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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs Village 1.2.2a is out now for Android Players


Smurfs village Android icon 1.2.2Version 1.2.2a for Android Is now available for download on Google Play. It is equivalent to iOS version 1.3.4.
The new update contains many new features, mainly in the mountain,s as described by Beeline::

  • Purchase Smurfette’s mountain chalet to earn daily XP!
  • Restore the new Observatory to earn a weekly Smurberry reward!
  • Complete Grandpa’s quests to open up new space to build and enjoy the mountain air!
  • Get the new, super resource machine, to produce 25% more resources than the original!
  • New premium items have popped up to peak your interest and help you earn XP!
  • Your sky-high smurfy adventure is just beginning!

Also, in this release Grandpa’s mountain acorn quest has been fixed. You should now be able to add a shrubbery and grow acorns to fulfill the quest.

Smurfs village android update 1.2.2

Since the Observatory is going to take 90% of your accumulated resources, those players who have more resources will have to spend more resources than players who have just a few. If you prefer to reduce your accumulated resources by spending them on customizations on the mainland or island, remember that you must consume those resources before you visit the mountain for the first time after updating. Once you visit the mountain, the game takes note of your resource inventory and calculates how much it requires for the Observatory’s first stage. If you go on a spending spree on the mainland after having visited the mountain, the game will require you acquire more resources before the game will allow you to build the Observatory’s first stage.

For those players who already have purchased the Resource Machine during one of the past updates, please note that if you “repair” it, it will be upgraded to the new Super Resource Machine.

Please refer to this article: for more information about some of the new characters introduced in this release.

As always, we welcome your comments and concerns and encourage that you also report bugs to Beeline directly as it helps them see the full picture of the number of users affected when something goes wrong. You can open tickets with them at

credit to Stroumpfette our Android Admin.

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  1. kandybaby says:

    I have tried to recover my smurf after I updated the smurf and it won't let me get passed play but its not recovering what is the next step to getting back to the last place i bin, I was on level 25 and I will really like to continue, I'm fixing to cry, I believe it was the nanny one I updated and now I can't play??!

  2. nick says:

    I hane an adroid smartphone and i wanted to update smurfs village and tgere is an error 499 and because of it the update is not successfull. How can i fiw this problem??

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I'm not familiar with that particular error code, but I am aware of issues with not being able to update related to memory insufficiency. Can you see how much total vs. free RAM you have? Does your device have a Task Manager function that allows you to "clear inactive and background processes? I have to have at least 550 of 724 total MB free before the game downloads AND installs successfully. It's the same with launching the app without it crashing. Make sure you have nothing else running in the background including messaging and Facebook. Even when you close out the apps, they leave processes running in the background. Once you clear as much RAM as possible, try downloading again.

  3. mef says:

    y when i update to version 1.2.2a it doesnt run and says i may have not purshased this product ???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I'm not familiar with that error message. Has the message begun just after updating? Have you tried to recover your data to the most recent backup?

  4. CideSmurf says:

    Hi ther! I'm an iPhone 3s user which means that I cannot update my Smurfs Village from last December. I'm considering several options for a new brand smartphone in both IOS and Androind systems. My question is: is ther a way to transfer my smurfsberries from the iPhne 3 to any other device weather it is IOS or android? Thanks in advance.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There is currently no way to transfer a game between platforms running different OSes. In other words, players can't transfer from IOS to Android or vice versa, but players CAN migrate from one iOS device to another. I believe as long as you have your game backed up on iTunes or Game Center, you should be ok. This article should help you through it,… and you can always open a ticket with Beeline to see if they have any additional suggestions for you.

  5. Aillemia says:

    i have a problem, i am android player and i wanna buy a new phone, is it possible to move my whole village with progress in new phone?

  6. I'm at level 26 (playing at Android) and Grandpa wants me to harvest 2 pear shrubs. In the meanwhile I have harvest 4 of them, but the quest isn't closed yet. Any idea?
    Additional question for them who are playing this game via Kindle fire… although I got the latest update, the snow is still there….

