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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Nat Smurfling is for sale: 5 smurfberries off


Nat smurfling  who is responsible for unlocking  all flower seed in the smurfs village  was made today for   sale  by Beeline  for 8 hours.   It depends where you are but the sale is subjected to time zones, which means if you havent got it yet you will get it later.  Nat smurfling usually costs 30 smurfberries,  and today’s offer is 5 smurfberries off,   subsequently you will get it for 25 smurfberries. For more information about Nat smurfling  tips and tricks  and what he does please visit this page.

More sale offers will be made available in smurfs village so make sure to get connected to your Internet  connection.

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  1. KAP says:

    5 free smurfberries today for the launch of the iphone5!!!!

  2. Vero Laso says:

    Please give me back my village I am in Lvl 42 and I cant have access to it I am stuck in brainys hut and I cant place anything at all. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY Village I have restore my Ipod and it does work!

  3. Nellie Hunter says:

    When I get a gift, I click on the gift, I can then see what it is eg flowers and when I click on it to receive it, it just disappears and my gift is lost! Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong?

  4. Tracey says:

    Ever since the last update, my village is doing all kinds of weird things. Many of my smurfs are double watering each square of the things I plant. Reporter smurf tells me my clock is wrong or I am not connected to the internet. Grouchy has been asking me to plant tulips for day's and I have planted hundreds of tulips and he never updates. It keeps making sounds like it is pulling out money when nothing is happening????? Lots of issues……….

  5. NattaCo says:

    Beeline giving 5 free smurfberries today

  6. moulee says:

    plz fixed my smurfs village…

  7. Ellen says:

    Any news about the bugs in relation to bad device time etc.?

  8. truman says:

    is it for Android???

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