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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Day and Night cycle and Alchemist Smurf in the next update


Few hours probably remain before the next updates of Smurfs’ village game   will be released, at this time more screenshots have been released of the upcoming version revealing that:

  • The beige hut (mushroom house)  with stars on the rooftop and potion minigame sign, which was thought previously  that it was Papa smurf’s  hut, it turned out to be a different hut than Papa smurf one, because  both huts can be seen together in  one of the released screenshots.
  • A new smurf will be added in the village, he has yellow stars on his white hat    and he got a blue scarf around his neck.  He is most probably Alchemy Smurf. Since he has stars in his hat, most probably, the mushroom house with stars on the rooftop is his house, as well as the potion minigame screenshot, which was added in earlier.
  • At last but not least it has been confirmed that the day and night cycle will  take a part in this upcoming update  as it can be seen clearly in one of the screenshots, this definitely will make the game more exiting.

More accurate information will be added upon the release of the updates.

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  1. Siera_2014 says:

    How comes every time I go to the main menu select options and hit effects on that my night time doesn’t come on? It just constantly stays in day time mode. I’ve even tried completing quests, closing out of the game, shutting my phone off and then turning my phone back on and going back in to the game and it still does it. What is wrong!!??

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Do you have the magic sundial? It is under structures for 15 SBs, available on every area and with it you can change between daytime and nighttime constantly right out of the game.

  2. Smurfy says:

    Why isn't there an option in the Smurffs Village app where we could change the language??? My device is in french but I want my smurffvillage in english without changing everything.

  3. Deepa says:

    Grouchy surmf keeps saying mix an orange potion in alchemist surmfs or papa surmfs game! I ve done 5 times but it still says the same thing

  4. Jaysuarez bolts says:

    I have now my Smurfs Village in Spanish, but I don't want to, how can I change it back to English?

  5. shavonne says:

    my day and night has stopped working on my android. what do i do to get it started back?

  6. Mira_2006 says:

    Another update has arrived: who tested it?

  7. nancy says:

    To get the night time go to main menu click on opinions and then click on effects till it says on :)

  8. Hilary says:

    Why my smurfs village do not have might time?its always day time..

  9. Darien Chong says:

    I build the dam in the island but already finish still don't come out

  10. kfinn says:

    I built the Smurf Hut on the Island, but Papa Smurf still reflects ADD A SMURF HUT for the +xp 800. I even upgraded and the quest isn't completed.

    • Smurfette says:

      Did you build the normal smurfs hut? If you have not done so, try the red one from the first shop

      • MCV says:

        I am having the same issue I added 2 normal red huts and Papa Smurf is still saying the same thing "Let's add a Smurf hut to the island" can someone tell me what it looks like or what it is? this is driving me crazy!

        • Smurfette says:

          The normal red mushroom house is correct. Have you tapped "ok" on Papa Smurfs quest? If you press "not now" or "cancel" it will not register as competed. Also, the task is only done when the mushroom houses have finished building.

  11. Zmutz says:

    What happen with the day and night ? Dosent come the night from 2 days now.

    I m playing this game on ipad. Its that the problem?

    Thank you.

  12. Enrique says:

    Hello everyone,

    There’s a apreciar offer in Which u can buy taylor’s smurf hut with 50%off i have enough smurfberries but it won’t let me buy it!! What can i do?? Time is running!! Help please!!

    Thank you!

    • Smurfette says:

      There is a bug that causes you to need at least 30 Smurfberries to make the purchase. Tailor will still only cost 15 Smurfberries, but you won't be able to buy him unless you have at least 30 SBs.

  13. Sam Smiley :) says:

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new at this game, I was wondering if anyone could please tell me how to make it night time for my village? Thanks

  14. Larry says:

    Alchemist smurf asked me to upgrade papa smurfs house, but I already did. I don’t see an option to upgrade again. How can I do this task?

    • Smurfette says:

      I have heard from a couple of people who are having this issue. Unfortunately I do not know a solution to that. The only thing I can come up with is to make sure you press “okay” and not “Cancel” or “Not Now” on the task window. Other than that, it is possible that it might not get fixed before the next game update.

