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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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A new baby owl in smurfs village


More animals to be added to the village again!  This time Beeline pushed a different kind of birds to the village, guess what? It is a yellow  baby owl. This lovely bird looks very cute as Beeline described it.  The   baby owl is a promotional item which means that is on sale only for limited time and there is no guarantee to see it on the shop  again.   This adorable yellow Owlet is  very cute if you want to add it to your animals and critters Zoo collection, but on the other hand it costs 70 smurfberries.

But is worth to know that it gives 240XP every 3 hours and is available on both main smurfs village land and the island. Few hours are remaining before the offer  ends so if you want to grab it, don’t wait.

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  1. Vtcc says:

    When is the baby owl promoted again? I have not see it until now… Can you please help? It’s so cute!!!!

  2. Claudia says:

    May I ask why is it Tracker Smurf can just disappear with my hard earned XP and re-appear again the next day like 6-7 hrs later with my previous XP? Why is it that our earned XP is not attributed to us at all?
    Pls advise! Thanks:)

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Tracker disappears because there can be something wrong with connecting to the Beeline server.
      When the event bar doesn't appear you can't collect bonus xp for Tracker.

  3. Chelan sky says:

    Hi I just purchased the owl yesterday or the day before. I specifically checked out what the benefits of the owl here and guess what I do NOT get 240 XP every three hours. I get XP two times a day. I do Not recommend getting the owl. I feel cheated. And just to comment also on another comment I notice recently I also get to play the mini games more often and get credit. I noticed the change when I leveled up to 38 and thought it was part of the game progress. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. OOOps, I am also really tired of loosing my 5 friends all the time. I am connected through game center on my iPad and we are trying to finish the bolts. I have tried all the tricks. Still love the game and will keep playing

  4. Remy's mom' says:

    Hey, Papa smurf has asked me to take a photo of the village but I’m not sure how!!! I’ve been stuck on this task for over a month…. Please help!!

    • Brainy says:

      from game, tap hammer at bottom right corner, tap camera at top middle, tap camera at bottom left corner to take picture

  5. Metalhead says:

    How many gold do you got for the loom?

  6. ale says:

    el precio de las smurfberries es en peros mexicano o dolar????

  7. Redaquarius77 says:

    I cannot open my smurf village anymore…always crash crash…now i cant play my smurf anymore :(

  8. Jana says:

    Hello. I wanted to buy 125 Smurfberries for $9.99 and I was given over one million Smurfberries by mistake.. Do you know if it is possible to be given for free by mistake or will my iTunes account purchase all Smurfberries?

    • Brainy says:

      what payment do you have it setup in your itune account ? If paypal then you can check your paypal account to see how much itune charged . If credit card, then call the credit card company. See if you can contact itune.

  9. Redaquarius77 says:

    I can't open my smurf village anymore :( always crash crash crash crash!!!!!!!! Its been a week…what should i do????

  10. Cereziitoo says:

    Brainy!!!! I have a problem, since I update my game when I plant two palm trees on the island in the mountains, after a while Smurfs appear to be there without watering the palm! and if I charged by the money without reward!

    and I seen on other islands have more new palms, I dont see the loom on any side!? What can i do?

  11. angelndeed says:

    What's the deal with the bottle? It continues to disappear for several updates now. Gifts to and from friends don't work either. Anyone else having these problems? Just upgraded with the last bug fix and now can't get on my smurf village!

  12. Joe says:

    I have "lost" two smurfs on the island. They arent lost actually, i put them to grow coconuts on two palm trees, but when i tap on the trees to see how much time is left to harvest it says "all your smurfs are busy". I can actually see the two smurfs watering the palm tree but nothing is growing there. What can i do? I tried restoring the village but its all the same. I have 40 smurfs, but only 38 are on other tasks, those two are just there on the palms tree unaible to do something else

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Log out and log in a few minutes later. The they have left the palm trees. This worked for me.

  13. Daiv says:

    OK, I haven't noticed anyone else comment on this, but ever since the last update, the mini-game frequency has been increased. Miner Smurf's game used to take 12 hours before you could play it again, now it seems to be ready every 6 hours. Papa Smurf's potion game seems to be 12 instead of 24 hrs. Harmony went from 36 hours to 6 hours I think. I never timed these to be exact, but these three games in particular seem to be coming up all the time. I don't play Greedy or Painter games because the reward is not worth it at level 47. Lazy and Handy seem to be still 6 hours and the newer Soccer and Lucky are 24 hours. Anyone else notice anything here?

