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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Levels 37 and 38 will be added next week


Beeline has announced this week a release of a new update, which will take a place on late July or Early August.

According to Beeline, the new update covers the following points:

– New magic Shrubs that grow crops and never wither are added
– A much requested “Plant All” upgrade for Farmer Smurf
– 2 crop packs with 3 new crops each
– 3 farm themed decorative items
– Added Levels 37 & 38
– A paid land expansion
– Some cosmetic changes to the beach are made
– The tailor Smurf UI issue is fixed
– Finally, a bunch of bug fixes and overall stability improvements are made.

Full details about the update will be published later.

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  1. Ikke says:

    On what level can I have more expanding place to building some Tiny bridges ?

  2. Katharine says:

    I'm trying to build onto the cliff but I have unfortunately blocked the way with rocks and veg patches. Does anyone know what I can do, I'm on level 23.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Can you move your stuff? The stairs need to go in one exact spot similar to the dam. Play around with it until you find an arrangement that works.

  3. V2E7wzd7TOlt says:

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  4. TurkishDelight05 says:

    Where do I find the autumn bush crop?

    • Sassete says:

      The autum bush is not a crop its a decoration item and to unlock that bush you need to have the harvest wagon that you can buy for 15 sb in the sb menu or if you are lucky get it from Lucky smyrf in a box for free

  5. TurkishDelight05 says:

    Hey guys, could you please add me on game centre for smurfs village game and my username is TurkishDelight05.. Thank you

  6. W.Siew Ling says:

    I was at level 38 now. Facing problem with hold screen appear become green field, keep asking to build a garden & build a papa smurf hut… But, unable to do that. Beside, the population of smurfs become less – 28 instead of 78 plus before. PLS HELP!!!!!

  7. cristina says:

    line across middle of screen % to next level wont change

    • Brainy says:

      Do you have the latest update and when did you put the update on ?

      If you have the latest update and you put it on less then a week ago, you might be able to restore your village with some progress lost.

      If not, then wait for beeline update which may or may not fix your problem.

    • Having the same issue as Cristina, am stucked on level 31 for weeks now, play everyday….

  8. Noor says:

    Iam in level 34 and i dont khow to built


    Plz help me plz

    • Marco Smurf says:

      The outhouse are the wooden made toilets, you can buy them from the shop, they cost 1500 gold coins

  9. Guest says:

    What is a Magic shrub

  10. Jennifer says:

    Do you know why I can't buy smurfberries?

    I get this message : You can't purchase this item with this account – you must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase this item.

    I am at level 24 and I use ipad to play Smurf. I only have 1 iTunes account and I did not activate Restrictions setting on my iPad.



    Ok try to ply the Smurfs Grabber game and I cant get it play… cane anyone help

  12. Sana says:

    Hi, I just got to level 38 and I’m collecting Xp but nothing is changing. I’m still at 0%. I’m positive it should have changed by now. Thanks.

    • Smurfette says:

      You have reached the maximum level, until a new update with new levels is released, your XP counter will stay at 0%, however, all the XP you gain is still counted and will jump to the correct number once you installed the new update.

  13. Goyam Jain says:

    very good game : SMURFY

  14. Rowena says:

    Same grape problem, I am now level 37, never spend any money, and I am not going to buy any smurfberries, just wait a new update. If they are not going to fix this, I will quit!

  15. Allison says:

    Same grape problem as everyone else, but the question is are they going to speed up the update release date because of this or should i just say screw it and buy the damn thing.. Or wait for the update so i dont screw myself over on my smurf berries for one crop of grapes!! Let me know the deal people!

    • Smurfette says:

      A new update usually takes some time, when everybody complaint about Tailor Smurf the next update was not released earlier, so I guess they won’t speed it up now. But you may want to ask the creators yourself, they can give you an estimate on the next update. Their support team can be reached at

  16. Smurfian says:

    Will they ever offer smurfling characters?

    • Smurfette says:

      You will have to ask the developers about that, in the past they have added new smurfs every few updates, but there have been no announcements regarding new smurfs or smurflings yet.

  17. smurfette says:

    how about the fact that this whole damned game is simply an advertisement for the Smurf movie?

