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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Android Update Version 1.0.6a and glitches


Beeline has recently released a new update for Android users that has been met with mixed reviews. Although version 1.0.6a provides Smurf Village players with additional content some users are still experiencing a few troublesome bugs that often interfere with the overall flow of the game. The update is very similar to the latest iOS version giving players access to unlock Dreamy Smurf and their new island oasis at level 19 or higher. Along with the engaging island quests, players can tackle an advanced quest chain for Jokey Smurf and receive a massive island expansion through Dam building at level 24. There are a handful of brand-new decoration items available in the build menu as well. Players can add tropical themed items like tree swings, colorful surf boards, flags, patterned towels, different style umbrellas, entertaining games, beach balls, and more for their smurfs to enjoy. Social gifting on the island has also been added. Give cherry cake, white shells, blue spotted mushrooms, tall flowers, a bamboo fence, or potions as gifts on a friend’s isle. Many users have raved about how great the gifting feature works now and that visiting neighbors is effortless but like all updates it’s not without its share of annoying bugs.

There’s a long list of glitches associated with the Android 1.0.6a release but for many droid users, dealing with bugs are nothing new. Upon downloading the update, some players’ villages were rearranged requiring them to move back their pathways or decorations to their original locations or completely redecorate. Crashing and the infamous orange screen freeze are still prevalent for a number of users as well. There’s also a glitch that causes houses to morph into crops and vice versa when attempting to move an object or use the zoom feature. Smurfberries can be lost during glitches also. It’s wise not to use them unless you have the berries to waste. An other common issue most of Android users are suffering from as they cant travel to the island.

The latest iOS update for Smurfs’ Village is also still reeling with issues as well. Beeline’s development team is aware of all of the problems connected to both platforms and is actively seeking solutions which will be addressed in future updates.

The great news a new update is in its way where Harmony Smurf will be added to the village. Theh new update  should be live in about a week time or less for iOS devices to be followed shortly by Android.

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  1. aelb says:

    I cant travel to the island since the last update. Is it happening to everyone???

  2. nur says:

    my smurf island just like been curse. i mean when i start planting, the corp not been done on time. what should i do??… please help me….i'm in level 29…

  3. Roy says:

    I’m using Android. Anyone else getting random plots of land just appearing in places for no reason? I’ve even had them appear in the water, replacing my raft house. I’ve had to either recover my village to the previous day or rebuy the raft house. Had this happen 3-4 times in the last month.

    • Brian says:

      This is happening to me as well. It would seem the island and main village tend to overlap. I would move items around in the main village, then later go to the island. There would be an item I moved on the island. A piece of fence, a flower bed, a tree, and several times a farm plot. Of course the tree and the flower bed won’t work. Click on them and a plain useless white screen comes up where the options would normally be in the main village.

      I also have a phantom timbersmurf huton the island. You can’t see it but at night there is a light glowing, click on it and the info for timbersmurf’s hut comes up. Also, it is right where the raft house is. I don’t dare try to move it in fear the raft house will dissappear. However, one of the rafts gives me 60 coin and 120xp every 12 hours, much the same as the logs in the main willage. Kind of a good glitch there.

      Another glitch I have on the island, everytime I add a house it won’t let me add a farm plot. It says I don’t have enough smurfs, even if I upgrade the new house. So i will have smurfs with nothing to do. Then I got clever and began going to the main village and moving farm plots around until one shows up on the island. Careful do not do this when a smurf is tending the plot. It may take the smurf as well. Also move the plot in a specific area. If you move plots in the southeast side of the village it will more than likely show up on the southeast side of the island. Keep the southeast side of the island clear, the farm plot could show up directly under a house, flower, something else important, and moving the items without loosing them is tricky. I lost a fancy umbrella that i received from a raft trip.

      So with all that, is shows one can adapt to the glitches. Then again, I won’t dare update, not until the complaints end on the app rating list. I stopped updating after the one in Feb brought the cursed island into existence. I’m on level 35, have nearly a million coin, and don’t intend on losing my smurfberries, let alone any part of the village.

  4. bas says:

    I have a very strange error.
    After starting up the game i got the ,starting movie, just like when you just start the game
    In the village the bottom half of my villiga is gone and all houses are gone. But half of the gardens, my wood-smurf and half of the rocks are still there. So are mu smurfberries. It acts like i just started the game but it says i am ion level 27 (just like i was before this happened).
    Furthermore the place where the ship should be but the ship itself is not, so i cannot check the island.

    How can i get my whole village back?

    Please help, because i will stop playing and start giving low rating to this game if these crashes cannot be fixed and i have to start all over again.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You should recover your village. Go to options and tab Papa Smurfs head 16 times, then you can select your village before it was lost.

  5. Irina says:

    После последнего обновления могла попасть на остров. Но теперь опять беда!!! Куда-то делись 70 смурфов и все улитки и гусеницы. И на остров опять не попасть!
    Что мне делать?

  6. Wickus says:

    Please help with this error I received.
    The application com.capcom.smurtfsandroid (process com.capcom.smurfsandroid) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.
    The the the app closes and nothing else. If attempt to re-download it it only give option to either open the app or un-install it.

  7. Wickus says:

    I know every game do have their own bugs and issues. However twice this year I had to start from scracth after loosing the entire game from the Android phone. It happened every time after some update. Regards the latest update, the actual game doesn't open at all, it mearly goes black screen and reboot the game. Lost all my hard work again. When I did manage to open the game after downloading it again for the 4th time or so I attemted to recover the last played game. This is where I find only the island no land at all, the river is in two differend directions and lost all he hard work. Is there away to roll back an update release?

