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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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BBQ deco item is on sale in smurfs village for a short period


This week Beeline  pushed a new item for sale, but it is not an animal as usual this time. It is a barbeque  (BBQ) since it is summer, and it comes in conjunction with Smurfs celebration. This  seasonal item is only for sale for just the next 24 hours (limited time only), and there is no guarantee to that you will be able to see it on the shop again.  It costs 20 smurfberries and can be bought on the main smurfs village as well in the island. The barbeque will give you 50 coins few times a day.

Please note, if you haven’t got it yet,  it will show up at some point shortly as it is subjected to time  zones.Also make sure to connect to internet so you wont miss it.

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  1. Gerald Summerlin says:

    I love this game! how can I play it again?

  2. stacy says:

    I don't have gril….

  3. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    We aren't Beeline so we can't do anything about it.

  4. Betty says:

    Please fix the miab. Just went missing again and took eight smurfs with it this time.
    Last time took six. Isn't this suppose to be fun?

  5. Pegah says:

    Does anyone experience the problem of disappearing "MIAB" ? If yes, what is the solution? It happens when im done with 2quests out of 4. When i take a trip to the main land and come back, the MIAB has disappeared. Somebody please help me!

  6. CrazyAuntie says:

    The BBQ is a seasonal item, does this mean we will lose it come Fall or Winter updates? I remember some items disappear cause they were seasonal & some didn't. I hate to spend my $20 smurfberries if I'm going to lose it in a few months. Does anyone know, or is this a Beeline question?

  7. GixxerChic says:

    I haven't been able to get into the game since last night…about to lose all my flowers & crops…NOT happy >:/

  8. wilfred says:

    i have a question…. what kind of tulips do i have to plant? this is quest by grouchy smurf… to harvest 30 boxes of Tulips to throw pollen in his eyes….
    I have planted 30+ pink tulips, but the quest is still there. I'm trying to plant both the red and the blue ones… but this is taking so long… please help.

    • Poet says:

      The 8 hour tulip would be fine….the trick is to harvest all 30 tulips at the same time.

      • Betty says:

        This is impossible if I only have 15 flower gardens. It will take forever to go 15 more levels. This is the first time we have been required to do impossible things. I'm becoming quite irritated with this game. Bottle steals my smurfs, AGAIN, and now impossible quest. This is suppose to be fun!!!

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          You can have 2 free smurfs per update so it won't take 15 levels (only 8 but it's still a lot). You can complete the quest by deleting 15 gardens buying 15 flower boxes. Plant pink tulips so you only miss your gardens 8 hours. Then delete 15 flowers boxes and buy the gardens again. Ignore the bottle for now.

  9. Lauriane says:

    Just emailed beeline about those shorts items, they should be on sale for a whole day at least few hours but not 30 minutes ! i play this game when my baby's asleep only….

  10. Clumsy says:

    I saw this offer really late last night, but I didn't buy it. I'm still waiting for that Gargamel toy that was previewed (if that hasn't already passed by without letting me know, of course).

    • D Smurf says:

      The Gargamel toy is a prize in the Lucky game however you never know, Beeline might offer it for sale too.

  11. Anggie says:

    yesterday i've got 60 smurfberries for free from beeline.. it's really make me shock, cause there's not special day..
    but today i can't log in to my facebook..

  12. Cereziitoo says:

    Where i can find the loom???

  13. Trey says:

    Tonight from eleven thirty to twelve the red swing chair was on sale for twenty smurfberries. Then from twelve to twelve thirty the ice cream cart was placed on sale again for twenty smurfberries. I like all these different deals, I just wish they would last a little longer to take advantage of!

  14. meka says:

    if you miss out on the BBQ deal will it apppear again?

  15. Dead Lilac says:

    I also got the birdbath last night. It was up for 30 minutes, followed by the sand hut for 30 minutes.

  16. Robin says:

    I got a bird bath to put near Smurfette's hut and now she gives 25 xp, instead of 15. Whoopee.

  17. Trey says:

    Yah, what’s up with beeline deals. Last night there was a toolbox for sale from eleven thirty until twelve for twenty smurfberries that when placed reduces the time it takes to customize huts. It was only a half hour deal that many people didn’t even get to see. It seems like almost every day beeline screws up and puts random things on sale each lasting less than an hour. Why is this?

  18. Paislee20 says:

    Got the BBQ yesterday & today got a butterfly birdbath for 15 berries also sandhut re-appeared !

  19. Rosy says:

    Has anyone else seen the late night sales. It is past 2 am where I live and on my iPad a 25 min sale came up for the sand hut that had been on sale previously. It cost 20 Smurfberries. I checked the other 2 iPads in the house that all have the village under different accounts and each village received a different offer. One was for the gazebo worth 4000 coins and the other for a bird bath that would increase the xp Smurfette gives out. It cost 15 Smurfberries. I also received a 25 min offer yesterday for the hedgehog around the same time but I didn't check the other iPads to see if they also received an offer. Has anyone also recieved these kind of offers? Does anyone know if this is a bug or why the offers are not the same? Thanks for any info. I love this web site.

  20. Sunburned Smurf says:

    Haven't seen this offered, but I am showing a new bird bath that will increase the XP given by smurfette

  21. Lotus27 says:

    I never got the choice for the BBQ but I found a butterfly fountain…

    • Brainy says:

      i got neither

      • isis says:

        hi brainy dont you have an android village? The butterful fountain is in the star section which arrived in the last update and is not there for a limited time. I also got the bat as well

        • Heidi says:

          I just purchased a butterfly fountain with 15 berries, but that didn't increase any of the xp in my village. Where should I put to make it work? can someone please tell me? Thanks in advance.

  22. GOODFRIEND says:

    I didn't get this barbecue. However, I live in France and I just got ''smurfette's butterfly pond'', which increases her rewards!

    • Brainy says:

      it was a short limited item. Alot of people including myself didnt get it

      • Mira_2006 says:

        It keeps going! One of my village gets more offer than the other, event when I look at the same time.
        During the week, Both got the red/blue chair(again), the bbq (only in the main village) and the sand hut (again too).
        Just my iPhone got the bird bath for smurfette and the scarecrow….
        I'm a bit puzzled.

        Another remark: at one point months ago, there was a special offer on a watering can that increases the perimeter of farmer's bonus. Probably the best buy I ever made. But it never appeared again. If it comes back, buy it, it's worth it!

    • D Smurf says:

      I didn't get the barbecue at first but then it just showed up yesterday (I'm in the UK) so you may still get it. I find in general I get the offers a few days later than everyone, still waiting for that pond though.

  23. Natalia says:

    Please return me my game

  24. Rachel says:

    Instead of spending all your time creating things like a bbq that is available for just 24 hours why not help people having major problems like me? Im still stuck 3 updates back on the dreamy smurf update. I have reported the problem as my phone which is only 12 months old isnt compatible anymore bit obviously making money from things like this is more important. Im getting to the point of deleting this app altogether.

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