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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfberries offer worth 150% Bonus


Smurfberries we all love them, so for this is the first time in The smurfs village game  history Beeline have made an exclusive offer for smurfberries. Apparently the offer varies from one region to an other but in general  the offer is to 25 smurfberries for about $1 (0.79 Euros) which means  you will get about 150%. bonus of  Berries.  The smurfberries offer will last only 30 minutes and there is no guaranty to be seen again, although we hope to see more smurfberries discounts in the next coming days.

Smurfberries offer
Every player can benefit from smurfberries offer is only one time you can only buy the berries one time.

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  1. Enas says:

    Hi. Are you going to make another offer for the new year. Please I need to buy smurfberries :-(

  2. Tegan says:

    I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative

    and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail

    on the head. The problem is something that not enough folks

    are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I came across this during my search for something relating to this.

  3. Zaid says:

    what the hell !!!!! I have purchased a smurfberries the transaction done correctly but I did not get any damn smurberries what is the story guys anybody can help here!!!!

  4. cosmickitten says:

    Keep waiting folks – I had the £2.99 offer a few weeks ago but today I've had 3 different offers pop up one after the other, so it's obviously still available. Just hope that it doesn't turn up in your village when Tracker is there cos he interferes with EVERYTHING. I'm thinking of taking out a injunction on him next week, if only I could find him in the forest to serve it…

    • Arwenstar says:

      Hey Cosmickitten! I had the £8.99 offer last night and I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to go through with it considering the amount of people who've had problems but it was fine. I'm glad because that was the first time I've ever seen any kind of offer!

      • Juliet says:

        I'm really glad you finally got the offer! Keep looking cos I got another 2 offers for £2.99 shortly afterwards…. And thanks for watering my flowers :)

        • Arwenstar says:

          I'll keep looking, which won't be hard as I spend so much time on this game! I'm just glad I got one offer, anything else would be a bonus. And you're very welcome :-)

      • Lumenci says:

        Hey guys! I got the offer too and bought the 250 berries for $ 12.99. I thought I'd never it see again.
        On a different note , you guys are friends with mira2006 too, right? Can you see her in your map? She disappeared from mine but I think she can still see me from hers 'coz someone always leaves a gift right next to the dock everyday. Although it only says 'Someone left a gift' but I know it's her. I'd be bummed if I lose her, she's one of the good ones.

        • Arwenstar says:

          Yeah I'm friends with Mira and she definitely appears on my map. I just checked again and she's there all right. I think she's on holiday or something but I've been receiving gifts from her all the same. She is indeed "one of the good ones" and I'd hate to lose her too but by the sound of it it just sounds like your map is being glitchy. As long as she's still gifting you then I wouldn't worry too much. Plus, she knows you're also "one of the good ones" so she's not going to delete you just like that. I take it you're not able to gift her then?

          • Lumenci says:

            I haven't seen her village for , I think, almost a week now, so, no, I wasn't able to give her anything. I wish she'd see this post so I can make a suggestion to her that we unfriend each other and then one of us will send a " friend request" again. Hopefully, that will get her back on my map. She's the only neighbour I'm missing though. Her status says there are times she can't see some of her neighbours so it sounds like some of her neighbours have this problem too.

        • cosmickitten says:

          Yep, Mira2006 is still visible on my map too and I've been getting gifts from her OK. Seems strange she can see you but you can't see her. Prps you should request her as a friend again and see if that works?

        • cosmickitten says:

          And while I'm on – Lumenci, I don't know how you do it but I am so impressed you send me two gifts everyday! Thanks!

        • Cosmickitten says:

          Lumenci – I checked on Mira2006 'friends in common' list and you are definitely still listed on there.

          • Lumenci says:

            Thank you both for checking and being such wonderful neighbours. You guys really are the best. I'll try to unfriend and "friend request" her again. Hopefully that will work.

          • Lumenci says:

            That didn't seem to work. I sent her a friend request twice but after that there's nothing. I give up. I don't know what else to do.

