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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Beeline surprises iOS user releasing version 1.1.8


Beeline  surprises  again Smurfs’ village Apple iOS community  by releasing an unexpected  new update 1.1.8 at the time where everybody was waiting for Easter update.  Few aesthetic changes were made.  At the introduction screen  a news ticker was added,  either to highlight  what’s  new in the update or to inform the users of any available guidance tips. The color of Pink and orange Snails   was made fluorescent during the night. (According to Beeline representative, this is a bug, but for once, could be a positive bug).

The update was mainly made  for the island, where  the  zoom in/out  bug  was fixed,  and tons of decoration items (totem poles, surf boards, flags,..) were added. In addition  many  quests were assigned by Jokey where he asks you to plant crops as well as he ask to you to collect package from himself, although this quest seem to be buggy. For those who did not catch the bug, Jokey’s last quest would be to send 5 smurfs into the forest before his quests end.  A free land expansion also added at the left side of the island.  New bugs also can be found in this update such the dam which takes few days to be built can be deleted a second and you have to wait an other week to re-build it or  you have to spend a batch of 15 smurfberries . In addition to that few items were added in  friends gifts list such us red mushroom, yellow potion,…

The official description of this update according to Beeline:
A few good goodies were added  to the Village and tons of fun to the island for 1.1.8.

  • A new land expansion is available on the island at level 24
  • Lots of new decorations on the island including a tree swing, surf boards, flags, beach umbrellas and more
  • New quests in the village including a quest chain for Jokey Smurf
  • Gifts added on the island and new and revised gifts for the village.
  • A new message-in-a-bottle feature for the island.
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  1. madasmurf says:

    My message in a bottle has dissapeared for the past tow levels, know i'm level 29 and i have no bottle??????
    how longer do i have to wait?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you're connected to the network regularly, there shouldn't be a problem with the message in a bottle (MIAB). Please open a ticket with Beeline support at

  2. Sue says:

    I think that all of us are having trouble with timming, they say ours is off and check Internet connection, but I think it's them not us!!!!!!! Please fix this bug as it is going on too long.!!!!!! Getting tired of playing a game that has all these BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. D.BMA says:


    am on level 19 in smurfs village & i have one question about the game
    what does jokey mean when he wants me prove to grouchy that there is nothing to be afraid of ?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      When Jockey gives a gift(exclamation mark without quest) tap him and the quest is completed. Jokey gives a gift every day.

  4. Mónica Rodríguez says:

    Necesito ayuda no entiendo lo que me pide putufo Capitan Send out 2 dye rafts, gracias

  5. Michelle says:

    Ever since I updated at the beginning of May, my percentage bar status doesnt work any more it is full with 171157% I am currently on level 42 and have been playing but not moving up levels. Is this a common problem and are beeline going to fix this? I am not starting again and will just abandon playing Smurfs as it is boring never moving up levels! I have played this for over a year and a half! Not happy!! Does anybody else have this problem??

  6. Vicsmiles says:

    My message in a bottle has disappeared for the 3rd week in a row. Any ideas why this is happening?

  7. Brenda says:

    On the island, I have toy chests, and like a little green toy train etc. tells me to place near a smurflings home for xp. I have placed them everywhere and nothing. What are they wanting me to do, and what's a smurflings hut? Is It different? Thanks

    • Michael says:

      The Three smurling huts are slouchy snappy and sasettes house on the island. they are smaller slouchy and snappys come up in a mission and sasettes cost smurfberries to complete. All Three are about 1/2 the size of a regular adult smurf hut.

  8. Anna says:

    papa smurf say "maybe we should try that bottle that just washed up on shore?" tap the bottle.
    but where's the bottle ???

  9. sam says:

    i cant receive gifts i got the full update but can send them on smurf village any one having trouble with this

  10. Juliegag says:

    I would to know, which level I can have the bottle in my island

    Because I’m at level 26 and I didn’t

    Thanks you

  11. Valerie says:

    My app shuts down wheni get half way toy island, I also have. Ever had a bottle show up on my island.

  12. tiny cloud says:

    on my ipod touch i have the notifications turned on and a message popped up saying that a message in a bottle had washed up on shore so i tapped the button that said visit village and when i went there no one said anything about it and it wasn't in the ocean. plz help:(

    • Sassete says:

      This is unfortunattely a bug that a few players experienced try to download the new update and se if that fix your problem

  13. stormsma says:

    right, ive done the bottle quests 3 times over. each time i completed them i was shown the dofs head as a prize but it did not appear on my island. this time it allowed me to place the head and now it says i need to complete the bottle quests 3 MORE times to get the other bits of totem.. but in reality i should already have 3 bits of totem! this is really annoying! have complained to beeline countless times about various bugs snd issues, nothing ever happens, no reply or compensation, im getting fed up now.

    • Poet says:

      Beeline has confirmed the totem pieces you got before the 1.19 update do not count as it was a bug. Now that they can be placed, every piece will count now.

