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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs’ Village Valentine’s Day Contest


Beeline has announced the beginning of their Valentine’s Day Contest. The competition started on February 9th and will run all the way through February 13th, the day before the most romantic day of the year. Players that used their special heart themed items and decorations to create a truly impressive village can win 500 Smurfberries along with an extra 500 to give to a friend. Beeline will declare the top five winners on Valentine’s Day.

So far, the competition has been fierce. Players have been submitting elaborately designed villages left and right. Some users have shaped their crop fields and mushroom houses into giant hearts or used red fences to spell out the word love. A few contestants created massive flower fields using a combination of contrasting flower patches and mushrooms. Heart dangling trees, heart bushes, pink benches, and single rose petals are often the center of these incredible designs. There are so many different ways to decorate. All of the villages in this contest features an original landscape with bright red, pink, and pastel colors placed throughout. It’s amazing what some users have done with a bunch of mushrooms and rocks.

 If you think your village can compete whether you are using your  iPod, iPhone, iPad or any Android phone or tablet  than simply visit  Beeline contest page here, register, and post a screenshot in the contest topic section. To officially enter the competition each contestant must be a registered member of the forum. Click on the log in icon at the top of the screen and select the Get Satisfaction tab to create your Beeline account. Only one screenshot per user can be entered. Images are not allowed to be edited with Photoshop or altered in any way or it will be disqualified. To snap a screenshot on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch simply hold down the home button while pressing the on/off button at the top of your device. Transfer the photo from your device to your computer by emailing it to yourself or uploading it directly to your PC. There’s still plenty of time to design the ultimate love themed village and participate in Beeline’s annual Valentine’s Day Contest!

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  1. evelynn says:

    i love smurfs

  2. Pitufius says:

    Where can we see the winners?

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