          • Arwenstar says:

            Hopefully it will. And I have to join in with Cosmickitten to say thanks very much for the 2 gifts. I don't know how you do it either but it's very much appreciated :)
            Right, I'm gonna go now before this turns into a love fest 😉

          • Lumenci says:

            You guys are very much welcome. There's a trick to that but I can't post it here for fear that Beeline would be on it the moment they found out. Talk about being sneaky…hehehe.
            Read my status on GC if you want to found out. I'll post it for 48 hrs. I wish SV have a chat box like those other online games.

          • Arwenstar says:

            Well, I kinda knew about that trick but it hardly ever works for me :(
            I have managed to leave 2 gifts on occasion but it's been pretty rare. I see that Cosmickitten, being cleverer than I am, has managed to leave me a couple of gifts too today. Thanks to you 2 guys I had a total of 4 gifts instead of 2. So, thank you both very much, you guys are amazing! I did have a look at your islands yesterday but there were no palms that needed watering so I couldn't even try to return the favour. I'll keep checking , even though I'm not sure I can perform that little trick at will……

          • Lumenci says:

            Well, that trick doesn't work all the time and don't worry about it, I get a kick out of doing it. I've stopped planting palm crops 'coz I prefer my smurfs to plant land crops. BTW, I finally got Mira back on my map.

          • Cosmickitten says:

            Not cleverer, just lucky! The trick hardly ever works for me either! Glad you got Mira2006 back Lumenci.

  5. Arwenstar says:

    Omg! I had given up on the idea of the Smurfberry Offer and then, tonight, literally 10 minutes ago , it came up!! 250 berries for £8.99 and I bought them straight away. I really had given up on looking out for the offer so I'm very pleased! 😀

  6. JL says:

    I took advantage of the 25 smurfberries for .99 cents. However after I was billed the berries were never credited. After contacting Beeline they gave me a series of instructions to follow that still didn’t get me the berries promised. Anyone have a similar problem and solution?

  7. Gem says:


    Please help, I moved a palm tree and now smurfette’s island hut has disappeared, she keeps coming to the island but there is no hut.

    What has happened and do I have to but it again?

    Thanks gem

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Recover your village to the point Smurfette was still there: Go to options, tab Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a button recover village appears. Tab it and you will see a list off saved villages, select one, preview and if it's yours recover. If it doesn't work contact Beeline at

  8. Timothy Morris says:

    Yeah Thanks Beeline. So many comments about being unable to actually buy this offer. I certainly hope they repeat this offer once the glitch is sorted.

    Smurfberries have never been particularly good value for money so this offer would has tempted thousands and how much money are you losing Beeline? Come on, please sort this.

  9. Wayne says:

    Had the same problem as quite a few others and was unable to purchase the special offer sb, anyone know why and what we can do to fix it? The timer just kept ticking and nothing happened, even after several attempts.

  10. Megan says:

    I saw the same offer on my iPhone and iPad – neither worked. Just kept ticking around until the time ran out and then the offer disappeared. Disappointing :(

  11. Ravend says:


    100 berries for $5.49 (thats a %100 bonus). Normally 50 berries for $5.49

    Localised markets BAH HUMBUG! The Australian dollar is currently more powerful than the US and we still get overcharged

  12. Alicia says:

    The offer for Smurf berries appeared and as soon as I pressed to buy now, it froze and time went on until it ran out and I couldn't buy anything, will it be a bug? Is it going to appear again? Thanks if you answer me.

  13. Jazz19208 says:

    I live in Australia and I had an offer for 250 50% extra smurfberries with no price. I clicked on buy now and it just keeps loading but the timer is counting down. I am connected to wifi and game centre so the connection should be fine. Think I'm going to miss out which is pretty disappointing.

  14. Lumenci says:

    Well, finally I got the offer but with no price in US $ whatsoever. It just had a picture of a smurfberry, a plus sign and next to it says 250. I tapped on the icon" BUY ME NOW" but the prompt just kept going in circles for 30 mins. I tried rebooting my app but nothing happened. This offer appeared when I had tracker smurf back in my village. I also couldn't see any of my neighbours. I guess Beeline couldn't handle that much excitement in one day?

