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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Juicer resource bundle offer in the Smurfs village


Juicer--Smurfs-villageDue to the high need of resources these days as the Smurfs village players are in the process of  completing their watchtowers, beeline is offering a new smurfberries packs which comes with  some resources as well. This time Beeline is offering a  Juicer resource bundle which consists of 250 smurfberries (costs $24.99) and you get as a bonus a  juicer in addtion to  400 wood, 400 stones,  125 dye. The offers remains only 30 mints and it pops up in different times from one player to an other.  Although the  Smurfs seens to interact with the juicer, but it also gives you 400 XP  per day .

In case you havent got the offer yet  make sure to connect  to the Internet, so it will show up at anytime.  If you miss it, you may get the offer again in the coming days.

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    I bought the bundle, got the smurfberries but no juicer and no resources! I'm so pissed! What a rip off!

  2. Sue says:

    My smurfs are still going a ny where they want to also don't like that the ship doesn't take a nice long trip. I don't like such a short trip..

  3. Green76 says:

    Where is the watering tray on the island? Looked everywhere for it, does anyone know?

    • Sassete says:

      Look in the mushroom menu right after the picnic blanket there you should find the drinking trays and they cost 600 coins

  4. farhat says:

    i want to add neighbours, i dont have any. Can i have some help please?

  5. Indian woman says:

    I noticed my offers all jumped to $24.99 after I purchased the owl for $9.99. I have also purchased 2 berry bushes at$4.99 and 4 $9.99 buckets of berries.. Lets just pray they pull their heads out of the tunnel. This is supposed to be a game for children but I think the adults are the ones hooked.

  6. Alison says:

    So after level 56, is that it? Game over?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      After you reached max your game won't level up till Beeline adds new levels in the next update. The xp you've recieved will stock up so you don't have to be affraid of losing xp 😉

  7. Cheese puff says:

    The resource machine is a ripp off

  8. nicolas says:

    I took the offer, but the juicer there's no animation as in Reclam! every now and then a Smurf sitting next … that rip-off!

  9. Jornena says:

    I brought the juicer, but didn't get any resources (400 wood, 400 stone, 125 dye). Please beeline be HONEST!! and give me what the exclusive offer said. Thank you.

  10. Vicky says:

    Once you place the juicer….what else is it supposed to do other than give you 400 xp a day. I have yet to see a smurf interact with it or the trampoline…. And are saying that the resource factory will quit working after 15 days?

  11. Rob says:

    Is there a way that you can tell if your friend has updated or not. It takes so long to gift friends only to find out u can’t gift them because they have not updated!

    • Poet says:

      Currently, there is no way to find out for sure until you actually try to gift them. We are hoping Beeline will implement a way to let players know which friends are 'gift-table'. If you get what I mean. lol.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you Poet!

    • Jimmyfireball says:

      If you are using apple and your friend is useing android gifting doesn't work because android is one step behind apple

  12. Stroumpfette says:

    Hi, everyone. The muc& awaited Android update is out. We will publish an article as soon as possible on this.

    • Happy Smurf says:

      Nice to hear they are catching up. I can only imagine you guy's frustration in seeing all the new cool things and not being able to try them out as well :( Another thing Beeline should bring in order, sync updates for all systems. But well, well… one can keep dreaming right? :)

  13. Happy Smurf says:

    I just got the offer again tonight. This is the third time, always for 22€.

  14. I bought the juicer yesterday but did not get the smurf that was stomping on the grapes….what gives?

    • iSayWat says:

      That's just to show you that a Smurf will stomp in it; a free Smurf that isn't gardening. Just like the baths and not tubs. I will update with a screenshot of it later, once I have time.

      And honestly, I Iove this juicer so much, I'd gladly pay 100 SBs for it. It I've spent over $1000 on the game. The always send me high offers, and I believe he screenshot they're using as proof of the juicer is the one I posted on the smurfsvillage forum. Nearly every offer I get is $25.

      I even have two dragons; both of which cot me $25.

      Needless to say, they need the make this game more affordable. I may be rather wealthy and the costs aren't so much to me, but I'm easily in the top 1% of players who have the money to afford these things. Beeline needs to understand that. They need the cater to the people who DON'T have the money to afford this stuff, and they will, in turn, end up making a LOT more money.

      I just don't understand their business plan. They need me on their board of directors…

      On a side note, I'm level 53 now! It's too bad that once you you get into the higher levels, the quests stop… I miss doing lots of quests on the island, and now we only get two or three Papa quests, but there was one alchemist quest.

      I once I hit 52 I noticed a typo that made me laugh. First one in the game I've noticed, and I sent Beeline a ticket regarding it:

      "my cookies ñ…" rofl.

