , no a new tracker even just started

    Pretty shameful if you ask me

    Dont waste berries complete the checklist

  44. Adele says:

    I'm having trouble with the list. Planted strawberries twice and both times after harvesting the check mark doesn't show up and I try replanting. I'm having trouble with other requests as well. Has any one else experienced this?

  45. Troko says:

    Tracker smurf wants me to take a picture of the village, i have made several but it is not accepted. Game does not continue now. What should I do?

  46. Lucy says:

    It says collect 2 stone. Have sent out a raft. Bought 2 stone. Bought 2 statues. Bought more stones. Moved stones. Any help as to what tracker means.

  47. Barbara Heijmen says:

    I have completed the time for tracker and had about 80.000 xp. When the time went to 0.00 the countdown continued and my xp stayed. When i click the pot i cannot collect my xp. It still says what i have to do for my checklist. What van i do?

    • Sassete says:

      Dont think there is so much you can do there are unfortunatelly a lots of bugs with the Tracker smurfs event

  48. masenko says:

    im trying the xp event, at the moment no sure what is but….. I had the mission to put two small bushes? What are they?

  49. Janey42 says:

    Nope, i am very disappointed, been playing all afternnon, had 4000 plus xp to be added at end of the game period, then on return to game after reak to check emails it had gone. Now says tracker smurf will return with ingrdients in 2 hours to start the game…assume all my bonus xp has gone. I bought berries to do some of the tasks and get my multiplier to 1.7 and feel cheated. Tried closing and restarting, won't be playing with tracker smurf agai

  50. Smurfy says:

    That doesn't work. I closed the app, weit a minute, go to main menu. Even i tried to Restaurateur device. Has anyone another idea to solve this problem?

  51. Stroumpfette says:

    Please weigh in on the official Beeline forum regarding Tracker:… They are aware of and are working to fix the issues with him, but we don't have a date as to when that will be.

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