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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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A new Smurfs village bug fixes update have been release version


As Beeline promised it’s fans a to release a new update in order to fix the current bugs in the smurfs village game, today a new version has been released. According to Beeliene in this update  many bugs fixes and performance improvement were conducted, and this includes:
– No prompt to connect to Twitter when starting the game.
– Reporter Smurf connects more reliably when giving bonuses and has the ability to retry to get rewards.
– Fix to a misreported number of Smurfs after building a habitat in the Sanctuary.
– Island crop times will be correct between sessions

 In addition to that it was reported by many players that jokey offered to them 1 smurfberry, which we are really missing them.

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  1. Tristan says:

    i cant even get into smurfs anymore, just freezes up on the brrline loading screen for 4+ hrs, then crashes. this needs to be fixed!

  2. cams says:

    Is anyone else unable to gift stones now?

  3. Michelle says:

    My island crop times are fixed. Actually no glitches on the island right now.

    On the main lane, my smurfs are disappearing. I had 48, then it showed 47, 46. Now, I just built and upgraded a house to get to 50 smurfs, but the next time I opened the game, I only had 49. Ugh!

    Reporter Smurf was working fine for me until this update, and now he is just gone.
    I haven't seen Tracker since the first time he appeared.

    I also have a glitch with crops disappearing when they should be ready to harvest. It will notify me that my crops are ready, I'll open the app and all my smurfs will be walking around doing nothing, showing all smurfs available and no crops growing. I haven't kept track to see if the coins used to 'buy' the crops are missing or replaced, but I know I've lost a lot of time and XP growing crops that just disappear instead of being harvested.

    Beeline, I enjoy this game, but the glitches make it hardly worth playing. Everyone else that I used to play with has given up and deleted the app due to repeated glitches. Please fix!!!!!

  4. rob says:

    had resolved the bugs but new bugs came.. now cannot see facebook friends even already login.. no more message in a bottle its been 2weeks already..

  5. Greenhippo says:

    Has anyone else updated to version 1.2.7? I can’t complete the first quest from alchemist smurf to place three hanging lanterns. I placed three of them but nothing happened. I even tried placing three of the regular lanterns but no luck there either. Has anyone been able to pass this quest?

    • Poet says:

      You may be placing the wrong ones. The three hanging lanterns can be found in the menu, next to the looms and a haystack. They cost 1500 coins.

  6. Guest says:

    i installed the 1.2.7 version today.
    the following bugs have been fixed (as far as i can tell right now):
    – zoom out on the island
    – crop time on the island

    for me that were the most painful bugs. am happy now. :-)

    thanks beeling for fixing these.

  7. T S says:

    I did this update as soon as it came out, but I still have a number of bug issues, very frustrating. I'm on day 3 of magic raspberries on the island. Back when the totem pole was introduced I ran into the bug of not being able to place a piece on the island, it just disappeared and the quest just now finally came back, and I couldn't complete it because of this island crop issue. I also still have trouble with reporter smurf (I can't get past day 2) and I can't zoom out on the island. And I'm getting really tired of accidentally clicking on ads when the game starts on the iPhone, I click the Play button then the ad pops up after I've clicked and I'm taken to another page, so tired of that happening, I hate that a game that I've spent real money on keeps making me click an ad. Would love some kind of notice letting us know they are aware of the issues and working on them.

  8. elica says:

    I have a problem please help me yesterday I can not finish in the smurfs village

  9. ~WeN~ says:

    Thank you Beeline for fixing the bugs + giving 5 free smurfberries! :)
    I still have problem with Reporter Smurf too… Read the reports daily but still stuck at Day 2… wanted to Tweet coz there is a bonus of 1 Smurfberry given but it says Tweet failed & asked me to check if my device is connected to internet & my twitter acct. Anyone has this problem of failing to tweet?

  10. Zoe says:

    Crops dont grow on time. Papa smurf’s tasks are stuck. I cant receive gifts from friends. Pls.fix asap!!!