    • Arwenstar says:

      So you finally got the offer and you couldn't take advantage of it……what a shame! It's probably to do with the latest update, the smurfberry bush had no price next to it before I bought it, also the mini games are now showing characters instead of numbers next to the percentage bar. I still haven't had the berry offer but I'd rather not get it at all than have it right there in front of me and not be able to go through with it.
      This morning most of my friends are not showing up either which means I can't gift them :(
      Oh, and while I'm here I might as well say thank you very much Lumenci for being the best neighbour. I've only got about 20 reliable ones out of a 100ish so I'm very grateful to every one of them, you included so……….thanks very much :-)

      • Lumenci says:

        Hi Arwenstar! It's so nice to hear from you and thank you. What you've said about me made my day. I have to say this while I have this chance, that you've been one of the 3 best neighbours I've had when I still had those 200+ neighbours. So thanks so much! Hopefully we'll both get those precious smurfberries pretty soon.

        • Arwenstar says:

          Thank you Lumenci! I guess we can't expect all our neighbours to be as obsessed as we are. Well, I know I am as I've just come back from a 3 weeks holiday and still managed to gift more or less every day. Before you think I am really sad, Lol, I only gifted a few chosen reliable neighbours. But still, I was on holiday and I was gifting! Haha
          Still no luck for me regarding the berry offer though………

          • Lumenci says:

            You're so right Arwenstar. Like you, I still manage to give gifts when I'm on vacation. Speaking of obsession….I'm on a race with a friend of mine to finish first. So now, I'm obsessed to level up as fast I as I can. It's bad enough when I have tracker smurf in my village. I've also been ignoring the MIAB quests for a flag. A flag, really? Seriously, does anyone really care about those? So, of course, I get pissed whenever Beeline keeps adding one level up. Okay now I really think I need some serious therapy when I'm done with this game. LOL!
            So for you folks out there who's contemplating on starting this game, my best advice would be "DON'T DO IT" .

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            The MIAB can go worse. My reward is a pump.

          • Lumenci says:

            Ugh! I hope you'll get a better reward next time Dreamy. I just got a seashell balcony blueprint as a reward so I'm working on it. It's been awhile since I got one of these. The last time was with the first spring update. So, thanks Beeline, please keep them coming.

          • Arwenstar says:

            Hahaha! Your reply made me laugh! I'm not racing with anyone to finish first and it's a good thing I'm not because I spend enough time on this game as it is. Well, good luck to you and for what it's worth, I hope you do it and win 😉
            As for the MIAB, my latest one is the train set you place near the smurfling huts. Like last week. I mean, come on! So I've ignored it completely this time, I'm not gonna drive myself nuts for a freaking train set! Even a flag would be better! Lol

          • Lumenci says:

            Hey Arwenstar, one last thing, I meant to ask you this but I forgot to mention it to you earlier. Are you having any trouble with your flower boxes not being watered? Well, you see, for one, I don't see any smurfs watering your flower boxes and two, I don't see any water cans hovering above them. Don't you think that's a little odd? Now that I only have a few neighbours left, I always try to look around and see if something needs to be watered and I've seen this happen for quite awhile but only to your flower garden though.
            And it can't be because you need to harvest them since I been gifting at different times but I always see the same thing. I wonder if your neighbours are seeing what I'm seeing?
            I just thought you should know.

          • Arwenstar says:

            Hey, I only just saw this! There is no problem with my flowers at all. They were watered by a kind neighbour a while ago and because at the time I was short on available smurfs, I just left them as they were. Smurfs have since become available but I guess I just haven't bothered to get them to work on the flowers again so I have had those watering cans hovering over my flowers for more than a week now. I guess I'm just lazy! Lol
            But thanks for pointing this out and worrying about my little village :-)

          • Lumenci says:

            Hey there, that's good to know. I wasn't aware that you can do that. I've always thought that the flowers will die if you didn't water them yourself. I guess I learned something new today. Mystery solved.

      • Alicia says:

        I agree with you Arwenstar, I can't see my friends since yesterday… Besides, as you say, I have many friends and only some of them give gifts while I gift them daily…. I also got the offer for smurfberries and it just happened the same as to Lumency… Please, Beeline help fix the bugs and let US see our neighbours.

        • Arwenstar says:

          Hi Alicia! I know how you feel, I have something like 106 friends and I gift everyone everyday but I only get back about 30 gifts a day……and that's on a good day. You soon get to know who the good neighbours are but there's too few of them…….