      • Happy Smurf says:

        Jep, I agree with you. Don't understand their business plan. Everything is just so messed up and they seem to act quite impulsively.

        Someone would need to explain to them the conecpt of total cost, economies of scale, price elasticity, how the demand curve works and how to reach the best outcome. I am quite sure atm they are far from the point where they could max out their profits. And after all, let's not forget that this is a virtual product, which means each and every additional 'real' money spend on the game is a 100% plus once all costs are covered.

        I by the way read somewhere that Beeline is the producer which has the highest cash inflow in iTunes… that shall say it all. If only they would stop beig being so greedy I am quite positive that they could achieve even more but with a more positive brand image.

        And about the money. Jep, for a grown up 22€ isn't that much. I could easily spend this money on the game without hurting. But at least for me that is not the point, for me it's about the principle that I don't like price discrimination and like said before, won't put money any more in a system like that if nothing changes.

        • Happy Smurf says:

          Here is one article for example:

          "Smurfs'™ Village" launched on November 11, 2010 and quickly jumped to the top of the App Store's Top Free and Top Grossing charts. Two years, one month and 37 updates later the game continues its amazing success. To date, "Smurfs' Village" has appeared as the top grossing app in 80 countries and has remained within the top 75 grossing for 768 consecutive days on the U.S. App Store for both iPhone and iPad."


        • iSayWat says:

          Take this for example:

          While the bonus IS free, $49.99 is NOT affordable for any child. That is my offer. Others have had 22€ offers for the same thing, which means they base your offers based on your spending amount, hoping you'll spend "more." This is ridiculous. They need to have a set limit for each offer, so it is fair to EVERYONE. Why have me spend $50 when someone else can spend about $28 for the same thing?

          Baffles my mind.

  15. Lexus says:

    Beeline is very smart, Smurf Vile becomes sooo big and they want to suck you money out. If I were you guys, don't buy or use real money to buy these items.

    • SweepySmurf says:

      I dont get stuff like this, I just like to get special smurfs. :)

    • Clumsy says:

      I won't be buying anything like this. Like Sweepy, I only purchase special smurfs or the occasional animal or two. But as of thus far, I haven't purchased any of the 30 minute offer items, and probably won't do so.

  16. Happy Smurf says:

    I got it last night. It's one of the cutest über special items ever, I love it! But once again Beeline is asking me for 22€ and there is no way I am going to do that ever again! :(

    And what is really worst, is that since a week or so their special SB deals have started to be rip offs. I have mentioned this before but here a more detailed report. Take my offer in the Euro zone:

    Price 22€ and you get 250SB + 400 wood, 400 stone, 125 dye + juicer.

    Now let's do some math. If I buy a regular 22€ SB pack I will get 350SB, which are 100 SB more. This means that Beeline values the 400 wood, 400 stone, 125 dye + juicer = 100 SB.

    But if I go and purchase regular resources they will cost the following:
    500 stone = 20 SB
    500 wood = 20 SB
    150 dye = 20 SB

    This means that for the special offer, they charge 100SB but you get roughfly 20% less resources. Now one could argue that you get the juicer, but hei, this is a SPECIAL offer. For me a special offer indicates that I will get something extra. But here everything is paid for. At first Beeline gets fresh cash inflow, fine, I understand they need it. But the players pay for everything, there is no free cake here, because if you had bought the regular 22€ pack you would have more SB and would have been able to purchase more resources. Ok, you have the juicer, but you did PAY SB for it.

    Here is now where the 'rip off' comes into the game. Last autumn I purchased a special offer for 22€.
    Back then I didn't know that everybody gets a different offer and I really liked the special item, which was the pelican. Back then it really was a special offer, because for the 22€ I got the correct amount of SB, the same amount I would get if I bought SB from the shop, I checked it. Plus a bonus, the pelican. For me the pelican was really free, except that Beeline had motivated me to once again put cash into their game. But that was my fee choice.

    So you see, their deals keep getting worse and it kind of makes me sad / mad. This differentiated pricing is just so unfair and now there really is a proof for the SB inflation that we all have recognized after the Christmas bug and which started with very high priced SB items.

    This means that you paid SB for the juicer becuase

    • Happy_Smurf says:

      Oh and one more thought. The fact that Beeline is giving everybody a different offer to different people dependednd on their purchasing history simply makes my blood boil. Yes, I enjoy the game and I once read a comment here were one wrote that he spend 10$ for a bad movie and he said if he spends 10$ for SB it makes him happy for a longer time because they he plays every day and it makes the game more fun. For me that was a good enough reasoning to start putting money into a virtual game, which I hadn't before. I do enjoy the smurfs and I am able to put money into something I like. Fair enough.