  15. Monikgirl says:

    I must say i don’t like the day and night cycle. I only can play at night and it’s very dificult to see. Is there anything I can do to chance it?

  16. Smurfett says:

    papa smurf will ask to send some smurfs to pringe th alchemy smurf … just do waht he ask for.

  17. Luna says:

    I updates my app but the alchemy smurf did not show.. It says that he should be found at level 16 but I’m at level 17

  18. Sharon says:

    Where's alchemist want him now please xx

  19. MM says:

    Hi!I have problem with the last update.I did it and it doesn’t open the application!And I just wait for the next update.I don’t know what to do.The same problem has a friend of mine too.

    • Smurfette says:

      This is just a server issue, you will not have to wait for a new update, but you might have to wait till tomorrow, just try it every couple of hours or so, it should work again soon

  20. Markus says:

    Also, I forgot to add, I know its early but how long will it take for the next update cause Im a die hard smurf village fan, ive been playing foor soo long and im curious cause this update was not tht creative has the other ones

  21. Markus says:

    Please answer me smurfette! When will the new update be available for android?
    And on my android i purchased 25 smurfberries and cannot buy painters hut and taylors hut why is this?! When will I be able to also for Vanity too , I wanna buy him before the sale goes away .

    • Smurfette says:

      We are only an inofficial guide to the game and have no information on that, other than what Beeline publically releases. There has not been any information about that. You might want to contact them directly at

  22. Karla says:

    I dont see where to get the sunflower in a clay thing . Everybody has it but me. Do you where it it.?

  23. Marlyn says:

    Hi.. I’m also having the same problem like Glenn. I update my Smurf Village at Level 29, but I couldn’t se any Alchemist Smurf neither can find a way to get it. I have a lot of Smurfberries. I don’t mind abour Marco Smurf since I don’t have any friends. Please Advise on the Alchemist Smurf!!!!!!!

  24. scott says:

    I cant find alchamy smurf to add him, where is he? or is it because i am at character limit?

  25. Glenn says:

    where do you get alchemist smurf from ive done the upadte im level 29 but dont see alk smurf no where mixing potions i cant get them either need alk smurf any help????????

  26. Damla says:

    Thanks for all of your answers, Smurfette :)

  27. Damla says:

    Also what about smurfs’ grabber? When will these both games be connected, do you have any info?

    • Smurfette says:

      No, the creators said it would be available after the new Smurfs Village update has been released. I noticed that the Main Screen has a new section (Smurf Items or something like that) and am guessing it is for the Smurf's Grabber items, but it does not seem to work yet.

  28. Damla says:

    What about day and night mode and the other special smurf?

    • Smurfette says:

      Marco Smurf comes to your village after a quest from Papa Smurf (3 Smurfs for half a day) and then he goes visit your friends villages. If you find him in one of those villages (a medall next to their name shows in which one he is) and tap on him, he goes back to your village and gives you a present (for example a Smurfberry). Not sure how often you will get a present

  29. Drew says:

    Thanks Smurfette, Level 34, Papa's got my Smurf's in the forest for something. ETA, 16 hours

  30. Drew says:

    I've got the update, but what gives about Alchemist Smurf? He is mentioned in the update, but now that I've updated he is nowhere to be found? Papa Smurf's game mentions needing Alchemist Smurf, but purchasing him is not an option.

  31. Tom Tom says:

    Iv downloaded the update and says alchemist smurf is available at level 23 but cannot find him anywhere do you kno where I get him?

  32. Tony says:

    The Game Center icon has changed! I wonder if we will get the update later today? So excited!

    • Smurfette says:

      Good catch, in the past when this happened (for Smurfs as well as for other apps) it usually meant that the update would be there at the latest the next day, so we should at least see it tomorrow, but maybe we will even get it today (depending on where in the word you are, I guess).