    • Ana says:

      Yup same thing happened to me yesterday!!!

  15. Stephanie! says:

    I got an offer for 175 smurfberries but it didn’t say how much but I tried to buy it anyway and all it would do was load it wouldn’t allow me to purchase smurfberries. I have never had this problem before when trying to buy smurfberries and I am very disappointed. I tried closing out the app and when I opened it again it said 0 berries for 4.99 so I closed out of the app again and then the 175 berries came back but still unable to purchase them. Help please! Tried to find a customer service number for beeline before my time ran out but that was impossible so I thought maybe someone on here could help!

    • Marco Smurf says:

      yes Steph you are right many people are comlaining about Smurfberries offer, but don't worry is rolling over and you will get it again, hopefully you will able to buy berries

  16. Curtis J says:

    I purchased the Bonus and it was 250 SBs for $4.99 and after I purchased it I only got 50 SBs. What can we do to resolve this problem? I want the SBs.

    • Marco Smurf says:

      sorry to hear that, this happens from time to time, but is not a mjor issue. You just need to contact they will be able to send you the remaining smurfberries

      • Mallory says:

        Help! I was offered smurfberries, 150 percent bonus berries and I clicked buy now…..for 5 min I waited…nothing….I refreshed clicked buy now…nothing…waited 20 min…would not let me buy. Offer expired…yes I had Internet connection.

  17. Kelley says:

    I just got this offer for +250, there is not price on here and I clicked “Buy Now!” and it doesn’t do anything… time is counting down. :(

  18. Sheree says:

    My daughter had the offer for 150 for 5pound this time. I haven't had any..

  19. Smurfette smurf says:

    I got an offer that says that I can get no smurfberries for free. Is this a glitch or is it because I don't have Internet when I recieved it?

  20. Mel says:

    IS there a delay sometimes between purchasing smurfberries and receiving them? I purchased the $5.49 offer 3 times thinking it wasn't working and while the payment was excepted I've still not been credited with the berries:(

  21. Robin says:

    I live in the northeast and play the Smurfs game constantly. I have never been offered these smurfberries for sale. My friend in Florida has received the offer 4 times already. I play this game all day long. This is so not fair.

    • Poet says:

      I have never seen this offer myself too…I am told we just have to wait as Beeline is slowly rolling this out to everybody.

  22. heidi says:

    i got to see the bonus news came onto my main menu page once. then i tap the wrong place then screen had gone… never to see it again. somehow my friend's phone shows this special very often. i have internet connection and same place we live. why is that happen ?!

  23. Binha says:

    I think the more you play the game the more you see the offer. I have played every day the past 2 weeks and have gotten both the $.99 for 25sb and today the $4.99 for 100 sb. Keep playing! Hope you all get it :)

    • Arwenstar says:

      I play the game everyday too, and more than once a day, I'm kind of addicted to Smurf Village BUT I still haven't seen the offer at all. I'm pleased for everyone who got it but wish we ALL could benefit from it :)

  24. Sheree says:

    I would really like the smurfberries offer as I didn’t get a chance for the £2.49 offer please

  25. Nenner35 says:

    I got offer, went to buy it. Took my money didn’t give the berries. What do I do now? I’m really upset about it. I want my money back or the berries.

  26. Johnny says:

    I just got an offer of 150 smurfberries for 6.99 CAD but it disappeared :( I have a photo of it though.

  27. Killekillah says:

    Had this offer just a few minutes ago, so hurry, check your village! I'm german, the offer was 100 sb for only 3,99 €. Yeah, thank you, beeline!!!

    • Killekillah says:

      So, today the same offer, so cool.
      One tipp: if you can't immediately use this offer but in the half hour, so look up on the left side where's your coin&xp bar – there's an emblem, where you can find this offer again.
      And, if you eventually bought the berries but not already received, click on the emblem, too. Then the download of the berries will starting. Good luck for all, kille

    • Jillbo12 says:

      I just got the offer valid for30 minutes but it would just spin and never let me make a m purchase I was sticking limbo like I was connected to wifi even though I had a very good connection. Never was able to make purchase for 50% bonus

  28. mangosteen says:

    I bought smurf berries through this 99 cent offer but the smurf berries were never updated but I was still charged through ITunes!!!

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