  11. Lost says:

    I have 35 crops on the island one minute into harvesting my smurfs left and now I have 35 crops no smurfs to harvest and 35 smurfs running around not able to plant because my crops are not available help!!!

  12. Abdafinphob says:

    I'm very very sad to say that I now no longer love and don't play religiously everyday because of the problems. Honeydew taken 5 days and counting……..
    Can't be bothered after 18 months of loyalty and money.

  13. june says:

    i meet same problems, already few days, when only can fix it ?

  14. StWhen says:

    The new update only fixed a couple of bugs!!!!!! My potion game still breaks when I play, Smurfs don't work on the island unless I have it open, strawberries have taken over 5 hours to grow!!!! When I play Smurfettes game on the island after the timer runs out all the smurfs on my crops stop working!!! Since I have to be on the island for my crops to grow I try going on the main land and back but doesn't work. I log out of the game, and still doesn't help. I have to turn my phone off so that when I log on they will return to the crops. Tracker still doesn't work and Reporter only gives 1st day prize and that's IF he gives it to me. There are times that it just says accept and there's no prize. When I visit neighbors it still kicks me out! Oh and when people leave me gifts it says someone which i don't mind but because some people only gift those who gift them, when I leave them gift, if it says "someone" they wont know it's me and I don't get gifts and that part does bother me because I need bolts >_< PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS IT'S DRIVING EVERYONE NUTS!!! 9_6

    • smurfyblur says:

      totally agree with you:((
      my cantaloupes took more than 24 hours and still counting…
      i don't really know when I'm ever going to plant anything else on the island
      till they fix this!

  15. Smurfy says:

    Several issues like everyone but also my game crashes every time I play papa smurfs potion game.
    Anyone else having the same problem ?
    I bought all the land expansions but also can't zoom out on the mainland or the island. Very annoying.
    Hope it will be fixed.

  16. Sue says:

    It's good to read others problems, glad I've waited to do this last up date! It seems that to update only made things worse.

  17. Cynthia says:

    This app is so STUPID!! It’s always glitching! I get a message in a bottle to grow eggplant, so when my phone notifies me that they are ready for harvest I go to harvest them and they are supposedly still growing like with 16 hours left! WTF! And this has been going on for days! So I tried using smurfberries to harvest them but it only harvested one crop! What a effin waste! -__-!! And them that stupid reporter smurf always starts at day 1 when I check with him everyday!!! Another problem i have is that apparently when i have all my smurfs avaiable i pit them to work and i am somehow missing some! seriously this is so annoying! They need to give back more than 5 smurfberries! That sh**t wasn’t enough! I’m really considering deleting this app because of all these problems! I’m so pissed off with beeline!! Fix your sh**t!

  18. mgumpy says:

    Are the smurfs on the island lazy? They only work when I am monitoring them. Whenever I went back to the main land or quit the game they stopped working.

  19. aj-aj- says:

    I've still got the problem with crops on my islamd not growing when I'm not playing.

    I can get my crops to grow more successfully by
    – turning off my alerts.
    – being on the island when I close the game
    – by clicking on one of the growing crops before i close so the 1/2 screen info about the crop is still displayed when i close the game.

    None of these are guarantees that the crop will grow but they do increase your chance.

  20. george says:

    I have six smurfs in the animal sunctuary. I already updated to How do I get them out?

  21. Guest says:

    there seem still to be a problem with the reporter smurf:
    with the new update, he responds to the internet now. but he always gives the gift of the first day although he shows you what more is to come the next days… he never gets to day 2.

  22. Nikki says:

    I have been getting the Day 3 reward from Reporter smurf for about a week now. Even after the update. Anybody stuck getting the same reward and not progressing in days with Reporter Smurf? I play daily and I’ll take the day 3 reward over none at all but it’s a bug I noticed. Wondered if anyone else experienced it.

  23. Plava says:

    Stop stealing my smurfs and adding time to my crops! I could be at level 32 by now! Fix it, will you!