    They could at least let us exchange our game coins for smurfberries.

    • Smurfette says:

      The advertisement for the Smurf Movie (i.e. the movie theatre and Brainy Smurf asking to see the preview) will, according to the developers, be removed in the next update

      Regarding the Coins for Smurfberries exchange, the developers said on their Facebook page that they thought about it, but people would then just cheat to get lots of Coins, and hence free Smurfberries, so they will not implant that feature in the forseeable future

    • Kim says:

      People if you are so unhappy with the game then stop whining and just quit! I am tired of reading all these complaints. It’s a great game, all games have bugs that get fixed. If you don’t want to spend 5$. On a great game go play something else and quit filling these boards with bitching!

  18. Joel says:

    well i have the grape problem too and i was saving my smurf berrys (from leveling up and joker smurfs gifts) to get babysmurf. i already have a few things like smurfette, more space, painter smurf, and the wagon to unlock the autumn bush to grow the golden crops (so im loaded on money, approx. $340,000).. but as everyone else, i am disappointed to have to waste my smurfberrys on a different choice. hopefullly they can fix this problem and help us out.

    and bill, just to let you know, they get money from the amount of downloads anyway. why be greedy and force people to pay for more?

  19. Kat says:

    I have the same grape issue and I’m embarrassed to say that I have already spent $25 on smurfberries and I’m only on lev 22. Now I see to continue this wonderful little game I will have to spend more money! had I known I wouldve held on to them. VERY Dissapointed. If the makers are listening please fix this or make it so that you can opt out of the tasks that Mr. Papasmurf proposes. Thanks for listening.

  20. Bill says:

    Though I don't think anybody should be forced into buying smurfberries I find it remarkable that people are so quick to get angry at the idea of having to do so. If you've made it beyond level 30 without spending a cent don't you think the makers of this game deserve something? Honestly? I love this game and have bought a basket and a bushel of smurfberries because I value the entertainment it provides my children and I. On both occassions I did so on a Friday evening to reward the kids for a good week at school. Games aren't free on the Wii, Xbox or PS3, why should they be here? Might i suggest if you built something like this you'd want at least a few bucks for it right? After all, you get paid thanks to the income your company earns for the goods or services they sell for "real money". What's the difference?

    • Rachel says:

      I totally agree with Bill. This game has provided so much entertainment to me and my friends, I think they deserve to be paid ($5, will you really miss that?)! I purchased 2 batches of berries already, and will do so again!

      • Kat says:

        It’s $5 now and as the game progresses it will be another $5. This game was marketed as free and it now requiring that you pay in order to play. I think that is quite unfair if not false advertising. This is coming from some who spent $25 for extras without knowing Id be required to pay (use smurfberries) just to continue. Also were not talking about 5 smurfberries which they gave you in the beginning, you need 20. With a few more updates I’m sure they will require more smurfberries for tasks. It’s keep spending money or play a less challenging (boring) game. At least when I spend $20 on a wii game I will get to play in it’s entirety.

        • Smurfette says:

          Like I said in the other comments, the developers have acknowledged that this is a bug and they will fix it, so that all task will only point to free items and the game can again be played without having to spend money.

  21. Roy says:

    same here, i'm not going to spend money on this game, I have to plant grapefruits…I also think I'm going to quit, what a shame!

  22. Mark says:

    Same probem here.. I need pineapples.. But i don't want to spend 4 euro's for smurfberries for the fruity fun crop pack… Im into level 33 but i hope this is a bug.. Please help!

  23. Josh says:

    I agree. It’s pretty damn cheeky to force us to buy them. How much money do we have to sink into this game? I’m sad about it. I’ve loved smurfs since I was a kid. Now I associate them with the money grubbing business people that own this game. Peyo has been disgraced. I’m out.

  24. Same grape problem here ….. Looks like we might have to quit.

  25. Monikgirl says:

    Any notice about the grapes problem? Please help!

  26. Jpowers says:

    Same grape problem and it almost makes me want to quit altogether. Hope to get some kind of answer I love this game.

