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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Possibility of no Easter update for Smurfs’ Village this year because Beeline is busy working on fixes to bugs & glitches


We just got some info from Bethany Smith (Beeline) and we would like to share it with you.

“The MIAB glitches and bugs in the iOS version have been isolated and fixed in the next update. So too have the problems with obtaining the first piece of the Totem Pole. Smurfs disappearing on rafts & the dam issues are still being worked on but might have some fixes included too in the next iOS update. Beeline has released statements on all of these over on their official forums. As far as the Easter update, an Easter version update is unlikely this year. The next update will probably arrive after the holiday. Beeline is looking into the option of making some Easter limited time offers available over the weekend though if it’s feasible. “

“The Android version issues are a mix of current iOS problems as well as new Android specific ones. Beeline is potentially looking at a quick fix only update for the Android version to address the major problems of not being able to launch the app and having the app crash when traveling to the island. In short, they are working on it. “

Credit to Brainy

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  1. Yuli1984 says:

    I sent 3 smurfs out on rafts on 24 hours but only one came back. Yet a few days two rafts no came back. They keep fixed position. I made next update 1.3.8 but this no help. I’m an Apple user.Help me.

  2. aimee says:

    I opened my game this morning and I had 2 brainys and now I cnt go to my island it just forsecloses

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Yes that's right, I bet you are an android users, where they end up with two brainies, or 2 papa smurfs or 2 smurfettes. Now is up to you how to proceed, beeline recommends recovering the village to previous saved work, which would lose some progress.

  3. romy76 says:

    aiutooo help me :-(
    non riesco a collegare galaxy samsung con questo forum per avere amici vicini .. mi aiutate per favore ? non so come fare … grazie a chi lo fa

  4. Lucasxxxx01 says:

    No easter update but an Easter present, :)
    Beeline gives each player 3 gifts with each containing 1 smurfberrie.

  5. Ace says:

    Got 3 smurfberries for Easter! Waiting for the new update this week to fix the miab bugs…

  6. Janvier says:

    My son just got 3 smurfberries as an Easter gift. Why don't I get them in my game? I'm in level 30, my son in 22…

  7. Kiren says:

    I sent four Smurfs out on rafts but only three came back. It's been about 18 hours now, and I sent them out for 1 hour. In your opinion is this something that will be fixed in the next update, or do I have to use Papa Smurfs Head in the Options menu to go back a few days? I earned almost 20 000 in the last one day and really don't want to lose that! I'm an Apple user by the way.

    • Poet says:

      The raft issues might not be fixed in the upcoming update….so you'll just have to keep your fingers crossed.

      • Kiren says:

        Thanks very much! Just to double check, using the Papa Smurf option at this time will not change anything? *fingers crossed*

  8. kamushek says:

    I've completed two of message in the bottle quests got green benches for them. Now in the middle of third one. Does it mean that I won't be able to get totem pieces after all? Even after update? :(

  9. Sherlock says:

    I hope they fix the stability problems. The game slows down unless I go back to the main screen before going to the island. It also crashes frequently, usually when sending out a raft or harvesting.

    I never had stability issues before the latest update.

  10. Jillian says:

    Fix what's broken before introducing new items that could cause more. Hopefully we can start MIAB next week.

  11. Lucasxxxx01 says:

    News from the Facebook page: Harmony smurf will be added in the next update, don't know when. Hope it will be soon.

  12. Mika says:

    But better fix old Bugs as a new Update with new Bugs…

  13. Wonnysmurf says:

    Am sad at where this great app is at…
    Have been playing for over 18 months, never time cheated, purchased Smurfberries, given them 5 stars and all.

    Now my friend gifts me each (in front of me) and the gift never appears! Do I have to restart the game and if I do will I loose my Smurfberries, gs and progress on the game?

    Brainy, Poet HELP!!! Pleas advise if I should try restarting and if I put all at risk by doing do.

    • Poet says:

      If it's a bug, there's nothing much we both can do. You need to report this to Beeline and see if they can help. However, if you don't mind losing your smurfberries, you can try restoring your game to an earlier time before all these happened. It should work.

  14. Ricky says:

    Agreed. I'll miss those smurfy Easter egg gifts from all my friends.. :(

  15. Daniel says:

    I'm Android user, please give me back my island asap! I'm sick for this game and there's no way out ehehehe

  16. G. Smurf Fan says:

    Does that mean we don't get free smurfberries like we did for valintines

  17. isis says:

    Hi guys shame there won't be an Easter update but maybe that's a good thing it will give beeline time to sort out all the bugs from the last updates. I don't use Facebook can you post the links for the official forum as the only site I have looked at is this one. Thanx

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