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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Review of Smurf Update 1.2.2


Beeline released the 1.2.2 update for Smurf Village on 23 June, 2012. This update came with a lot of goodies, mostly for the island, and a little for the main village. Firstly, level 48 was added to the game, giving players more room to gain xp. For the main village, Lucky Smurf was introduced and he can be purchased with 1200 coins. Lucky Smurf comes with an addictive game that can be played once every 23 hours and players can get exclusive items through Lucky Smurf’s boxes. There are a total of 3 rounds, the first round being free. If you don’t like your gift, you can play two more rounds at a cost of 5 smurfberries and 10 smurfberries respectively.

The biggest surprise in this update was the introduction of Farmer Smurf’s tractor, which was a long awaited feature everyone has been waiting for. Like Farmer Smurf, the tractor comes with a ‘Harvest All’ function, and if you have upgraded Farmer Smurf in the main village, the tractor will also have a ‘Plant All’ function. With this, planting and harvesting crops on the island can now be done with a breeze.

Then, a free land expansion was also added for the island by simply placing steps towards the west cliff at a cost of 10000 coins each. If you have Hefty Smurf in your main village, the time required for each stairs to be completed is approximately 120 hours, or at a cost of 10 to 11 smurfberries per stair. When the stairs are completed, players will have access to a whole new land on the mountains, giving them more space to build and decorate the island. In fact, the island is now much larger with land expansions and things will not be as cramped as before.

Another new feature introduced was Smurfette’s summer house which can be built on the island at a cost of 30 smurfberries. With this, Smurfette can now visit the island and her house comes with a mini game. The mini game is simple as all players need to do is to tap the lovesick smurfs they can find within 10 seconds to gain xp.

The MIAB quests, while still bugged, has a slight improvement made to it. Players can now see what reward they can get upon completion of the MIAB once they tap the bottle. However, as it is still bugged, one might not be so eager to complete it at the moment. The totem pole has also been fixed and players who have gotten it can once again control the rain and they will find that thunder and lighting effects have been added to the island. There’s also a jumping dolphin available for purchase at a pricey 100 smurfberries which gives 600 xp twice a day. A swing chair was also added as a limited sale item for 20 smurfberries and if a smurf walks nearby, he will sit on it.

the scrolling Beeline “Hive News & Information” banner has been replaced with a simple flashing icon with an exclamation point. Also, Beeline reduced the frequency of the pop-up ads that appear when you load the game. They are still there, but should not appear as often as before.

There are also new quests for Papa Smurf, Dreamy, Clockwork and Grouchy Smurf, and with so many new stuff to explore,  players will be kept busy until the next update. While there are still bugs existent, this is an overall great update!

Credit to: Poet Smurf

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  1. tweetie says:

    Pas op met het downloaden van de Smurf Village game. Ze nemen je in de maling, er staat dat de app gratis is. NOT. Terwijl je aan het spelen bent, wordt je door onopvalllende apps te grazen genomen, zonder dat je er erg in hebt. Het is mij eergisteren overkomen, kan nu 44,99 euro gaan betalen. Ik heb vanmorgen gegoogled en het is in 2010 bij Kassa op tv geweest dat dit bij een gros van de mensen is overkomen. Ik begrijp niet dat Itunes dit toestaat om zo'n game te verkopen. Echt heel slecht

  2. Poet says:

    They give the same amounts too.

  3. MiniMoo says:

    Hey, so the loom or threading set or sewing machine that costs 11,000 gole gives 100 gold every 12 hours.

    Does anyone know what the blue and red looms (aka the smurfberry-costing looms) give interms of gold?

  4. says:

    when i plant crops on the island and leave the app, the crop does not progress unless i access the smurfs app again, meaning when my unit(4th gen itouch) is idle, the crops justt freezes or not progressing till it gets ripe for the picking, i think beeline should release another bug fiixes update soon

  5. Eva says:

    I need your help, my smurf village doesn't work, i just get in the menu but then when i select "play" it instantly crash and show me my phone menu, what can i do, i don't want to loose my progress???? Help…

  6. Remy's mom' says:

    On the main land papa smurf has asked me to take a picture of my village as one of my tasks….. I can’t figure out how I’m suppose to do this an I’ve been stuck on this for over a month. Can someone PLEASE help me….. I don’t know what else to do bc I can’t complete any new tasks til this one is complete!!!!

    • Sassete says:

      If you are in the shop menu in the game you should have a small camera in the top of the picture, tap on the camera and you are going to se a view over the village then tap on the small camera in the left corner, now you have taken a picture of the village

  7. Catherine says:

    Do you know when will the next update. I thought maybe today because it is usually at the weekend and a month has passed since the previous update.

  8. GGG says:

    I got everyth disappeared after updatig the 1.2.2 what can i do

  9. CrazyAuntie says:

    Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue & was able to resolve it. I had to update my iPad to its current version of 5.1.1. Had to reinstate my village which everything is currently working except for my notifications. I tripled check to make sure all settings were ON, but it no longer displays. Is there a fix somewhere or is this a Beeline question?

  10. Splat13 says:

    I have the cliff expansion and have had it for a while. The last update included a scale the mountainside expansion. I have just achieved level 31 and I am not able to scale the big mountain. There was no quest from Papa Smurf, or anything like that. What am I missing? What do I need to do to scale the mountainside?

    • Brainy says:

      There is a long rock stair you need to build and it takes almost a week to do. Have you done it ? Dont put any thing over there while the stair is being built.

      • Splat13 says:

        Yeah, the one that took 120 hours. That is how I got the cliff access. Is the cliff and scaling the mountainside the same thing? I am pretty sure I had the cliff access before the last update.

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          The cliff on the island was only added the last update 😉

          • Splat13 says:

            I get it now. I mistook the words "scale the mountain" as climbing the one in the background 😀
            Thank you so much for helping me sort that out. Still, it would have been cool to scale the big mountain and have a ski resort or something! Perhaps in the future.

            Thanks Brainy and Dreamy!

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