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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Rose Arch Resurfaces


The rose arch has returned to the Smurf Shop. Players may have noticed that it was briefly available for few minutes and then it suddenly disappeared. Also only some lucky players got the offer before it was made available. Apparently this was a glitch, which seems to work again now.

The rose arch is back on sale for approximately 155 hours and counting. Anyone who missed its first appearance can now snag this item for their village, but make haste. Just like the cupid statue it will no longer be available after the deal ends. These rare seasonal items are only around for a short amount time making them somewhat of a collector’s décor find.

For users with smurfberries on hand buying a rose arch will complement your village’s flower garden, heart themed shrubbery, and help complete your Valentine’s Day decor. Place the beautiful white wooden archway, wrapped in red and pink roses anywhere you wish. Buy them as an entry or exit out of your romantic oasis. The only limitation when it comes to decorating is your imagination. They add a bit of whimsical romance to the ambiance. Players can use them as a focal point bringing visitors eyes directly to their flower beds that are in urgent need of watering. Add pebble pathways leading to and from the arches or plant pretty flower patches and place checkered picnic tables to create a floral park.

Rose arches are merely for aesthetics. Don’t be surprised if your smurfs opt to walk around the beautiful entryway instead of through. These gorgeous additions to your village will take any garden from ordinary to Smurftastic within seconds. Each rose arch costs 10 smurfberries. For those hopeless romantics or seasonal item collectors this one-time offer might be worth taking advantage of while it lasts.

In case if the rose archway doesn’t show up, then try to log off from the app and re-launch it again, this should help.

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  1. malo says:

    what does it do

  2. Maria says:

    I have updated the app to version By any chance, will the rose arch be available again? Thanks.

  3. Scram V says:

    I accidentally deleted the rose arch when my screen froze! I spent valuable smurfberries on it, is there any way to get it back?

  4. will the snow vanish ? ive updated to the valentines update yet i sti;; have snow…

  5. Tina says:

    I been on everyday and not once seen the rose arch!

  6. Dymokc says:

    I can't find the cupid statue! It's not even Valentine's yet and it's gone!

  7. Brainy says:

    Will any of the smurfs walk through it?

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