    • Sassete says:

      If you dont have a backup before you did the update I dont think its possible but you can try to contact beeline and se if they can reover your game. Next time save a backup before you download the update.

  8. René says:

    Android version nr. is now

  9. alex says:

    Since I updated the village, 2 of my 4 rafts, placed between the ship and raft house, never came back. If I try to click on them never happens!
    Android user

  10. Claire Bester says:

    I updated and now MY VILLAGE WONT OPEN AT ALL!!!!!!??????

    • Poet says:

      Did you try rebooting your device, or recover your village?

      • Claire Bester says:

        Yes, rebooted but no joy! I haven't been able to try '& recover my village as it won't open at all now….:-( do you have any idea when the new update will be available for android? I can hardly believe how addicted i am to this game!!!!!
        Thank you for your reply

  11. Alister says:

    i cant even get on my village i press play n it just take me bake to my home screen this suck please hurry it the only thing that keepps me occupied

    • Poet says:

      Have you tried rebooting your device and gotten the latest update? If nothing else works, you may need to report this to Beeline.

  12. annelie says:

    i have 2 brainy smurfs can't visit island

  13. Jennifer says:

    There is a new update for Android. I can get to my island now.

  14. Mair says:

    I have a floating body of water in my main village and when i tap on it I am told to harvest 10 crops of honeydew for orange paint which I already did on my island, Brainy is also saying i have withered crops which i dont.

    what do i do??

    • Brainy says:

      that's the quest for island , not main land. I think it's must be a game glitch.
      Reboot your device. If it doesnt fix the problem, u need to recover your village.

    • Nancy says:

      I have this same thing happening in my level 26 village. I have to say, I like some of the glitches. I've tried rebooting my device, but nothing changed. I decided to plant the honeydew to see if it would go away. Two hours to wait to see if it worked. I also have Brainy telling me that I have withered crops on the island. I ignore him, because it's been there since the start.

    • jwp says:

      I contacted Beeline over a month ago with this same glitch and given the impression that it was my phone. I'm so annoyed with the response and lack of a fix that I don't play anymore. Since I've purchased SBs, I'm considering a change in my Gamecenter rating and removing the game from my phone entirely. Will wait for one more update, crossed fingers. But good luck, Mair, you're not alone.

  15. Eila says:

    Appreciate that Beeline Team can fixed soonest. I missed the game – Android user

  16. Angel says:

    Glitches? Where do I start?
    1. It's still night time in the village at 7am
    2. Sometimes I see the "Beeline" logo when I open the app. Sometimes the screen is black.
    3. It says my crops are withered even if there is nothing planted
    4. I can't build the raft house. All that's there on my island is a garden patch & three houses. Brainy keeps telling me to place it in an open area no matter where I try to place it. Then he tells me my crops are withered. Umm Brainy, nothing is planted.
    5. A Smurf was watering a log. He was no where near a flower bed or the vegetable garden.

    BTW I'm an Andriod user.

  17. louis says:

    After updating my Smurf village, I got 2 Brainy Smurf in my village.

    Why not 2 Jokey Smurf instead???

    Now I no longer can travel to the island…

    Beeline Pls fix the big in the next update….

  18. Charles says:

    I am an andriod user (ICS 4.0.3). After patching, I occasionally get rubbish fonts. I was able to built additional houses without levelin, and built additonal miner and handy workshop using gold. My raft and smurf now wont come bck. restoring the previous bckup copy results in "plant all" feature disabled. What a bug!!

  19. @TigreHoods says:

    I still cant visit friends villages but I still can receive gifts from some. I tried the tricks they emailed me ( visit random village,return to my village and go to friends, logout and log back in, etc) Still doesnt work for me. Plus had to recover village twice already and lots more glitches/freezing. Crops withering ahead of time after traveling across to the beach. Fun game but Im not going to buy any more berries till fixed

  20. Pat simon says:

    I was at level 23 ot 24 and everything disappeared and it said I cannot go back to the village! Back to level one….this stinks. What gives?

  21. Jay says:

    Would anyone know when will be the MIAB be available on Android?

  22. Jennifer says:

    I just got to level 22 & its like I’m starting over. Papa smurf told me we have to build a new village. I lost smurfs, houses, snails, caterpillars and can’t get back to the island. Is this normal for the start of this level? I tried restarting my phone and doing the update.

    • Sassete says:

      This have happpend to a few other players that are playing on android and we actually dont know why this happens it seems like there is some kind of bug. Have you tried to tap on papa smurf head 16 times and se if you can go back before this happend.

    • Mef says:

      I have the same problem with mine (Android), except the i'm at level 29… I can't go back to the island, and i have to do the quest of level 1… What can i do??

      • Poet says:

        Beeline is currently looking into a quick fix for Android players facing this issue. Until then, you have to wait till they resolve the issue.

      • sas says:

        go to options, put 16 times to papa smurfs head(picture) and then right down "recover village" button

  23. Sheila Taina says:

    I did the latest update available and now I can’t get to the island Si what could. Be done?

  24. Jonathan says:

    I was trying to do Dreamys quest of send out a raft for 24 hours to deliver a letter and now I cant click on the raft anymore. I wont come back.

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