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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Harmoney Smurf update should be live soon


The new smurfs village icon of the upcoming update (with Harmony smurf holding his horn)  has already been uploaded in the Apple’s Game Center.  It looks like Apple is updating their servers and the update should take place anytime soon within the next 48 hours or before. Once the update is live we will update you, so stay tuned.

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  1. Anykaa says:

    Pleace toy chest on the island ??… have smurfberry…

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You dont need smurfberries to buy the chest. Go to the mushroom tab on the build menu. It is to the right of the blue inner tube and to the left of the 5000 coin hut.

  2. Sharon says:

    What my smurf lslang too lag???

  3. Haroro says:

    How do I place a toy chest on the island as requested?

  4. {PC} says:

    I have lost friends in my game centre and they have totally disappeared despite knowing that some of them haven't cancelled. I've restarted my phone, synced to my laptop, searched for them on gamecentre, but still cannot find any trace of them. Any ideas as to how to get them back – most of them I got thru requests on this site for friends/bolts. Would hate to think they may think I've ditched them.

  5. amo says:

    What is the TOY CHEST in the island?

    • Brainy says:

      On island, try toy train under star tab for 2500 coins. It's right before the red mushroom and after the water bucket. Put toy train next to smurfing hut for bonus xp

  6. Petalilly says:

    I saw a new icon of smurfs village(on GC).

  7. Taylor says:

    I too have the same problem with the Smurfette quest. People say plant golden corn but I don’t have that available since I don’t have the harvest wagon. Also the message in a bottle quests sometimes are unattainable. It wants me to send smurfs for 60 hrs and then plant 80 crops of tomatoes. Seriously this is not logical. How can I do all this in 5 days? Fix it please.

  8. carmen says:

    just update the smurf village and previously my problem (cannot travelling to the island) was solved, now when i travelling to the island…papa asking me to build smurf hut, but i got 0 smurf at the island…how to build it?? nothing can build..isit bug again ? sigh…….

  9. andreea says:

    I am level 33 but I have not any bottle

  10. Lde0201 says:

    Smurfette is asking me to buy a frog, but the only one I see costs smurfberries. Is anyone else having this problem, or am I missing something?

  11. Alaltit says:

    Hi everyone! I just got the new Harmony update and looking forward to get a totem. How is this triggered and what should I be expecting?

  12. Kyan says:

    Harmony smurf's minigame does give good enough XPs.
    here's a photo album with possible xp
    Credit: the owner – Bethany Smith

  13. Kyan says:

    Have anyone tried to collect bonus XP from smurfling huts ?
    How much xp you can collect once a day ?
    How much bonus xp increased with each toy box/chest?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You can collect 350 xp each day. I think the toy box gives 15 xp and the toy train 10, correct me if I'm wrong.

  14. G. Smurf Fan says:

    I think there may be another bug for the update
    Painter smurf has white paint to unlock when you play his minigame
    But in the update the white paint is gone and is replaced with more gray paint
    There is already gray paint and the one that replaced the white is the same
    Everything that I painted white has returned to its original color

  15. whitty says:

    After update, in main island, Vanity Smurf quest Harvest Crops 10 corns, 10 artichokes and 10 Tomatoes, Even I try to make and collect in order, the quest still not pass, I try two times already…

    Anyone have idea on it?

  16. Kevin says:

    Did anyone get past Smurfette’s quest to grow 10 crops of corn, 10 crops of artichokes and 10 crops of tomatoes? I grew them all and harvested them in that order but nothing happened.

  17. Muso says:

    I can't buy smurfberries. It has said since I updated yesterday that I need to check my connection. I AM connected so what is going on? Is this a new bug with new update?

  18. Angelle says:

    Hello, plz i need help from the last update i mean from four weeks before i couldn’t play my game and i waited till this update as i thought may be my game will work after a new update but still it majes the same thing as before which is after opening the game the beeline orange paper appears with a lighted sentence starts by play the new…. Then the orange paper closes and i don’t read the whole sentence and the game closes….please tell me what i do and if i delete the game to install it again i will lose all the levels i reached and i tried to close my mobile and i tried to make airplane mode on what shall i do else????

  19. Helen Chen says:

    Did they fix the MIAB's bugs?
    I've updated and have got a new bottle quest asking me to send 2 smurfs away.
    However, it doesn't show the time(how long the smurfs will be away for).
    I didn't send the smurfs away as there is a possibility that they will never come back!!

    • tenakiracomt says:

      Mitb is working now… Even though when e quest present itself the time required for the quest to complete is not shown… But mine work jst fine n counting down n completed as expected.

  20. Wonnysmurf says:

    Has anyone had Smurfberries credited to them by Beeline due to a bug? I have 12 that have credited & after a week of following instructions provided Beeline (&even after the new update) they still have hit my account. Got an email today from them advising case is closed that they have credited them. Not happy especially since I still can't get any gifts from friends anymore. Any help would be appreciated. I have switch my device off, I have logged out of game centre….

  21. Kristen says:

    Game is on Level 27 and all of a sudden my whole village disappeared. I have a few houses and the mine, but no island, no timber hut and the game is telling me how to do basic things again, like how to plant crops and build things. Has anyone else had this happen???

    • Trey says:

      Restore village by going to options and clicking on papa smurfs picture 18 times. I know it sounds weird but after 18 clicks u will be given a list of previous acheivements. Just click on the most recent one.

  22. vosManz says:

    I think a new update for android is just released. Not the harmony-smurf update though :(

    Release notes seems to be the same as the previous version, except for:
    – Fixed issue on some devices preventing players from visiting the island.

    Version is SmurfsAndroid, size 25.52 MB

  23. Hello Smurf says:


    With update 1.1.9 is it safe to put stuff on the other side of the dam? I need more space! Not to be rude, but, when are you going to update this website? And what's the new land expansion on the mainland everyone's talking about?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      yes Smurf, the Dam problem has been fixed and even the totem and message in a bottle quests were fixed. The new expansion is in the mainland (not the island) on the southern side. We will update the website as soon as we can, we are just busy at the moment, thanks for asking.

  24. Kurt says:

    I got the new update last night and love it but I noticed what fences that I had painted white have been re-painted random colors and white is no longer an option through Painter Smurf.

    Is this a bug or a change that Beeline made?

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