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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Valentine’s Day 2012 update (v 1.1.6) has been Released


As it was expected  Valentine’s Day  2012 update  (version  1.1.6 iOS)  has been released the end of this month (January 2012). The update  was release only on AppStore for iOs devices (iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad),  and  nothing  yet was revealed about   Android platform. This new update contains some new riddles,  some tricky quests as well as  off 50%  sale of Tailor Smurfs is running for limited period.  But what’s new  according to beeline description is :

  • Valentines decorative items are back (heart mushroom, heart bush, heart tree)
  • Gift special limited-edition Valentine’s Day gifts to friends.
  • Tons of new quests including a Valentine’s Day quest chain.
  • Level 41 added
  • “Plant all” and “Harvest all” flowers premium feature now available for Nat Smurf
  • You can now remove crops from magic shrubs
  • Notifications for flowers and magic shrubs
  • More reliable flower watering with friends

To find out the problems and bugs as well as solution you may encounter in this update please visit our Bugs & Solution page.

Update for Android Users (2/2/12): Version 1.0.4 (a) for Android was just released and contains the Valentine’s Day items and storylines.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Please !!! Since I try to upgrade the smur'fs village to 1.1.6 it's blocked I can't open it and I can't play at all
    it's on my iPhone 4 and I didn't install game center. what can I do? I try to upgrade to 1.1.7 but it doesn't work
    thxs for the answers

    • Smurfette says:

      Game Center is already on all iphone 4's you do not have to install it. Regarding your problem, have you tried restarting your device? If that does not help, download the game via iTunes on your PC/Mac and then sync it to your iphone, that should work

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi, I have two questions for the game:
    1. After the update (v 1.1.6) I can't remove bridges and stairs. Is that mistake?
    2. I have a job Papa Smurf: "leave a gift for a friend or collect a gift from Jokey" – what do I do?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • Smurfette says:

      You can not remove the stone stairs to the cliff, that has always been like this, you should be able to delete the bridges, I just tried it and it still works for me. what happens if you try it? Regarding your second questions, you either have to get a gift from Jokey (more information can be found on our Jokey Smurf article) or give a gift to one of your neighbours (more information can be found here:…

  3. des says:

    Do I have to be level 41 to get the valentines day quests? I just started recently and am only level 17, but I do have the most recent iOS version.

    • Smurfette says:

      No, they come up after you finished your current quest from Papa Smurf

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you for the answer. I lost my gifts from Jokey, I read the article.
      However, I can remove the bridge, I was mistaken. I can not remove the stone stairs. That is not possible to remove the stairs? I would like to have one of the stairs. Unfortunately, accidentally I built three of the stairs. Can do something about it?

      • Smurfette says:

        No, there is no way to remove the stairs. You can contact Beeline at and suggest that they add this feature. The more people ask for it the liklier it will come. That way it is now possible to remove the small bidge, which did not work for a long time either.

  4. Booskii says:

    I want to update to the new Valentines day village update, but first I want to know…Is it gonna start me back at Level 1 all over again, like it did when I updated it to the christmas version??? I Really want all the new quests and all the new stuff it comes with, but I DONT want to start all over for a Second time!? So will it start me over? *please help*

    • Smurfette says:

      No, the update will not start you over, it should not have done so with the Christmas version either if you did the update correctly. If you use and Apple iOS device, create a backup first or connect your village to Game Center to be sure.

  5. T says:

    Can you please tell me how many times the valentines rose arch is offered at Level 33 ? Thanks

  6. sertac yasar says:

    when ı update for valentne's day, the smurfs are working very slowly and sometimes freezing. pls fix this problems. i used ipod touch..

  7. Beckee says:

    Since The New Valentines Update I Cant Access My Friends Villages, Preventing Me To Send Gifts And Find Marco Smurf, Ive Tried Turning It Off And On And Doesnt Seem To Work, Please Fix This x

  8. Maddie says:

    What happens at the end of the valentines quest? It is taking forever!
    Thanks for the tip about the flower boxes you posted on here Smurfette, I only had two boxes so I'd still be doing it now if I hadn't seen that!


    Ps also another person who is fed up of the snow – they ditched it weeks ago on snoopy's street fair.

  9. Paula says:

    after his upgrade, my game is cracking, I've tried everything! I've contacted beeline, but no answer at all :(.
    Is it happening to anyone else? Tks

  10. still on x-mass says:

    I began playing last year. I got the x-mass update but can't get any other updates going (even though the game told me it was upgrading and I now see hearts on the app presentation, not the game it self).
    I still have a x-mass tree and it's starting to get boring…
    Please help!

    • Smurfette says:

      The Christmas Tree and the Snow are still there in the Valentine's Day Update. If the icon changed form blue with Papa to red/pink with Smurfette you did the update. The Christmas items will be removed with the next update (though you can delete all of them except the tree with the star yourself if you do not want them anymore).

  11. Anali says:

    When can we expect more levels? Was disappointed with this update that I was at max straight away once I got to level 41. Have enjoyed the quests. There should be more

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline usually adds one new level to the updates, though they have been both updates with no and more than one level. There are no official information yet, but the next update is expected in March.

  12. elpiano says:

    Sorry,I need some helps.I'm on the level 8th and Papa Smurf ask to put down three logs for smurfs to sit on!how to do this and where I get find it?

  13. tara says:

    They finally gave us android users the up grade today. Which valentine present gives the most xp?