  27. Abby says:

    I can't get mt big bridge to go on the river to the left. I've tried everywhere and turning it and it's not working. There's nothing blockung it. What do I do?

    • LaDonna says:

      Make sure it's the long bridge you r using. Once u get it move it different ways and rotate it it will fit.

      • Smurfette says:

        And make sure you clear enough space, sometimes it can't be placed becaus something is blocking it, even though it does not look like it. Also the bridge can not be placed anywhere, it can not be placed at the far top or bottom, etc.

  28. Andry says:

    Hi guys,

    After upgrading, one of Papa Smurf's tasks is to grow and harvest a crop of grapes for some hungry knights who are lost in the woods. The thing is, to be able to grow grapes, you need to buy fruity fun crop pack that costs 20 smurfberries… is this a bug with the new update or is this right? do we really have to spend money and buy smurfberries to continue?

    • Andi says:

      We have the same problem. Did you hear any news about that? Is it a bug or do we have to buy the smurfberries?

    • Kevin says:

      Same here, he's asking for pineapples, which are still locked… unless I spend those smurfberries.

    • Sonny says:

      I have the Same Problem with the grape Task… Any News already??

    • Jpowers says:

      Same grape problem and it almost makes me want to quit altogether. Hope to get some kind of answer I love this game.

    • Jen says:

      OMG. Same problem here and I'm so frustrated that I almost want to quit.

    • LaDonna says:

      Ugh! I thought I was the only one. This is super frustrating, I don't think it's fair that they try to make you buy smurfberries or use the ones you have saved for this. Someone is definitely trying to make money here…..seems they may loose customers like this.

    • Smurfette says:

      It is a bug, the producers/developers will fix this in the next update, so you can complete all the tasks again without having to use Smurfberries. Unfortunatly, if you do not want to buy the fruit pack, it means you have to wait for the next update to complete that task and get a new one

    • Tom says:


      I hope that it will be fixed very soon, I do not want to upgrade with Smurfberries just to complete this task!

  29. giselle says:

    i love my smurf village…cept for one thing i just got tailor smurf and used 200k coins on hats and sunglasses…but..i cant get him to work at all??
    if anyone managed to get tailor smurf to work plzzzzzz give me a detailed description on how to do it ! ty ty ..and i i tried everything they said in the *help* section already…*sad face..*
    i really love the *plant all * option ty smurfy ppl!!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      Install the latest update of the game (version 1.1.2) and then tap on Tailor Smurfs house. There at the bottom left corner is a button with yarn and a needle. Just tap on it, then tap on a Smurf and choose a hat. (It does not work for Smurfs who are working on crops/flowers etc.)

  30. nicole says:

    cant open the keeps on crashing! i dont know what to do?!!!!

  31. alex says:

    how do i get a smurf village

  32. Drea says:

    Oh my god do not download the new update my village just went to level 1 I was on 36

  33. Paul says:

    I wish there was a way to delete animals. I hope Beeline makes that change soon. I accidentally bought too many caterpillars and it's slowing down the app.

  34. Steve says:

    When will they fix Hefty Smurf? I spent 30 smurfberries on him and he never worked!! This is called bait and switch!

    Id really like to see Beeline step up and refund smurfberries to anyone who bought this useless object.

    • Fluffy says:

      I bought him & he works great!! Hope yours gets sorted out 😀

    • NS2944 says:

      i bought him also and he cut my building time in half just like it said it would ! i hope you get yours fixed!

    • Smurfette says:

      Check the building time of a bridge in the shop. If it says a new bridge will be done in 60 hours, then he is working and has cut the time in half, because otherwise a bridge would take 120 hours to complete.

    • Kim says:

      My village crashed and beeline totally refunded my smurfberries! KEEP you receipts ! It was no hassle . And all you have to do is turn off your iPad ( off not just asleep ) and go back in it should show up again. If you’ve been using the time cheat then it’s your own fault ( although I think we should be able to do that since it’s our iPad! So if you lose paid smurfberries email beeline with receipt and it’s not an issue.

  35. Carol says:

    Much awaited update.

    Hopefully this version will fix the numerous problems with bugs that many people have been having.

    Looking forward to the two new levels.

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