  14. Dyrine says:

    Hi I have recently bought a toy box to put by the new yellow house you have to buy and when I tried and move the box to where I wanted it it just placed next to my dame wall and now I can't highlight it to delete it or move it does any one know what I can do to fix it please help

  15. glenn graham says:

    Four of my rafts are sitting there and I cant move them or send them to sea.
    also i have the dam wall but no river, do i remove the wall and fill the river hten put the wall back?????

    • Sassete says:

      There have been a lots of bugs with the rafts, you can try to rebot your device and se if that works. No you should not delete the dam because then you have to build it again and it takes a very long time to build it.

  16. Schtroumpfette83 says:

    Does Jockey make only one quest? II had only one.
    For the 1. quest bottle I had a head that disappeared, for the second a violet bench but it disappeared too. Why?

  17. Lilyester says:

    Jada if your below level 16 then you can't get Marco but if your on level 16 and above then you can get Marco.

  18. Nanette says:

    When wil be come a bottle?i am level 29 but I have not any bottle in my island.

  19. LynnSuzanne says:

    HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE: After I had dammed up the river, I added items and gardens to the island expansion. I placed one garden touching the bottom of the dam. A few days later, when I moved the garden, it was ATTACHED to the dam! Although I could move the garden-dam all over the island, it would not allow me to place it anywhere. I ended up deleting it. THEN my whole island expansion disappeared, and the river was back! I tried to buy a new dam, but it said "Already Placed". So I had to tap Papa's face 16 times and restore my last saved village.
    I didn't want to lose too much progress, so I restored to the latest version which had the garden touching the dam. Thought I'd try to move that garden again, and the exact same thing happened, so I again restored to the same latest version.
    So now I'm stuck with a garden permanently attached to the bottom of the dam!
    Is this a bug? Or is this just part of the game?
    Much thanks for any insight from anyone!

  20. Michael says:

    Hello. I think I just received an update and now the language has changed to "Chinese". How do I get it back to English when you cannot read the "Chinese"?

    • Ilona says:

      hello. just a couple of complete restarts of the game worked out for me.
      so make sure youre game isnt running in the background.

  21. peishi says:

    can anyone who is kind enough to help me on 2 problem i facing?
    first is that my dam are built but i wait for 1 week and there's still no bottle wash up shore for me to do my quest? did i miss out anything that why i never see my bottle? is there anything i need to do for the bottle to appear?
    secondly is that why my crop is taking longer time to harvest? (watermelon as stated in your game took 12hrs to harvest but why mine took 12hrs 15mins to harvest?) and not just watermelon so but all other crops too.
    can some1 be kind enough to help me on the above, please?

    • Sassete says:

      There have been a lots of bugs on the island and there are many players with different kind of preoblems. In your case it seems like your game is just a little bit slow try to wait for a day or two and se if your bottle appear, unfortunately there have been players that still doest have got ther first bottle the only thing you can do is to wait and see.

  22. peishi says:

    can anyone assist me please?
    i have waited for 1 week but why there's no bottle been wash up the shore for me? (as mention by your game it will be wash up but today i still never see any bottle) can i know what is going on or have i missed out anythings?
    why is it that my crop is taking longer time to be harvest? (EG: watermelon 12hrs as stated in your game but mine took 12hr15mins to harvest)
    can any kind person please assist and reply to me?

  23. Eric Chung says:

    Hi, The game fail to start, I've to delete teh App's & install it again in order to play. This happen after this update. Any advise?

  24. Cassie says:

    One of quests from the bottle was to send raft for 24 hours but before i received the bottle, all my rafts are all gone. It has been a month but all my rafts are still not coming back. What should i do? How am i suppose to complete the quest then?

  25. waleed says:

    I won't this update for android plllllllz

  26. Pitufos fan says:

    Why the andriod update take to much time?, every single update is the same

  27. Juliet says:

    Ever since this latest update I've not been able to give or receive gifts or flower watering! Any suggestions? I've also been missing 2 rafts since I got the island. Plus I spent 30 smurfberries on the island and it deducted 50! Have complained to Beeline but no reply. Why do they send out updates that are so bug-ridden???

    • Sassete says:

      Sorry to hear but it can take over a week before you get an aswer from Beeline and why they send out there updates with al the bugs can only Beeline answer on, but it has been like this from the begining and we that have played this game for a long time are geting used to it, like Brainy said- we are not players we are testers.

  28. stria says:

    hi, i want to enter the island contest, please someone send me the link?! :)

  29. jackisforever says:

    I also have the same problem. At first I though maybe I just didn't read it right but after reviewing these messages I found everyone is experiencing the same problem. My qwest was to grown and harvest 46 honeydew and now it changed it to 46 eggplants and I have only 3 days left and I need to complete 3 task. Do anyone know when this bug will be fixed?

