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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Harmony update 1.0.7a is out for Android users


Finally Beeline has released a new update for Android  users to catch up with  their iOS fellows  after a long wait.  In this update (1.0.7a)  not only fixes took place but also new smurfs have been introduced to the game, i.e  Harmony and Snappy. In addition to that   many decoration items were added.   Also  promotional items were added like the Prickly porcupine and duck.  Version 1.0.7a  is live and can be downloaded from Google play.

According to Beeline official description:

– Harmony Smurf , hut and mini game now available on the island. Harmony’s Music Match-Up mini game contains 10 songs that you can unlock as background tracks for the island.
– New Snappy Smurfling character, hut and quests for the island. If you place Snappy next to Sassette and Slouchy the 3 smurflings perform a daily dance
– Lots of Smurfy new decorations for the island
– The level cap increased to 46
– A new jumping fish for the island that you can place in water
– A new paid space expansion for the original village


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  1. Ng Eng Huat says:

    I acciently deleted my smurf village in level 27 but i already back up. Can i restore back in level 27?

  2. Roeli says:

    Hi, i see that you are far behin with the Android info, are you planning to give us the same update info as you do with ios?

  3. trace says:

    im getting the update today

  4. trace says:

    i'm getting the update today.

  5. alison says:

    App has now been removed from play store for my android HTC. Contacted beeline and got same response, we are aware but no timeline for fix… Not great for android. They do seem to be more interested in the ISO market…

  6. ashton says:

    bin weevils
    club penguin
    my favourite one is ?
    the smurfs.

  7. sleepy smurf says:

    How can i get more dye? 😀

  8. Francesco says:

    Hi everybody.. i am android user please add me on FB on 😉

  9. bigmakattack says:

    Can you tell me how to gather 6 pieces of wood using rafts?

  10. jinilia says:

    Hi i got the latest harmony smurf update on the google playstore. However, everytime i try to downloadthe update, it’s always error said that i have insufficient space on my device. The fact is i have a lot of spaces when i checked on “settings”. I still have more than 1GB of space!! At first, i thought the problem is on my device. But then just now i updated my other application that requires more space and it successfully updated. Please fix this. I really look forward to updating the latest version. Btw my device is samsung GT P-1000

  11. Lacy says:

    Why is the android app so far behind the iphone? There is really nothing new except for the island! When will android app see Vanity, Painter, Macro, Lone or Architect Smurf? Will the android app ever catch up?

    • Brainy says:

      I read it somwhere beeline said android is a difficult platform to work with because they have to deal with many device manufactures while there is only one device manufacture for apple devices.

  12. mz2008 says:

    I had been updating my smurf village, im on level 29 but unfortunately after installing i cant go to my other island eventhough my boat is there and i lost about 6 catepillars and papa smurf quest is back to my early level eventhough y my level remain stay on level 29. So how to get back to my last quest qnd i also want the harmony smurf. Help me please.

  13. Zain Rizvi says:

    my name is Zain Rizvi
    pls add me on android from fb

    my id is :-

  14. Angie says:

    I have the same problem. Just upload the new version and had played for about a week. Suddenly, the game just happen to close instantly when I click on play button. Anyone knows the solution. Please help. Thank you.

  15. Isabelle says:

    I can't buy thé architect house à do all thé quest ?????

    • Brainy says:

      You have to complete 5 papa long quests (send smurfs to find things for handy… i dont remember exact wording ) on main land. These quests will upgrade handy hut and adds another menu to handy hut. After that, you can build architect. Just ignore architect quest on island for now until you upgrade handy.

  16. Jules says:

    Hi, Papa smurf is asking me to build Architect's house,however I can't see it anywhere on the menu item – how do you fix this? Thanks

    • Poet says:

      You need to complete Papa Smurf's quests FIRST in the main village. Don't go to the island yet. Complete all the quests in the main village to upgrade Handy's house, then you can see and build Architect Smurf. Fyi, Architect Smurf can only be found on the island's build menu, next to Slouchy.

  17. isis says:

    hi guys and any other andriod users please help. my game is on a htc and i can now update my phone and would like to transfer my game. i emailed beeline, they replied there was no way to do this but they would transfer my sbs that i have bought. Great news about the berries but i'm on lever 41 and its taken months to get this far and i really dont want to start again please help

  18. Maha says:

    I upgraded the last version but instead of the percentage showing in the bar a big number shows instead and I cannot proceed in levels..what shall I do?

  19. Curious says:

    Does anyone know why the new update isn't compatible with HTC desire??

  20. Franatkobra says:

    I cannot even download the new update for android. My device says: Not enough memory although there is lots of it (12 GB should be enough or am I wrong?).

  21. Joke Herria says:

    If helpful, Use this link is to download the app so download it and install over previous one… May fix some problems….. Do not Unninstal current app Just install New one over it…

  22. Hello Smurf says:


    There is a update for IOS and when I updated, NOTHING EXCEPT THE ICON OF THE GAME CHANGED. SAD:(. WHY? I already tried to reboot my device. It did not work. And I love updates. HELP!!!

    • Sassete says:

      Have you realy looked at al the placec because there are not many thing in this new update that been showing immediatey

  23. Joke Herria says:

    For the Android user rafts issues can be fix… Tap several times on the rafts house you"ll be able to rebuy it…. Put it over the current one and upgrade it again rafts Will appear again

  24. Ace says:

    New SV update for Apple ver. 1.2.0:
    – Smurf Hut Customizations by Handy Smurf
    – Architect Smurf customizes huts in the island
    – Clockwork Smurf comes to the island

    Sadly no "farmer smurf" for the island yet. 😉

  25. Alex says:

    Still rafts are not fixed! So much for patching it up!

    • alice says:

      Mine isnt either.

      My two rafts never work!

