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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Android update 1.1.4a was release


Smurfs village Android update version 1.1.4a was released yesterday by Beeline, this version is about Doctor  and Reporter smurfs and animal Sanctuary. The update is live and ready for download from Google play for all users using  Android: 2.2 and up. Few players are experiencing  game crashes   as well as the game freezes but these are common issues encountered by Android users who use devices which are not compatible with the game.  If you are experiencing other issues please post them below to share with other players.  With regards to the content of this update is similar to Apple’s release version 1.2.6 , but what’s new in this version according to beeline description?

  • Invite all kinds of animals to stay with Doctor Smurf inside a huge new Animal Sanctuary! Squirrels and Rabbits and Mice, oh my!
  • Visit Reporter Smurf in the village every day for the Daily Smurf headline and get great bonuses!
  • It’s back to school on the island with new items including Brainy’s Blackboard, desks, and more! Build an outdoor school for the Smurfs!
  • New Quests!
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  1. Miranda says:

    Hi all

    I cannot update my game. It says that i have no space left for the update but i have 2gb left.
    Can i reinstall the game or do i lose everything? or does someone know
    how i can fix it?
    I tried rebooting and deleting stuff..but nothing helps.

    Greetings Miranda

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Does it actually say that you don't have enough "resources"? That doesn't usually mean space, though space is part of what it refers to. Make sure you have closed down all applications in the background before you try to update again. The message often refers to not having enough processing power to execute the update installation. Do NOT reinstall your game. You WILL lose everything if you do. Please let us know if you're on Android pre-4.0 or at least 4.0 or iOS platform so we can advise you about backing up the game.

      • Miranda says:

        It's dutch so i'll try to translate. But is says Insufficiënt space on external disk.
        I have android 4.1
        thanks for helping me

        • Smurfette says:

          External Disk could also refer to your SD Card, are you using a device with an SD card? Maybe you installed the game on the SD card instead of the internal disk. Try freeing up space on your SD Card as well.

          For Android 4.0+ devices you can backup your game via Helium, there is no root required. Please have a look at this article:…
          You should do a backup before you do anything else just to make sure you don't end up loosing your village.

  2. ShellBell says:

    On level 26. 2 updates later and I still haven't seen Reporter Smurf in I guess a month now. Saw him a few days in the beginning and then gone.

  3. sonne says:

    Papa smurf asked me to visit another village. I've done that but nothing happen, the task is not completed. Do you have the same problem? And do you know how to fix that ? Thanks

  4. Pot says:

    Hello! On is available a new download to Version 1.1.5a
    Have you feedback if this version works properly or it has problems like the latest android release?

  5. sonne says:

    I'm on level 33, Papa smurf ask me to visit another village. I've done it but nothing happen. Do you get the same problem?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      No sure if this is a bug or not, but did you go to your friends village or if you don;'t have friends did you visit one of the featured villages

      • sonne says:

        yes I have visited my friend's village, and random village too. But none of them work. Beside Jokey have a task to open one of Jokey's box. But it didn't work too.

        • Rob2011 says:

          i'm in lv 24 and have to grow some peer but this is only in 25 available.
          jokey ask to open a package but only on the 3th time it worked

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            You can only complete his pear quest when you're level 25. I think it's a bug that you get it earlier.
            When Jockey gives a gift(exclamation mark without quest) tap him and the quest is completed. Jokey gives a gift every day. It doesn’t work for every player so you can also try if it works when you get a gift from Marco.

          • sonne says:

            yes in the third time, the task can be completed.

  6. elica says:

    is not tried when it will release a new update?

  7. sam says:

    I have purchased many Smurf berries I think I spent at least 100 dollars on this game but the new update with delete and wipe the game completely. I am an Android user I have the Galaxy S 3 I had to uninstall the new update and go back to using the last update but I'm still missing Smurfs if you want people to continue paying for Smurf berries you need to fix this now

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You should contact beeline ( for this issue.

      Did you try to recover your game from the last backup? The way to do that is to go into the Options menu and tap on Papa Smurf's head 16 times. You should see a new menu item labeled "Recover Village" appear in the menu.

      I hope this helps.

  8. elica says:

    how long will it be able to play smurfs village please answer

  9. sonne says:

    Papa Smurf has a quest to visit another village. I've try that, but it didn't work. Do you know how to fix this? thanks

  10. elica says:


  11. elica says:

    I agree with this opinion. We are with Android that do not get half the attention they receive those APPLE. When you decide, and our problem as quickly as the APPLE. I have to disappoint.

  12. Smurfy King says:

    Hi, I am presently on level 18 and I have Dreamy's ship but the way to go to the island is jammed! After 3 trips, I couldn't visit the island. What should I do? Does anyone else have this or I am the only one?

  13. Faiz says:

    when in android update version 1.1.5

  14. cassandra says:

    I’m so tired of Apple getting great updates when Android users get crap. Be fare when you upgrade the game!! Nothing truly works for android users

  15. Sophie says:

    I have a Galaxy Ace and since yesturday, it seems like my game has rewinded…. it tells me i only have 2 workers on the island (but normally i have 19) but i still had my ten houses…Papa smurf tells me to build a new house for the Smurf with glasses (but its been a while i already did it…. so it just disappeared!) When i got back to the normal village, i lost one smurf, couldnt go back anymore to the island (there's no boat!) and lost all my animals (i used to have 5 animals, each at level 7). I thought it would all go back to normal when i would upgrade to level 24, but i guess i was wrong! Its still the same, and ive lost for about 50 000 smurf-money, just for everything i had on the island!

  16. clive allen says:

    As for the new update, i can't to retrieve any news from reporter smurf. He is missing from my village.

    futhermore, i also can't play any tracker smurf mission. its already been ages since tracker smurf return to my village and i hope to play my tracker smurf mission.

    Device: xperia u
    Platform: android

  17. kate says:

    my phone is xperia x10i and has a version of 2.3.3 then why cant i update my village? it tells that is not compatible when i install, i taught that this update is ready for android 2.2 version.

  18. Cristian says:

    the game crash when i click on play button
    android 2.3.3 galaxy S

  19. Nokiawix says:

    How to build new habitats for the birds when I can't remove the old habitats? Currently, my habitats are for land animals.

  20. brenda says:

    After last update I could't get to the island. Now today whenever I try to get onto the game all I get is a black screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

  21. sarah santos says:

    grouchy smurf keeps telling me to plant 30 boxes of tulips. I have planted and harvested way more then 30 for all 3 of them. What am i doing wrong? Also i get a message when i return to the village from the island about a book from Marco how do i get that as well? thanks

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