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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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A Mole among the Smurfs in the Smurfs village


Again a new animal  was added for limited time again  in Japanese version. This time is the Mole.  The mole appeared in one of the seasons of the actual smurfs village series, in which he was responsible for the earthquake. Unlike the  in the anime this time the mole is not  going to  dig to cause  earthquake,  however he adds value to your village and  gives  you  90 XP  every 2 hours.   For the Japanese edition, the mole offer  advertised  for Limited time  (April 6th to 9th) and was for  sale for 50 smurfberries.

In addition the mole  was available  in either on the village and the island.  We don’t have any firm information if it will show up  in other versions, but we   hope  to get it anytime soon. The mole will make a nice addition  to you  animals, Pets and Critters Zoo.


Credit to Cassis

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  1. Galina says:

    What is toy chest

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It looks like a trunk and is in the mushroom hut build menu on the island. It is to the right of a blue raft, it costs 4000 coins, and is to the left of the green mushroom hut which says it builds in 22 minutes. It is also labeled as a toy chest in the desctiption below the item.

  2. Truly when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place.

  3. Sue says:

    I've tried to delete withered flowers thur brainys house with no luck, did not need a extra hut that did what it said it would do.!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Miranda says:

    This game sucks!! Eventually u will lose ur game and berries and will not get reimbursed

  5. Kmime says:

    In island what is a smurfling Hut to place the toy chest

  6. Smurfettashomegirl says:

    I’m still having problems with smurfettas quest to plant 20 boxes of flowers!

    I’ve continuously planted red roses, that didn’t work, so I tried other roses, and still nothing. And now I’m on level 28 and it still just isn’t working!

    Please help! It’s getting annoying!

  7. usu says:

    Hi guys
    How can i place toy chest?…. Pls help:)))

  8. ImYoona<3 says:

    When will the the mole be available in the English version? I can't wait!

  9. Marilou says:

    Hi there im on level 34 and i have a quest from smuerfette asking for 10 corns 10 artichokes and 10 tomatoes and she do not accept the quest when finished. I did it 3 times and she wont reward me

    Does anybody knows anything?

  10. Jeff Tan says:

    How to locate/buy smurfling hut to place toy chest beside it?

  11. smurfette100 says:

    my village is completely messed up. It is stuck on level 40, cause at one point the % got stuck and has not moved in months. Not getting smurfberries, ice cream truck, mole, nor message in the bottle. I am able to buy extra land, all the smurflings etc. what a bummer.

  12. isis says:

    guess the mole wont be for android either. Did any android uses get the ice-cream van or free smurfberries neither myself nore my niece did. still cant get to my island either am so sad.

    • lovee_smurf says:

      Im having all the same problems too :( no Easter smurfberries, no ice cream cart, no mole… I miss my island smurfs!

    • Tony Reed says:

      If you are running an android, upgrade to level 1.0.6a. I got my upgrade from
      now I hve the island and all sorts of other goodies. However you will not get the ice cream van or any free smurf berries.

    • Deus says:

      My GF is an android user and all of the special and limited items are available in the star/4th shop. I envy her becaue in IOS, few are in the stores and they only offer in limited time. Any one of you android users have it on their store?

  13. GOODFRIEND says:

    Well, we got the ice cream kart, no reason why we shouldn't get the mole, we'll just have to be patient! :)

  14. Jkiss says:

    I wanna mole!!!!

  15. kmime says:


  16. Jool says:

    I got some time ago a moll from lucky smurf i think it is this mole

  17. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    That can be possible. I've seen a mole in a few random villages. Lucky you :)

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