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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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“Think Pink” get informed and pass it on


As part of Pink October, “My Smurfs Village“ team and community friends pulled together to celebrate and help support those endorsing the pink ribbon sign, a leading emblem in the fight against breast cancer.
And did they pull all the stops! We received “pinky smurfing” artwork to share with you all (excuse the punt). Take a look and give your support.

Artwork #1: Smurfy Nail Polish Art

The first piece of artwork is made by out friend Leslie Baker.
Leslie  is a very  talented artist , with creative thoughts and crafty hands. She is addicted to nail polish art,  and she runsPolish Art Addiction Blog. She also plays smurfs village game on her iPhone , and that’s why she has contributed with a great  tutorial on how to draw smurfs and smurfs village related items on her nails. She made an extraordinary work in a short period, which is dedicated to the breast cancer awareness’ month.
Please watch the video.
You can also find more smurfs characters tutorials here and here . For more nail polishing art please visit Leslie’s blog.

Artwork #2: How To Draw Smurfette 1

The second artwork is given to us by our friends from This piece of art shows   how to draw   Smurfette by hand using stop motion effect.  In this portrait, Smurfette is wearing pink dress and has pink ribbons tightening her hair, in addition to some pink village’s decoration items (fence, mushroom, hut, bench and snail) to spice it up.
 Our graphics designer Javier Ocampo has also retouched this portrait at the end in order to make look more smurfy.

Artwork #3: How to draw  Smurfette 2

The third piece of art was generously shared with us by our friend Valentina who runs Valentina is a professional artist, painter, videomaker, and carrot hater.  She is well known with her signature “ Eat Your Cookies! “.  She is very famous of having a unique humor in sharing her art via Social media. She has over 45k followers on Facebook and more than 50k subscribers on her YouTube channel.  This video shows how to draw Smurfette surrounded by sweets and candies in smurfs village. This video wasn’t made for us for this special occasion, but we wanted to adopt it because of the heavy use of pink for this pink October. Valentina also has kindly added the pink ribbon into Smurfett’s dress so the portrait will fit our theme.


At last but not least, we want to thank all those who have taken part in this event and remember:
Knowing breast cancer exists is not enough. “Think Pink,” get informed and pass it on.

For more information please visit and spread knowledge by checking these websites:,
National Breast Cancer Foundation,
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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  1. humancredential says:

    Fun site! Enjoying looking through this. I wish they still gave the smurfs on tv. Used to watch it as a kid. Was one of my favorite cartoons. :)

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