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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Android update: version 1.1.1a is live now


Smurfs village Android update has just been released for androids user in order to catch-up with their apple iOS followers. The new Update 11.1.a is mainly focusing on Tracker smurf a new smurf character who is just been introduced to the smurfs village. If you don’t know Tracker smurf, he is that smurf who has   feather on his hat.    Tracker smurf will help you to boost the XP earned while tracker smurf is in the village preparing a soup using the cauldron.  Tracker smurfs will spend most of his time in the forest and will visit the village from time to time (probably once a week).

With regards to the island, firstly you will notice that traveling time to the island is shorten and hopefully less game crushes (Which are also subjected to the type of phone you are using).  Many new decoration items were added like life rings,   beach air mattresses and much more.  Also a new land expansion was added for 25 sumrfberries, and one level added to make the last level for the smurfs village android platform is 48.

Tracker smurf Android smurf  village

So what’s new in the smurfs village Android 1.1.1a version according to Beeline?

Tracker Smurf joins the smurfs village! Place down Tracker’s cauldron to participate in his soup events to earn bonus xp for everything you do until the soup runs out. Complete his checklists to earn even more bonus xp until the end of the event!

  • More Lucky Smurf items can be found!
  • We’ve added seashell hut customizations to Architect’s Hut Shop
  • Smurfs can now lay down on certain items including air mattresses for the island
  • Lots of fun new nature based decorations
  • Lots of new quests
  • A new southern land expansion is available on the island
  • Level 48 has been added to the game
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations including speedier load times when travelling to and from the island

In case you find any bugs in the smurfs village Android app please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. deborah johnson says:

    Fed up with this game forcing closed now. Think it's time to delete it.

  2. Bernice 1112 says:

    how do I complete the quest at mountain? : PRACTICE MAKES PUMPKIN

  3. Heidi says:

    The device is also powered with 1500 m – Ah battery which fortunately is removable and deliver 6

    hours 25 mintutes talktime on 2G or 6 hours 18 minutes talktime on 3G and also a standby time

    of 530 hours. T-mobile’s plan will knock you back. 3 version of Android and may be upgraded to 4.

  4. bill Lucas says:

    very since the newest Christmas update my achievements menu has disappeared? Android 4.0.4 on the gt-n7000 (galaxy note)

  5. Kds says:

    On tracker smurf’s checklist it says place 2 corner path. Which one is it? I’ve placed like all of them twice each.

  6. vhie hung says:

    So love it!

  7. Brandy says:

    I get the find reporter smurf quest after new update on kindle fire but he is no where to be found

  8. MOHAMMED says:

    where is it i wana down load

  9. Iris Parraud says:

    Since the last update, I can't open the game. The orange "beeline" screen can stay on for hours without a change… Please help for this game is just awesome and I miss my smurfs!!!

  10. marlen says:

    i have a kindle fire and i want to update it why cant i. and how do i do it.

  11. Greg says:

    papa smurf is requesting we buy a cauldon, but we do not know how or where to get one???

  12. nikki says:

    I have not been able to open this game since mid July!! And every time I email Beeline I get no response. The game force closes while on the orange “Beeline” screen. I am getting frustrated because no one from Beeline or on any message board addresses this issue or can offer assistance. I am disappointed in the lack of response, especially from Beeline. Now I’m ready to just delete it. And I was on a very high level and I actually spent a nice amount of money buying Smurf berries. What a shame that this is not addressed or fixed.

  13. kriulchen says:

    Can i choose the language? Since the last update my game is in German, but it is the badest German I have ever seen. Most things I don´t understand….I can try to translate English but I don´t know that silly language I got at the last update.

  14. daniielle says:

    Dreamy smurf is gone and also all my snails ! HELP_

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a recover village button appears. Press it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours press recover.

  15. cholet says:


    J'ai la version ANDROID et depuis hier il me manque des schroumpfs. J'en avait 20 hier et quand j'ai ouvert mon jeu ce matin il ne m'en rester plus que 9 ? Comment cela se fait-il ? Et comment les récupérer ?

  16. Alex says:

    I am having issues with mobile data, is there anay way to disable mobile data from smurff village in ICS?

  17. Kara says:

    I have the newest version on my phone, and doing tracker smurf's checklist I came across a "repaint to huts" quest. Has that been added yet?

  18. isis says:

    I finally had a response from beeline about android games that crash and wont open. Their response was "Unfortunately there is no timeline for a fix" guess that leaves android users out in the cold again!!!

  19. Conny says:

    I could not open the game since 9 August 2012 and I have tried many times to

    recovery the village. But I was failed to recover it. Yesterday I saw a new update

    and I hoped that after the new update, the game could open again. But I was

    disappointed again. Please help me to solve this problem. I am currently on level

    32 and I don’t want to lose all my results.

    I am using Galaxy S2

    • david rendra says:

      it happens to me too…

      im using galaxy tab 7 inch (2)

      anyone can help me??

      it happens since 1st sept 2012

      help me please

  20. Cheryl says:

    I have a quest for tracker to do Handys game and earn 227xp. I can only get 200. How do I get more xp with this game ? I have even played it twice thinking that might work. It didn't.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      That isn't possible. Log out and back in. Maybe the quest completes itself or you might get a different one.