      • Tony says:

        The update is available! However I cannot find where to get alchemist surfs house and I am on level 37. Does anyone know?

        • Smurfette says:

          You have to complete Papa Smurf’s current task, after that he will send Smurfs to either look for Marco Smurf (3 Smurfs for 12 hours or one Smurfberry) and then for Alchemy Smurf (3 Smurfs for 24 hours or again one Smurfberry). (Assuming you have reached the reuired minimum levels). Then Alchemy will come to your village and you get a couple of quests. Have not reached the point yet were I can find his house, will let you know.

  33. Tom Tom says:

    Smurfette will you find out before hand wen the actual release is as been looking at this site alot aswell as app store to see if n e things changed

  34. Sunny says:

    we are still waiting for the new level. It is not funny to play if the xp is not shown. Grrrrrrrrrr the time until level 39 should go faster. I think we are "smurfaholics" :-).

  35. Seamus says:

    Ahhhhhh im going crazy!! I want the update to come out! 😀 i hate waiting to get past the grape quest.. :( lol.

  36. moira says:

    I still have faith that the lamps/lanterns will light things up at night because if you watch them, they blink on and off – so I want to believe that the screenshots were taken when they were flickering off. I mean…come on….if the windows of the houses give off light, why wouldn't the damn street lights do the same thing, hahaha.

    I can't WAIT for the update – also checking the app store/this website every hour – even though I know it'll be the end of the week :)

    • Smurfette says:

      Haven’t even considered that the screenshots might be taken while the street lamps were dim, great thinking. Let’s hope it is true and we will get beatifully lighted up villages when the update finally comes.

      P.S. I am checking regularly too, still hoping that the anounced end of the week is just to make sure that people do not get disappointed and we might get it early. Although I am checking the Game Center Icon, this is generally what changes first. If that has changed the update should be live at the latest the next day (or Monday if it changes on a weekend). At least that is how it has always been before.

  37. Wow, it looks amazing, I really want play that. By the way, the game is only in English or have other languages? 😀

  38. Papa smurf Guest says:

    Street lamps dont light up at night. Not sure if they have bug sounds. Looks like beeline just make the screen a shade darker

    • Smurfette says:

      Well, when it is really dark, the street lamps do make a little bit of light, as do the houses of the windows, but you are right, I too was hoping they would really light up their surroundings, would've looked nice.

  39. Seamus says:

    What time today was this posted? When is the update coming?

    • Smurfette says:

      The delay is supposed to be about a week, that means the creators said they expect the update to be approved by Apple by the end of the week. Not sure about the time it was posted, though

  40. Minott12 says:

    I'm literally checking the App store every 10 minutes, looking to see if the update is finally here!

  41. Markus says:

    Will there e a severe consequence for using the time cheat?

    • Smurfette says:

      It is possible, they have not announced any change for the consequences for cheating, but that does not mean it won't change. However, we can not say anything for certain before the creators announce anything regarding that or the update is released.

      • Tasha says:

        Papa smurf will give you a warning that "if you keep overworking the smurfs by changing the time, they will start leaving the village", then smurfs will slowly disappear.

    • Seamus says:

      When i used the time cheat, i did alot and then papa smuf said that smurfs will start dissapearing but i kept doing it lol (not smart :P) and then when i closed the game and went back on it an hour later, i was at level one again.. It said a troll or something chased my smurfs out of the village and i have to biuld a new one so that smurfs can return.

      Hope this helps!

      • Smurfette says:

        That has nothing to do with the cheat, it is an error / bug in your game. The thing he says about Gargamel having found the Village and that that is why it was destroyed is the normal beginning of the game, somehow your village got reset. You can use the recover village tip to restore it. (Instructions can be found here:… )

        • Marbella says:

          I have faced with the same. I have never cheat. I spent a lot of money and now I am shooked..

          And I have no tab for recover village. Please help!

          • Smurfette says:

            The Recover Village Tap is not there from the beginning, you have to go to the Main Menu then Options and there tap on Papa Smurfs Head 16 times and then the Recover Village Button appears.

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