  24. Biaavila says:

    OMG this morning my game simply died on iPad… When I entered the usual stuff was shown, but after the SB offer it is showing a blank screen… It happens all the times I enter, since than. I entered my village through my iPhone Game Center and it is OK… What do I do?? Heeeelp…

  25. Omadj says:

    Still having issues on the island, took 4 days to grow crops of the honeydew. Only when I left the game open overnight did I get somewhere. Ready to give up playing if this keeps up

  26. Erik says:

    somehow i seem to have lost over 50,000 coins as part of this update

  27. Lilianetta says:

    Before the latest update, the working time at the island goes normally. The problem is only the missing smurfs. Now it's not working at all. It won't work if we leave the island. It's completely disappointing :-( . any idea how to solve this prob? Plz

  28. The Chas says:

    So this new bug fixing update doesn't actually fix many bugs at all! The planting/harvesting noise still there all the time and the time bug on crop growing on the island is even worse than before and now the game app does not want to open half the time too.
    This is ridiculous, really not happy at all

  29. Alice says:

    When i installed iOS6 i’ve lost my progress in papa smurf task :( now i had to do it again, from zero. And i don’t have island. I’ve just tried to delete app and install it againg, still doesn’t work. I’m at 26 level. Hope beeline’ll fix it.

  30. Smurfsaddicted says:

    For some weird reason i've got two papa smurfs on the island with two diffrent missons?!
    And there are like 5 smurfs missing on the island and they wont return even if i tap on papa smurfs face and recover the game :/

    But still, this is the best game ive ever have tried on my phone 😀

  31. Delion says:

    Now i'm really frustrated!!An eggplant takes over 50 hours! After the update it still doesn't work!! Beeline please?

  32. Remco says:

    Didn't had problems before the update. But now the time on the Island doesn't elapse while getting while getting harvest notifications ?!. And I can't zoom out anymore

  33. Zamzury says:

    Island crops still do not grow when i leave. The smurfs only working when i come back to the island.
    My Bottle message swep away & coming back to shore in 15 – 20 second. i can't get to MIAB..
    Beeline pls fix this problem ASAP since we spent money to play this game..
    thank you

    • Fabio says:

      You are right. I have the same probem with the crops on the island and now I still have 7 smurf out on a missione of the Island (but the mission is accomplished !!!!)and they are missing !!!

    • Greta says:

      My island crops still aren't working, double to triple time. I leave with 11:12 left to complete and come back hours later to the same thing!

    • Greta says:

      Still crops in island aren't working… miab is done in 3 hours, I planted eggplants 16 hrs ago and they should have been done but have only grown 4 minutes worth… Come on, if you say you fix something, make sure you are sure

  34. adds says:

    I see a lot of people saying they can't zoom out on the island, but I can't even zoom out on the mainland. please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this problem?

  35. Nishiki says:

    Anyone has the same bug now with reporter smurf? If you get your day 1 reward the next day you tap on him he gives you again the reward for day 1. So far I never reached the day 2 reward

    • Nathan says:

      I have this issue too. Also, 5 smurfberries does not come close to repaying the loss from the many previous glitches. How about calculating our actual losses. Beeline needs to figure something else out. 5 smurfberries is rediculous!!

    • Sunburned Smurf says:

      I am having this problem plus I lost 3 smurfs on my island.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        Recover your village: Go to options, tap Papa Smurfs’ head 16 times. A ‘recover village’ button appears. Press it and you’ll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview it, and if it’s yours select ‘recover’.

        • shamini says:

          my eggplant in the island was not growing. so i tried recovering, still the same problem..
          deleted all the plots, replanted it n stil not working..
          tried recovering again, still aint working..
          dunno what else to do. please help…

        • Linda says:

          I didn't have the problem with crops not growing on island before the bug fixed update, I got that problem after. And now it takes forever to get into friends villages. Boohoo

    • Linda T says:

      This is also happening to me- not a happy camper at the moment! Please fix!!!

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