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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Free Smurfberries from Beeline for Easter


During valentines Beeline surprised Smurfs village players buy offering 5 free  smurfberries. likewise during  Easter 2012  Beeline didn’t miss the opportunity to share some love with  Smurfs fans after having some frustrated time with message in a bottle (M.I.A.B) quests.   Many players have already received  their free 3 smurfberries, and all of them were thankful to  Beeline  and them  happy easter as well (see the screenshot below taken from our facebook page).

In case you haven’t receive your Free Smurfberries yet just be patient as usually  is matter of time.  At the moment  don’t have more details if   both platforms Apple iOs and Android    are receiving this smurfberries package or not.

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  1. Verónica says:

    Este juego es maravilloso…! De verdad que se los recomíendo….. Saludos

  2. yara says:

    My sister has '' a gift from belinee every 2 minutes 10 smurfberries for free! she got 234 now wtf

  3. iris nm z says:

    i need to buy butterfly but my smurfberries r not enough..

    Can any one in here add me to game center n b my frnz plss..

  4. hunter says:

    what is the next holiday we will get a update do u know.(;

  5. BK93 says:

    I havent recieved any berries either. and the counter on my MIAB keeps going up as well. this is really irritating. can anyone help? this is the third time the MIAB has come up and it never lets me complete the quest.

  6. danielle says:

    do the smurf berries hack charges your credit card

  7. Fabian says:

    no smurfberries at all plus evreytime my itouch says theres a message in a bottle I go to the island to pick it up and theres no bottle at all ,I have not been able to play the totempole quest ,besides that my game went from 28 to 26, plus jokey doesn´t give me anygift ,I was planning to buy all the smurfs houses that requires raspberries but with all the inconvinients I might drop out ,its getting tired

  8. butterfly kisses says:

    I received ONE Smurfberry, so count your blessings. Also MANY items I have purchased with SB only give their bonus (with yellow star within blue circle above) ONCE and never again! This has cost me a lot of money. Also, I have completed three sets of “bottle quests” on the Island. Both the first and third time, the bottle showed the Dog’s head totem that simply disappeared! The second quest I was given a decorative item that was placed easily. Every time I contact beeline to address any of these concerns, I am told the exact same thing. They state that I must have changed my device’s time and date (which I NEVER have), and that I am the only user to experience this problem. This is so frustrating, as especially with the totem pole, it’s obvious many others have experienced this. I went so far as to take screenshot pictures to back up my complaints, but to no avail. I have a question and a suggestion.

    My question is does anyone know of a way to transport Smurfs or crop squares from Island to Village or reverse? If not, would anyone be interested in that as I am?

    My suggestion is that My Smurf’s Village, as the largest English version of fan gathering and information, that more pressure be applied over these glitches. After all, we have made them a very rich company and we all love Smurf’s! What about a thirty day, no spending or buying Smurfberries for a 30 day protest until most important glitches and bugs (determined by your subscribers’ complaints (not specifically mine)? Although the moderators of this site speak up, it’s with a wink, wink and unlimited patience. This is just an idea because I love the game, but have lost so much money on nonperforming items, that I believe more pressure is needed. Thank you for listening!!

  9. Anon says:

    I didn't get the berries :/

  10. ScorpioBB says:

    My phone seemingly had some sort of glitch or error because I kept on getting smurfberries, recieving just short of 50. My brother had the same issue (if you would call it an issue), receiving a whopping 57 smurfberries… I am wondering if anyone else had the same hit of good luck, or if anyone could explain why I was lucky enough to recieve so many?
    I will also add that neither of us time cheated to get this significant amount of smurfy berryness =)

  11. Vio says:


    I haven't received anything yet. Is there any timeline that I'll be seeing it soon?



  12. Trey says:

    There is absolutely no way that this mole is worth 50 smurfberries! Maybe ten at most I think

  13. Guest says:

    On my iPhone and received nothing…..not only that my last gift from Jokey (a log bundle) disappeared before I even set it down…..and my MIAB counter just keeps going UP! Hope Beeline sorts this out!

  14. grouchynyc1 says:

    Hi I am an android user, how can I get the free SB?

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