      • Sassete says:

        You can try to buy the raft house again and place it over the old one in this way you maybe can get your rafts back but it only works on android and you need to tap on the raft house in the menu a several times before it works because it will say that you already have bought it

        • Liv says:

          Jeee thx Sassete! I lost all three of my rafts at once 2 weeks ago. I tried your tip and it worked! Only downside is that you have to pay again to update the raft house, but at least I have my rafts back!

  26. Michael says:

    I have a quick question. I've lost 3 of 4 rafts, where they have never come back (2 weeks), but I didn't lose the smurfs. Since I have only used $ to purchase/upgrade the Raft Hut and not SB, can I remove the Raft Hut and rebuild it and get 4 new rafts? Thanks.

  27. Jenny says:

    i update it just fine…. and somehow on star section, there's a HUGE collection of limited edt critters like red, purple, green, blue color crab, 4color mouse, purple butterfly, 4 color squirrel, ducks, ice cream wagon, baby smurf toy, baby smurf teddy, porcupine, bat some statue, even red bird with nest, and mole (that havent come out yet in IOS ver)… it's good for some that missed the chance to buy them… (no clock indicate you have to hurry up ticking too) but the problem is, it cost HUGE LOT of SB too!!! *sob…my sb…* and still no painter smurf or vanity smurf…..

  28. sad smurf says:

    Everyone who is having the problem outlined above should contact beeline. I have, but i got the impression from their reply that they are not taking it too seriously. The more people who email them, the more they are likely to to something about it. Myself, I'm giving them another week before uninstalling.

  29. peter says:

    Finaly after weeks of waiting an upgrade. It proves my point that beeline is not serious with android. After downloading I get a strange language all the time which is annoying. Also smurfberries are gone again and the dam on the island. Thanks who can informed me what to do

  30. Karl says:

    My village isnt working either and I was on level 17 (after restarting once already), I contacted beeline but they dont seem to be able to do anything. Anyone got any ideas?

  31. isis says:

    loving the update i can finally travel to my island and the game doesnt crash. we now have all critters. although beware I bought a teddy for 8 sb but i think I was charged more.

  32. Liv says:

    Smurf's Village completly disappeared from my Google play store :( So I am not able to update my game… Anyone have the same problem? I'm on Android version 2.2.2. Maybe this version does not support Smurf's anymore..? Help!

    • Tian says:

      I also facing the same problem.. My device is SGS GT-I9000. Google Play is telling me that my device is not compactable with this version release….
      Pls fix fast as I doesn't want to miss those limited critters, duck and etcc……..

  33. Hello! Can you send me the apk for the new 1.0.7a version? I have a problem with Android Market/Google Play. Thanks a lot!

    • Brainy says:

      We are not beeline and can't send u anything.
      If u dont see the app in the market, that means the app is not compatible with your device.

  34. hans says:

    The update is totally of, my bridge is gone, houses are missing andi can't reach nt island anymore. What's wrong. How can I get my things back?

    • Brainy says:

      reboot device. If still doesnt work then u need to restore your village. See recovery link on right side of webpage

      • Bill says:

        Hi Brainy, for those of us stuck on the main menu at play this update does nothing to address the quitting back to home screen. The more and more I read many Android users are still stuck at the main menu and restore village does not work.

  35. Lukasz says:

    Hi I just upgrade village but still nothink works for me way way I cant play when I press play button and nothing wouldnt let me play.

    Can I unistall and install game so I can back too my smurfs or I lost everythink plaese help also send mail too support but no respond jet

    • Brainy says:

      No , uninstalling on android will delete all game data.

      Beeline page

      • zen says:

        Yeah me too..

        Been 2 weeks since my app wont open. Just updated to the latest version but stiil doesnt solve my problem, the game close instantly when i click on play button.
        Tried everything, Reboot device – Play on Airplane mode – Recovery village, but stiil..

        Already contact beeline , waiting for their good news..

      • Bill says:

        Same here Lukacz. Update did nothing for frozen games.

      • eizan says:

        glad that i am not the only that face this problem. beeline does not respond to my mail either. i hv not been playing the game since a month ago. i know my hubby happy that i dont play but i am so upset, please help friends.

  36. Justin says:


    Is there limited time stuff in this android version like ios?

  37. Jenny says:

    sure i can… btw, how to send the pic??

  38. kyan says:

    it is not glitch. they are available on android for SBs too.

  39. Poet says:

    Are you able to upload a pic to photobucket and post the link here?

  40. hans says:

    Brainy, rebooting did not solve the problem. I had to restore the old game but that cost me smurfberries and a few longduring tasks…. On the island I lost the new house…. Bummer

  41. Jenny says:

    sorry, i dont hv photobucket account and when i tried to sign up, its somehow error… but i dont think it's a glitch, since smurf village in my sister's galaxy s and my friend's LG optimus have those limited-edt-bazaar as well….

  42. Brainy says:

    Thanks Jenny. I'll check my android village when I get home tonight.

  43. Liv says:

    I have send a email to Beeline. For those that are interested in there respons:

    We do apologize, and thank you for your bug report. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for a fix, but our development team is aware of the issue and they are already working on it. We hope to have a solution soon. Thank you for your support and patience.

    I really hope it will be fixed soon!

  44. Joke Herria says:

    Actually also items bought with smurfberries…. I have 3 smurfettes houses… Unfortunately Just one smurfette after closing and reopening the app the other 2 dissapear

  45. isis says:

    hi I have all of those items too as well as a jumping fish on my island way cool! have most android users been able to rebuy their raft house i tried repeatedly tapping on it but couldnt get it.

  46. mz2008 says:

    I did click the link but it says page not found. How i get back to my last quest.

  47. Marco Smurf says:

    can you clarify and tell us what link you are talking about.? Thank you.

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