  21. wafaa says:

    Wonderful game

  22. jen says:

    why does tracker smuf tell me om off line when i have wifi and i cant use him have used him olny 3 times bcof tht i use an ipod

  23. Jim says:

    I updated the game on a Samsung Galaxy 10.1, but it started me back on level 1. When I go to the recover village screen and try to preview a saved village, the button does not work. A short 'please wait' timer appears, and then I stay on the screen with the saved village list. How do I preview the village and recover? Thanks!

  24. Jim says:

    I updated the game, but it started me back on level 1. When I go to the recover village screen and try to preview a saved village, the button does not work. A short 'please wait' timer appears, and then I stay on the screen with the saved village list. How do I preview the village and recover? Thanks!

  25. Imeco says:

    Since the update it has not been night time so that I can click on Scardy Smurf and calm him down. I have an Android phone.

  26. Mel says:

    On the island I have coin notification bubbles in random places. When you touch them, they don't do anything. They don't seem to affect anything but they just keep bobbing away in random locations on the island. It has only been since this upgrade.

  27. Sander says:

    I'm not able to get the new update, google play store said only: play/open or delete.
    I want the new update 1.1.1a !!


  28. Sander says:

    I am not able to get the new update. In google play store it said only: play or delete, not update.

    What can i do?

  29. Clive allen says:

    I have problems with my golden corn. Its seem to appear a warning to purchase harvest wagon everytime i want a golden corn on each plots. It is really irritating since sometimes it will appeared for 4 or 5 times before i can actually plant the crops. Do beeline have some solutions for this? By the way, i'm using sony xperia u. Thanks..

  30. noah says:

    I have a kindle fire and my game wont get this update I'm not sure if kindles run differently than the android market but please help

  31. carta says:

    Since the last update I lost most of the smurfs on the island. If I touch one of the seven upgraded house it says I have 15 smurfs, but on the playscreen it says only six.

    I have also had to repeat several assignments that I just finished.

    I have Samsung Galaxy S3.

  32. Fuzzy21 says:

    For two days now I've not been able to open the game at all, just boots me back to my phone desktop. This was before the update had been downloaded, not resolved after the update on android. Using Sony ericsson Xperia ray. Tried switching phone off and disconnected from wifi , even airplane mode on. And clearing some memory.

  33. renda says:

    Im not quite sure if my tracker was gone. Is it possible tracker is gone, and how to make it back?

  34. Jennifer says:

    I have the newest Smurf Village update 1.1.1a for android. Last night I travelled to the island for the first time. While traveling, the game froze and shut off. I opened the game back up and hit start, then it immediately took me to the "buy smurfberries" store. Now I have 253 smurfs, instead of the 42 I had earlier in the day. I cannot get out of the smurfberry store. I hit the back arrow and it takes me to the build menu, but I cannot select anything. If I hit the back arrow again, I briefly see a message from Papa Smurf that I need to build a hut, before it takes me back to the smurfberry store. I have rebooted my phone. I have gone to the recover village menu, but when I try to recover a previous village, I get the smurfberry store again.

  35. Sandie says:

    I have Smurfs Village on my i Phone 4. I noticed that i have lost the boats on the island. I sent them out to get things for me and they never returned. Because of this, i cannot complete any of the island tasks. I am currently on Level 32. What can i do to get them back??? i have tried deleting the game and reinstalling. i have updated with all your update releases.

    • Sassete says:

      you can try to recover your village to an date before this happened thats the only thing that works for the moment

  36. amy says:

    I lost my dreamy smurf and because of that, i cant go to my island. Weirdly my ship is there, still on the beach. I’m using galaxy tab. Please help me.

    • Oggy says:

      The problem seem happened to me too. My dreamy smurf, clumsy smurf, scaredy smurf and alchemist smurf all gone missing!!! I cannot reach to my island too. By the way, i’m using GalaxyTab P-1000.

    • Jack says:

      Since i updated my game with the new update (1.1.1a) on android (Galaxy Tab P-1000), i had lost my Clumsy Smurf, Scaredy Smurf, Dreamy Smurf and Alchemist Smurf. Therefore i also cannot reach to my island because my dreamy smurf are gone. How can this be happen? Are this a bug or what?

  37. Michelle says:

    Android version: Gingerbread

    Game version: 1.1.1a

    Phone: Galaxy S2

    Game still force closes upon pressing ‘Play’ on the title screen. Game is still creating ‘restore files’ but will not allow me to actually restore the game.

    This seems to be a common problem amongst Android users and has been around for at least 2-3weeks now.

    Most users have already tried the following:

    – Restart phone/clear RAM

    – Turn sound and effects on/off

    – Turn wifi on/off

    Please fix soon.. or at least in the next update =]

  38. Michelle says:

    I have not been able to get the game to open since the last android update in early July. I was hoping the problem would be fixed with this update, but I still can't get past the orange screen. It looks like the game is going to open, then it takes me back to my home screen after a few seconds of the orange "Beeline" screen.
    I don't want to uninstall and reinstall because I know I will lose all my game progress.

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