    • Brainy says:

      The quest might complete by itself if u do this

      1) Close the game completely. Just reboot device if u dont know how to close the app. Switching to different app wont work.
      2) launch game again and go to island.

  30. boedy says:

    Hello.. I just wanna ask. Since i updated my version to the latest version, my village always in a day-light time. Never enter a night time. There is no moon at my villageee :(

    Always sunny all day long.. Never raining anymore.. Anyone can help me to explain what happen to my village? :)

  31. Lisa says:

    When the update is releasing for Android users? As Android user you have to wait very long for the next update. =(

  32. Tinasmurf says:

    Is there a capacity on how many houses you can have on the island? For every single house it says I’m required to have level 32 (I’m 31). Even for the red house it says I’m required to level up. I already tried to shut off and restart my phone. Is this a glitch or is the island becoming more like the village where you can only have one new house per level?

  33. William Crosby says:

    Please help me one of my smurfs seems to have vanished. :( My first and second bottle quests completed instantly after I reopened the app and then my third quest got weird. My third quest asked me to send 5 smurfs out for 50 hours so I did this. Then when reopening the app I clicked on the bottle and the quest had changed it now said 4 smurfs were out for 42 hours and I hadn't got the other smurf back. A day later it still said my smurfs were out for 40 hours, so I decided to use 1SB to hurry them up, and only 4 smurfs returned. I should have 20 smurfs on my island yet I only seem to have 19, (2on rafts, 5on a papa smurf quest and 12 farming). How can I get my other smurf back?
    My 4th and final bottle quest was to plant 30 eggplants so I planted 13 of these and left the app, to find when I return I have too infact plant 47 tomatoes. What is going on with these bottle quests?

    • Sassete says:

      There are unfotunately a lots of bugs with the bottle questions and the only thing we can do is hopping that Beeline will fix this a soon a possible.

    • Lucasxxxx01 says:

      The bottle quests are certainly buggy. The first quest you get isn't the right one. After an hour or something it changes to another and that's the right one. My first bottle quest was planting magic honeydew and an hour later I saw that it changed to eggplants. So don't do the first quest with time but the second. If you don't want to wait, use one sb. If you don't want to use your sb's, wait until the next update and hope they have fixed it.

  34. Lots of problems with this update, I have 2 Smurf's missing on the Island, no quests active or no rafts out exploring, 10/12 available…. *confused*

    • Brigitte says:

      I have the same issue. 4 smurfs have disappeared. I tried closing all apps and rebooting my iPad. Nope, didn’t work. After my week of arriving on the Island and having to close because it was very slow (I but the sound back on and it was ok), this is getting to a point where I not having fun anymore.

      • Poet says:

        Have you tried tapping on the rafts and cancelling them? The latest update allows you to cancel rafts tapped by mistake, the same way you cancel a crop, flower or shrub if planted wrongly.

    • Nima says:

      I have 5 smurfs missing :)) , I wish Brainy get lost or my snails and caterpillars instead of 5 hard working smurfs! I hope they find their way back to my island soon!

      • Glen Grainger says:

        Well after the game restarted, my missing 2 Smurf’s have magically reappeared, but now the quest for the message-in-a-bottle has changed from 9 egg plants to 42 tomatoes…

        Seriously, between this game and CavemanLand I don’t know what one is worse, probably CavemanLand actually, traps are failing to “activate” and catch anything after 4 days…

  35. Miranda says:

    I updated my raft hut for getting all the raft’s. Now one has disappeared and never coming back again! When will it come back?

    • Poet says:

      Have you tried cancelling that particular raft? The latest update allows you to tap on a sent raft and cancel it.

      • Ann says:

        This happened to me, too.
        My raft is greyed out, so when I tap on it, nothing happens.
        I'm not even able to cancel it.
        It's been unusable for over a week now!

  36. Jada says:

    Part of the Totem pole! DUH

  37. Jada says:

    The bottle quest said to grow 63 crops of cantaloupe it had like 7 more hours b4 they were done,so I went to gift neighbors, found Marco,went back to my village ….. It said I completed the bottle quest and it gave me a lousy GREEN BENCH! What’s going on?? I need a good answer!

  38. Lily Farr says:

    On the island, when moving anything near our marbles they seem to disappear. Any ideas why?
    And in addition you cannot place paths in storage both on the island or in the mainland.
    Is Beeline aware of these problems and will they be fixed?

  39. ava says:

    I have the bottle message it says 5 days 16 hours left dose it mean I only have a limited time to compleat

  40. Sophhhhre says:

    I just finished the first quest for the message in the bottle without even clicking on the bottle, is this normal? i think the quest finished itself due to the same glitch that causes crops to wither early on the island.

  41. Lee says:

    How to build the totem pole? I couldn’t find one in the shop.

  42. Ricky says:

    Yup, just got my first bottle quest – sending a raft out for an hour to get an elixir for Brainy’s toothache.

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