  14. Nayhay says:

    Hi any one else get the new update with the loom?? I haven’t half any issues since however I haven’t had this weeks MiB yet……. But loving the coined from the loom :-)

  15. Sarahq says:

    Hi everyone!
    I have a problem with my village which got cursed. The problem is that i have movable river i have ( by papa smurf's quest ) to build a small bridge over it but i built a the big bridge over it

  16. Woosy says:


    Where do you find the water tray from the current Quest from PAPA Smurf in the island. I wrote before but did not see my answer.



    • Brainy says:

      the item that has glasses on a circular tray

    • Woosy says:

      Thank you so much, Brainy.

      DO you know how to get rid or complete the tas of planting 30 tub of Tulips? I read that we should do Blue Tulips so I did, but it is still no completed.

      Thanks for your help, I do not remember seeing the tray before, but Papa's Quest is Done.


  17. Shimt287 says:

    Please add me…

    I desperately need bolts

    Look for shimt287 on GC


  18. too expensive :( i wish there are cute items we can buy with gold coins instead.. i don't care how expensive in gold coins they are.

  19. Darren says:

    Please, please stop with the pop ups advertising other games – they ALWAYS crash the app. It is enough to make me no longer use the game and find something that works!

    • CrazyAuntie says:

      I second that!!! I HATE it! I did however managed to get around it …sort of but at least it's not crashing anymore. If you haven't tried it yet, the moment it finishes loading tap PLAY immediately, it will take you to the village, then WAIT for a few seconds to allow the stupid thing to pop up & then hit X to close it. I am going to send Beeline an email too & hope that there is enough of us to make a stink & hopefully they will change how it pops up. I understand the marketing aspect of it, but they need to come up with something better than shoving it in our face.

  20. basilosaurus says:

    Hey guys ! I found a way to get to the island directly from the main menu without going through the boat ! I hope this trick was not discussed before and that it can be useful to some of you.

    Here is how to do it : from the first loading of the game, when you are at the main menu, hit options. Then do as if you wished to restore your village from a previous point. Tap Papa Smurf’s head 16 times in order to have the button “Recobdr Village”. The select any previous village with the island unlocked and hit “preview”. In the preview, go to your island. Then quit the preview and when it asks you if you want to recover this village tap “No”. Then go back to the main menu and launch the game normally. You will see that you will be on your island instead of the main land !

    I don’t know if this trick makes you go faster to the island than the usual boat, but it is an alternative that I really like since you don’t have to wait (because you do something active instead of watching the boat).

    So guys get out there and give it a try, please tell me if this was useful to you or not.

    Best regards, basilosaurus.

    • Brainy says:

      You must be playing on android. For the apple version, you go to neighbor island instantly without having to ride the boat. I play on both apple and android.

    • waren robbins says:

      can you help me ? you seem to be super on this game. I am on level 38 and I lost my village due to gargamel… HELP!!

  21. Chichi says:

    I lost my Village, on the 28 level, I restart a new one, and now is going so slow,
    I can´t play the Handy Workshop, I love the game, but….. I´m so tired whit it
    what can I do ?

  22. Chichi says:

    I lost my Village, on the 28 level, I restart a new one, and now is going so slow
    do you know what can I do?
    My english it´s not good sorry I hope you can understand me

  23. Tina says:

    I have the owl…. And it is not giving xp every 3 hrs…. I think it's been 12 hrs….. I am sad about that…

  24. bowlfullofcherries says:

    I don't have the owl showing up on my phone or iPad. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Smurfy says:

      I had it much later than others with no limited time indicator and suddenly it was gone before I could even buy it.

  25. Ellen says:

    Great………..except I haven’t been able to log on for more than 11 days. Tried everything except delete and reinstall because I have more than 40 smurfberries! What gives? Beeline support said no timeline for a fix……..yet you are adding new content? I agree with Michele, I won’t put another dime into this if I end up losing everything and starting over!

    • Mira_2006 says:

      Android or iOS player?
      If you play on an apple device and you have game center, try and connect from another device to see what's your current status in your village. Then you can reinstall (don't forget to backup in iTunes first anyway).
      Good luck

  26. jackisforever says:

    Have anyone ever received a blue print for the message in the bottle, Marco or from jokey?

  27. Deb says:

    Do u know why I don’t have the offer to buy the baby owl? My sister has the offer but on my menu it does not show. I am upgraded to the latest version

  28. Michele says:

    Try using points instead of coins. I am tired of paying for things with $$$ I have tons of points and have stopped buying smurfberries. I love my village however I have slowed play because the crops wilt and playing snoopy street fair nothing wilts or expires. My kids have stopped plying altogether. The challenges with the island don't always work and it isn't fun for them any more you need to re think your strategy!!!

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