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I suspect the Kindle Android release is still one update behind the remainder of the Android device universe. The current version for Android is 1.2.2 (without snow). Please let us know what Version number you are running and if your version contains the observatory and the mountain expansion.

      I am not familiar with the quest that seems to be causing you trouble. You may wish to open a ticket with Beeline and ask if it is a glitch. Here is how to contact them: We are interested in learning what you find out.

  7. Sofie says:

    I have a problem with my crops. I've been trying to grow artichokes for days and it won't work. I plant them, my phone tells me they are ready, I open my village and all my crops are gone. It's really annoying because I can't complete Papa Smurf's quest. Is there something I can do?

    It happens also with other crops than artichokes.

  8. fofo says:

    How can I restore or recover my village after formatting my device galaxy S3

  9. michael wachendorf says:

    can't wait for the NEW update since apple users are 2 ahead of us. what's up with that? anyone know?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The Android 1.2.2 release is exactly the same as the iOS 1.3.4 release which is what iOS is playing right now. The two platforms are on the exact same version of the game. iOS version 1.3.5 is the next release for iOS, and for a short time, iOS will be again ahead of Android, but the next release for Android should be out within a few days to a week.

  10. CideSmurfete says:

    Please help, I can't open the game. I tried to open it without a wifi conexion and got stuck. I'm connected now to my home wifi but the app doesn't open. It opens to the general page but when I press the "Play" button it crashes. What can I do? Help!!! I'm using an android Xperia S.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Make sure you have as much free RAM as possible to run the game. Make sure you don't have any other applications like your web browser or email running in the background, and if your device allows you to "clear inactive and background processes," do that. If you still cannot open the game, go to the next step.

      Are you able to load the recovery mode? At the Blue Play menu, tap Options, then tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times. When it appears as an option, tap Recover Village. You should now see your backup files. Try to preview the first one to see if it will load. If it resembles your village the way you remember it, try overwriting your village data with that file. It is possible that when you downloaded the latest update, your village data was corrupted.

  11. mgjimmy says:

    I want smurfs' village data file under these path "/sdcard/Android/obb/com.capcom.smurfsandroid/".

  12. mgjimmy says:

    I want smurfs' village data file under these path "/sdcard/Android/obb/com.capcom.smurfsandroid/".
    Please upload that file for me and thank u very much.I want that file bcoz in our country,i cant download data files bcoz google play doesn't support in our country.Thank you.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Sorry, it is not possible to comply with your request. If you are not allowed to download from google play in your country, no one will supply the files to you since it may not be legal to do so.

  13. smurfchotic says:

    Yay no more snow. I noticed a few things. Clumsy smurf is slipping and sliding when he falls. Its kinda cool makes him clumsier smurf. The mountain expansion is great. I instantly bought more butterflies and now the lower left mountain is flooded with them. I decided not to get any super resource machine or buy stone, wood or dye with my sbs I have remaining. Im good with the windmill I dont care about the observatory however long it takes it takes. In the second village, im saving the smurfberries purely for upgrading huts when I eventally get to the mountain. So I take it that the giant crystal also combines the xp for grandpa’s hut.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      yes, the storage crystal still allows players to accumulate daily xp for each crystal stored within it.

      • michael wachendorf says:

        I love it save a lot of room and I get 11000xp from it.

        • Dave says:

          How do you know you are getting the XP? My mountain floor is completely covered with crystals but I don't see when I am getting bonus XP. Where is Grandpa's hut. I am level 46. Thanks.

          • Stroumpfette says:

            You have to place Grandpa's hut to get the daily XP for the crystals. Grandpa's hut is in the build menu.

  14. Ruud says:

    Does anyone know why I have to pay 2508 wood, 2802 stone and 449 dye for the first step for the observatory? I have enough resources but think this is rediculous.. please help.. I play on a Samsung galaxy s3

  15. Airras says:

    How do you put crystals into storage? I know that is a dumb question but I keep holding them over it and it says i can't place them there?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You need to go into move mode by tapping the hammer at the lower right of your screen. This takes you to the build menus, and at the bottom right is an icon labeled "move." Once in move mode and back on the mountain, tap a crystal. there will be the following chhoices: red circle with line through it which is delete function; green left/right arrows to reposition, and purple down arrow for moving to storage. Tap the down arrow, and you will be prompted to confirm your decision to move the crystal. Tap Yes.. repeat for up to 499 additional crystals. When you are finished, return to the build menus by tapping the red arrow at the bottom right of your screen.