  14. Newbies says:

    I'm using iPhone4 + IOS 5.0 , after upgrading to 1.1.6 , it runs super slow .. the smurfs are shifting from 1 location to another , does anyone have the same situation like me ?

    Info. from others … "iPhone4 + IOS 4.x + 1.16 smurfs village" does not have such problem.

    Will there be any solutions for this issue ?

    Thank you.

    • Smurfette says:

      Try turning on the sound from the options menu of the game, it has been reported that that helps the game to run smoother. (you can still mute your device if the sound annoys you).

  15. Derek says:

    What does upgrading Nat Smurfling's hut do? I think I read somewhere that it just allows you to plant all and harvest all flowers (similar to what can be done with crops). If this is all the upgrade allows, then it's hardly worth the smurfberries.

  16. laa806 says:

    Any update on whether or not there will be a release for the Android? I hope there is because we love the game too!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      No, there is no official announcement yet, but there are still two weeks to go till Valentine's Day and Beeline usually releases updates without too much warning beforehand.

    • isis says:

      Hi I emailed beeline about an Android update the reply came back the next day saying there were no further updates at this time and if there were to be any then notification would be on the usual gaming websites

  17. Joe says:

    Anyone else find the game horrifically laggy since the patch?

  18. jsmurf says:

    when does Android get the new Valentine's app?

  19. AL7SAWEYA says:

    Hi smurf
    bab smurf need CoLLECT FROM CLOTHESLINE
    HOW I MAKEET ???

  20. Minott12 says:

    Hey Smurfette! So, I’m at Level 41. Papa Smurf asked me to plant 20 boxes of daisies, chrysanthemums, or roses. I’ve been on the quest for days! Lol. I think I’m doing something wrong. I currently have only 8 boxes in my village, so I plant them, pick them, and regrow them. However, these flowers take at least 12 hours to grow, so I’ve picked other crops during this time. Do you think this is the reason I have not “completed” this quest? Should I ONLY plant and pick 20 of these flowers, and not plant anything else in my village? Also, can I mix these flowers, or do I have to plant 20 of the same kind? Sorry for the long paragraph. I just don’t know what to do. Thanks!

    • Smurfette says:

      It is not enough to regrow existing flowers after they got watered, you have to delete the flowers from the box and plant new ones. Then you do not even have to finish them, just planting and immediately deleting them will do the trick. It does not matter what kind of flowers you use, as long as you use one of the three mentioned by Papa and not others (like Tulips).

      • Minott12 says:

        Thanks for your response, Smurfette. After I posted my question, I read another one of your posts and saw that another person asked you the same question I did. Lol. Sorry. I can only imagine how annoying it must be to be asked the same question 100 times. I appreciate this site!

        • nanny says:

          Do you mean we only place the flower box, wait for a while, no need to plant any flower and delete it with menu 'move' ?
          Or we have to plant flower and then delete it ( no need to wiait until finish) and redo this again for 20 times ?

          • Smurfette says:

            It means you buy one flower box, then plant a flower, then delete the flower (not the box) and so on. If you have done this twenty times the quest will be completed.

  21. frustrated. says:

    i have 15 more

    minutes to buy the tailor’s hut @50% off. but i cant. it keep saying that i dont have enough berries. did i miscounted? lol. i have 18 btw.

  22. Papa says:

    If we purchase new items like the Heart Tree will they disappear after the next upgrade or in the future, like Xmas items?

  23. schtroumpfcoquer says:

    I just got the new update but I didn't recieve the valentines day quest? Help?

  24. Louloubelle says:

    I 'm stuck at level 41. I'm still playing 'cause I'm addicted, but it's not very satisfying. And where is Smurfette? Didn't she make an appearance last February & give points every few hours? Disappointing.

  25. Swidya says:

    I bought ipad 2 for my children, the seller uploaded heaps of Games so my kids can play straight away. Anyway, now i can not upgrade the Smurf Village for them, because it keeps asking for the seller password. I have changed to my Apple ID so that i can upload new games, but still can't upgrade the games that the seller uploaded. HELP…

  26. kerry says:

    why are the people on android not included. this is smurfism.

    • babysmurf says:

      i agree, i have been waiting for so long now to get painter smurf and vanity smurf, so im very dissapointed!!
      when will we get access to them?

      • Smurfette says:

        Beeline has not released any information regarding when they will come available for Android.

        • cha says:

          Why are some items (not seasonal) were gone? When i visit some friends and featured villages i couldnt find items on my village they have on theirs , when ibasked them if those items are seasonal they said no.

          • Smurfette says:

            There were items that were just available to buy for a limited time, like the swing, bat, sleigh etc.

          • cha says:

            Smurfette please bring it back. :( im planning something “extraordinay;P” for my village using those items:( PUHLEASEE!

          • Smurfette says:

            We can not bring anything back as we are not Beeline, just an unofficial guide. Some of those items might be available again in the future, but the Halloween/Thanksgiving items will probably not be available again before next Halloween. If the other items come back has not yet been announced by Beeline.

          • cha says:

            But can you request it to them :( ? I badly need those items hehe thank you smurfette love ya!

          • Smurfette says:

            You can do that yourself, on their Facebook Wall there is a "Feedback and Forums" section that is regularly read by Beeline employees. The link is You can also reach them at

  27. TLVM says:

    I was looking forwd to this update and now I am so disappointed. Most of the decorations are purchased with berries! So for people like me who are on a tight budget we get a new picnic table. What a bummer!

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