      I have roughly spent 100€ on SB so far. As a thank you from Beeline they just want more of my money. If I had never purchased any SB I would get the lowest offer for the special items, which would be € in the Euro zone. And this is just so unfair and this brought me to the decision that I will never again purchase SB from Beeline. Anyway, it seems that lately it has become so easy to get SB, I have got quite many in the mountain, I got tones from the goals, and now you can even win SB in a regular game (ok it's super rare, but still there is a chance). When I started to play the game, the only chance for free SB was levelling up. I can't recall that I ever got a SB from jokey back then. So it was tough work, or then paying cash. But now it's easy and I am glad about it.

      And I don't know if Beeline is reading out comments, but if you would decide to stop the price discrimination I would gladly start to purchase the über special items, which I believe should be a bonus. For example, I loved the dragon costume or now the juicer, but I won't put my cash into a system that goes all for price discrimination. If it workes for you fine, but I would be really interested how elastic your market is. I quite believe that it's very elastic so I rather be carefull how I treat my customers!!

      • Clumsy says:

        I think you've pretty much summarised everything up, well said.

        • SweepySmurf says:


          • Ivan says:

            Hello. I am in the level 43. I have never spent any money. The game is free for me and there is no problem to play without real money. I haven't got any juicer, pelican or dragon bud i am happy to play the game. Also my son is happy that we can care about the sumrfs.

          • Stroumpfette says:

            My hubby doesn't spend money on the game, either. He likes it that way. The offers are sent randomly, so not everyone gets every offer, though, I have heard spending some money increases your chances of getting them sometimes. We are a fan site run by volunteers, and we enjoy hearing from players who enjoy playing the game, as well as we enjoy helping players out when they are stuck. Hope you continue to have a smurfy time. :)

          • Happy_Smurf says:

            Thanx guys! :)

            Sorry for some crap english though… as I wrote, blood was boiling. Should have read it before sending…

            I actually forgot one little thing in the previous calculation. If you buy a resource bundle from the regular shop it will cost you only 50SB and you will get 500 stone, 500 wood and 150 dye. This leads us to an ultimate price of 60SB (remember the ~20% less resources from the offer) for the juicer. Nope, no free cake at all. I really start to think that I should write Beeline a mail, but I guess they don't really care. After all they are the ones who came up with this. It's good to have this site here to point this out so that people are aware of the price discrimination and no free cake anymore policies. Maybe if people would stop buying SB Beeline would start to treat their customers more equaly = fairly.

          • Smurfette says:

            I think so too, the same with lots of the bugs, their only response is always there is no ETA for a fix but they always give out new things with new updates.

            The problem is, that after each update the game is on the top grossing list so obviously Beeline's priority is adding new things instead of fixing existing bugs etc.

            But this will not change until people stop buying Smurfberries which I do not think will happen because they always come up with new things to buy. I have often thought about not spending money on this game anymore but there is always some new cute item that I want .

          • SweepySmurf says:

            I think they just want money.

  17. Patrik says:

    I've bought it. The juicer disappear when I click the tick for placing it. I'm very disappointed. Sent beeline a msg but I'm nit sure whn they will reply. So sad.

    • Sassete says:

      some times it can take a few days before they respond to you think they have a lots of email to reply on

    • iSayWat says:

      They will fix the issue for you, rest assured. Beeline has terrific customer service, though they do have one fault; they cater more to the players who spend more money. For example, after my $600th purchase, Beeline sent me a 10,000 SB gift. For free. Since then I have used most of those SBs on Marina's 10x multiplier to level up quickly, (level 53 on 35% after only 60 dys total play time). But even after that, I have purchased more.

      And thanks to that, I get forgers left and right, all for high prices, in the $25-50 range. I've had one or two in the $10 range, which I love, but I wish Beeline would keep it the same for everyone, AND offer the bonus as a actual FREE bonus.

  18. Jacqueline says:

    Ya dislike this type of promotion ><

  19. Clumsy says:

    This is really cute, but I do wish we could have some sort of sale on smurfberries or special smurfs instead…

    • SweepySmurf says:

      Hopefully they will do that. :)

    • Happy_Smurf says:

      I wish they would stop these über special offers and would put such cute things on sale for regular SB. At this moment I will not again put cash into the system :(

    • iSayWat says:

      They DID do this for the trampoline, which is in the SB shop right now, and that's the only way I got it; so who knows, the same thing could happen for the resource owl and juicer…. Just keep it mind they'll be EXPENSIVE, especially if they offer the same amount of resources. Expect 80-100 SBs each.

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