  16. Jeanette Lipsett says:

    Ok since I updated my sweepy smurfy disappeared, but ive still got his hut, he’s just gone.. And I try to leave a ticket with beeline and it want send me to the right page anybody else having this problem?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try recovering from backup. From the blue Play menu, tap Options, tap Papa's head 16 times, and when it appears, tap Recover Village. Your backups should appear on your screen. Start with the most recent file and see if Sweepy is there. Overwrite your village with the backup that shows Sweepy.

    • michael wachendorf says:

      I had that problem as soon as I got him. it sucked bye bye 30 smurfberries.

  17. Alezarda says:

    My big crystal is full and I can't store any more gems. I have in total 1400 gems in the crystal. Does anyone know how many should regularly be stored in?? I hate putting gems all over the mountain..

  18. Mario says:

    why can't I download the new versions
    its always no resources

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The download requires a large amount of RAM to be free in order to successfully install. If your Android device allows you to see how much RAM is currently in use, you probably need at least 65% free in order to achieve success. If there is a way to "clear inactive and background processes", you should do that before trying the download again. I have had to monkey with clearing memory on my Samsung Captivate Glide for the last 5 updates or so, but once it installs, the game runs just fine.

  19. peifen says:

    hi anyone know what is "Topaz" that grandpa 's quest.

  20. Joakim says:

    Are people still having the issue where you can't see your facebook-neighbours? I have tried the fix where you delete the facebook-app, log out of the game and facebook and clear the cache but to no avail.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Mine has been better since I tried the procedure. Make sure you log out of FB from within the game BEFORE you delete the FB app within your actual FB settings. Also, make sure you do a device reboot before you try to sign in from the game again and add the SV Android application back into your FB apps. If you're still having trouble, please open a support ticket with Beeline so they know people are still experiencing problems. It is possible they may have additional advice for you.

  21. Susan says:

    I am totally enjoying my smurf game! I use Samsung Galaxy tab with android platform. Latest update has removed snow, part of fireworks and part of Christmas decorations. Still have presents, staffs, lit animals, and poinsettias. Decorated trees disappeared along with snow and snowmen. Other than manually deleting all remaining Christmas items, do they store somehow? Why did only part of items disappear if they were supposed to disappear with the latest update? But, still enjoying game a lot.

  22. Shawn Cummings says:

    Where do you find the comb for grandpa Smurf? Been stuck in it for 2 days now.

  23. Kristýna says:

    I cant download update 1.2.2. I have android (google play). Mobile – Huawei G300. Please help me :( lvl 25

    • Stroumpfette says:

      What happens when you try to download it
      The download requires you have an enormous amount of RAM available to get through the download and installation. If your device has a way for you to look at available vs. used RAM, and if it allows you to clear inactive programs from memory, I strongly suggest you try to do that. for the past 5 updates, I have had to remove applications and clear memory (RAM) in order to successfully update. If it is a different problem, please post again. We will do our best to assist you.

  24. smurfette01 says:

    where is tracker smurf? he has been in the forest for quite some months now! message in a bottle has also been missing. do u ever get the final blueprint to finish clockwork smurf if u dont want to use smurf berries to complete it? but the new update is good.

  25. Babygirl*8 says:

    I play on iOS. I have been trying to contact beeline support since the update at I can’t get past the page asking what language. It always just gives me a list of games. No where to open a ticket with them. I try google and use the link from there, same thing. How can we report problems if we can’t get through to them? I have been trying 3-4 times a day. Is anyone else having as much trouble as I am?

  26. kaitlyn says:

    When will this update be on Amazon App store?

  27. Flo says:

    Hi, actually the windmill gives me 1 Smurfberry every week, when I build the Observatory will I still get the one Smurfberry from the windmill??? Did I get then 2 Smurfberry (Windmill and Observatory) every week?

