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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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A red bird in a nest was added for limited time in JP Smurfs village


When we play the smurfs village game you always hear birds sing  in the background but we never saw them. Beeline released this week  a new cute  red bird, sitting in its nest for limited time only.  According to Beeline official description: Limited time offer (April 24th to 26th) : bird’s nest on sale for 45 smurfberries. This cute pink bird will give you 300XP every 8 hours,  and is available both on the village and the island. The bird is stationary and doesn’t move from its nest.

We are not sure if this red bird  will be available for English edition or not but we will let you know as soon as we know.

Credit:  Cassis

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  1. Anyone else having an issue with the message in a bottle not working after the last update. It's there, I can touch it to highlight, but then nothing. When I close the game I always get a notification about the message in a bottle but can't interact with it.

  2. Alicia says:

    The red bird in a nest never appeared in my village! Will it be available later on? Thanks

  3. Daiv says:

    Lots of complaints being bantered about here. I am pretty thankful to have an iphone with very little bugs in my game like the lost rafts and am happy overall.

    However, one thing does bug me. Why are the animals so expensive? All over 30 SB and some are double that. I would buy this bird, the porcupine/hedgehog or the duck if it were 10 SB, but not at the current prices. I think they'd see a lot more berries spent this way. And those who have 60 berries to blow could just buy 6 of them. OR even make some of these animals available for coins. Even 30,000 coins would be worth it, but 45 to 60 SB? No way.

    • klydd says:

      Agreed, or they should make a system where we could spend coins to BUY Smurfberries! That would be awesome too!

  4. Deborah says:

    All you ios & android users…just b glad you can play the game on your phones! Doesn’t seem Beeline will ever make it 4 Blackberry users!?

    • yourmom says:

      Blackberries can't run applictions the same way and some aren't touch screen, plus blackberries suck, so.. there ya go.

  5. razec89 says:

    My rafts cant be used anymore…they’re just highlited and useless :((

  6. Well, we just got the porcupine in the English version, so hopefully, in time we'll get the bird.

  7. Kerode66 says:

    Well. We did get the duck not so many dags ago and now I find myself spending SB on à cute little pocupine so somehow I feel My money sponsring this game more then I first planed when I started with this game. But still, i'm sure I will get this little pink bird as well if it shows up. I hate to think of all SB I've. Been paying for since the start so maybe I should feel greatfull for waiting :)

  8. Jose says:

    Today THE HEDGEHOG is availeble in THE english version.Very cut!!!!!!!!!

  9. JennyB says:

    Thanks so much Mr Porcupine. He is great addition to my village.

  10. cheyenne says:

    I also do not appreciate being treated as if my money is worth less than non android users as I am one of them. It doesn’t seem fair I’m assuming to risk losing customers over such a stupid thing is worth whatever they’re being paid to do so. Not to mention they have to do the upgrades and fixes individually (I’m assuming) what a waste of time that could be spent making sure android users have the same oppertunities and respect as other users such as the fact that I have not been able to get far due to the fact that my village is constantly dissapearing from bottom up and I’m told I must reste to last saved date which is not only annoying but makes you lose any berries purchased during the time assuming the gamI kme has not been saved since the purchase which we have no controll over I don’t get that also it forces close so much it makes me not want to play. And let’s not pretend it doesn’t stink to have to waste berries buying items such as storage twice because of the island. And we all know it would be fixed quicker if beeline wasn’t so focused on snoopys street fair and who knows what and making sure iphone users are so far ahead it makes us droid users that much more annoyed knowing what’s comming and that it won’t b here till another few mnths after lol….notvery good business to flash it right in out faces too..shame its my second favortie game. Come on beeline lol I been emailing them for months now they don’t seem to care and I have spent more than enough cash on this game to have an opinion that matters above iphone users who may never purchase berries. ……:(

  11. kyan says:

    Im sick of tired of all these things not available on english version.

    even if they are available, IOS only.

    so what now? Android users are the lesser is it?

    Till now im still waiting fot my Harmony smurf!

    (i know you guys are not Beeline, just saying)

    • Jkiss says:

      Get an iOS device then!

      • Velerby says:

        Amen, Sister…or Mister! I come for advice and entertainment not to listen to complaints. People must be able to consider the challenges in creating something that will be stable for so many different devices! I also have a droid phone, but I dont play smurfs on it!

        • Brainy says:

          I read a posting from beeline and they said android is difficult platform to work with because they have to deal with many device manufactures and each one is different. Even though it's all android but they are not the same. Each device manufacture tweaks androids a little bit for their hardware. This is why the game is only compatible for some droids.

  12. razec89 says:

    Im now opting to discontinue playing smurf’s village for this but im still hoping for a better update coz its such a waste to throw ot all away…even my brainy smurf (when on the island) keeps on saying that my plants have withered wen in fact it hasnt… :(

  13. Brainy says:

    Everyone has this problem so just ignore brainy for now.

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