  28. Kitty Leung says:

    The bottle always far away fm terminal, pls fix this bug

  29. kgeib says:

    Since the update, my game keeps crashing. I tried restarting my device, restoring to a previous point before the update, and I have now uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my android app. When I opened the app up after reinstalling it, I am now at the beginning! Can anyone tell me how to get my progress back? I am up to level 29. It was nice to have the snow gone but I would rather have the snow than what I am going through now.

    • Sassete says:

      You can try to go to main menu and tap on papa smurfs head 16 times and se if you get any previous village that you can choose from, if that doesnt work and you dont have any backup of your game some where else Im afraid that there is nothing you can do about it sorry

  30. WAFFLE says:

    anyone noticed the pathways are bug if u put them in ur village they will not appear?

  31. ringo says:

    but because the smurfs power walk back?
    the mountains and fantastic but I see too much lag.

  32. P Warren says:

    When digging up stones, wood, on the mountain, they are being DEDUCTED instead of added to my total resources. So the more I dig up the further I am away from completing the Observatory!!!

  33. pyon says:

    Message in bottle still missing after update

  34. pepper smurf says:

    the smurfs fly around the screen ok but my only problem?
    if the problem is android, ios why not an article devoted to the problem?
    maybe the developers make an update extra
    personally I'm writing a lot beeline but need your support as much fun.! thanks

  35. Anthony says:

    What happened with the smurfs? After you have touched them, they are skating on the grassland instead of walking.

  36. Anthony says:

    What happened with the smurfs? instead of walking, they are “skating“ on the grassland after you have touched them.

    • pepper smurf says:

      and a big bug in this version that many people need to write a beeline so you can get an extra update that fixes the bug.
      if we intervene in many, perhaps listen to us

  37. Sandra says:

    If you put crystals into the storage crystal on the mountain do they still earn XP for you?

  38. ashley randall says:

    How bad is it, that will all the bugs my game is still having after the update, and I don't know if anyone else is ha ing the same issues, but beeline's support page is down. Wow.

  39. BeBeSmurf says:

    Are there still known issues w/o a fix in regards to the situation in which our friends won’t show up on the neighbor map? One friend has been able to visit my village and I can’t visit hers. We both use an HTC sensation…

  40. Jeanette Lipsett says:

    Yay!!!! We finally got the update lets hope there’s no bugs….

    • devil my smurf says:

      you do not see your smurfs walk over everything? and this seems to me that a big bug …

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Yes, and Beeline is aware of it. The iOS release has this bug also. We anticipate Beeline will fix it in a future release.

        • devil my smurf says:

          sorry but future version will correct in a wild or in the next version?
          future and hard to wait …

          it would be nice to ask beeline why not test versions before launching to the public.

          There are people who use real money ….

          I wrote a beeline …..

  41. marek says:

    30 puffbacche per avere Puffetta sono troppe,ci vorrebbero dei saldi.

  42. damyan dimitorv says:

    Is there anything else that the smurfette is doing when going to the mountains, like quests or ist just a exp ?

  43. Bryan says:

    I was loving this update until I didn’t get my ordered Smurf berries and now I can’t get to the mountain. This is the first time beeline has really dropped the ball for Mr.

    • Jana says:

      Write to beeline and they will refund your smurfberries. Had the same problem

    • Stroumpfette says:

      We have learned that Beeline has been having issues with the server that processes purchases. Definitely open a ticket and let them know you didn't get what you ordered. You will need to provide a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.

  44. val berlin says:

    Wow, at last that snow is gone! I was feeling rather winter-depressed lately!!

  45. Smurfalicious says:

    Whoopie. Cab start sv again. No more level up screen. Thank you beeline…

  46. smurfy old says:

    the smurfs walk over the river and back again and again!
    You can make known bug??
    thank you very much.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      This is the same bug that iOS players have reported. We expect a fix from Beeline at some point in the future but they have not given us a date for a fix. If you would like to contact Beeline directly to let them know you are experiencing this bug, please open a ticket at

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